Letter: You May Not Like This Suggestion

I know many people won’t like this suggestion, but here it is anyway.

It’s no secret that there are dozens of accidents in our area every single week. Now, I will make a disclaimer, I did not look at statistics to compare this area to other towns in New Jersey. Even if it’s 20 accidents a week, that’s 20 accidents too many.

I am also not bringing in any race or religion into this – accidents happen everywhere, in every circle.

I have a suggestion which may not be popular, but I believe it will save lives:

Retest all drivers every five years.

Unfortunately, many drivers pick up terrible habits, and many don’t even realize it. Whether it’s speeding, illegal turns or anything else, some are just terrible and dangerous drivers. This requirement will keep drivers in check.

If this suggestion saves even one life down the line, it was well worth it. It could just be your loved one that’s saved.

Thank you for listening.

A local observer.

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  1. as anyone who recently got a driving license knows
    government test have nothing to do with safe driving and everything to do with hassle
    So while the problem is legit the solution isn’t

    • Correct if there is any enforcement the accidents would go down. I am not talking NY style aggressive horrendous policing but for example when people fly down my 25 mph street at 70 mph it would be nice to see something happen- nothing will change however.

  2. Most drivers know the rules. Some think they are simply suggestions. Some get distracted. Some have picked up the habit of immentchlichkeit.
    I think that going back to kindergarten may be the answer.

  3. In Israel they retest drivers that’s why everyone is a great driver there.

    I have a better suggestion, why not people make a push to have shiurim on sakanas nefashos and being Adam lichaveiro and rabonim push to make an effort to give speeches and encourage their community to drive safer and more courteous.

    • I have a good idea. Why don’t we stop over building and flooding the infrastructure? Maybe if we replaced people in the township more often than they would be less corruption?

    • Agreed! There are so many shmuessen on the dangers of smartphones and shaitels (not arguing those points) but then you have people sink to the depths of rodef when driving away from the shmuess r”l. Can rabbanim please stress bain adam lchaveiro? Safety? Etc.?
      I also agree with the police bit–please give tickets!!!

  4. A simpler fix is that the LPD should start ticketing for these infractions. This also won’t be a popular fix. But definitely a much better solution.

  5. They would just drive slow for the test. Speeding cameras are the best enforcement. I’ve tried lecturing someone many times to drive carefully. Only when it hit his pocket (via cameras or reading an article that accelerating wastes gas) was when he made the change.

  6. Retesting is a waste of time. Enforcement of laws and rules is needed. When someone turns left by going around you on the right or when you slow down for the light and someone speeds up and goes around you and blows through the light or when someone turns left onto the nine where there is a no left turn sign etc.

  7. Instead of a test how about an online or in person refresher course on basic good driving skills? You would need to show you took it to renew your license.

  8. Good idea the only problem with the police giving out tickets their is always someone complaining they got a ticket or their is always people complaining when the State police is called into the area because at times it is virtually unsafe driving around here because people are always on their phones excessive speeding and absolutely no courtesy for another driver. I would not worry about retesting I would suggest people lose your cell phones while driving slow down and be more courteous of other drivers its not about who gets to the red light first its about getting there safely.

  9. It won’t work! Everyone knows how to drive correctly. If their taking a test, they’ll just take it slow and careful. The real issue is the fact that we have way too many cars that the road infrastructure can’t handle. So the average person who’s trying to get through town in a normal timely fashion will have to drive a bit crazy. Until we fix the traffic issues, we’ll have crazy drivers.

  10. Most accidents happen because people are in too muc of a hurry and impatient. Everyone should just SLOW down, stop at a yellow light, not try to get through it, stop doing crazy things like try to go around someone in front of you who is too slow “for you” while making a turn etc.

  11. enforce the rules. if someone is shmmozing on their phone or speeding/driving in a dangerous fashion then impound the vehicle for a week. they will learn pretty quickly

  12. Best solution would be to widen our roads and BMG should make Batei Medrashim on the other sides of town. Most bad habits and accidents are due to the stresses and pressures of driving in traffic.

  13. This will not solve the problem. Most experienced drivers can drive safely if they really wanted to so they will by a test. This will not change regular driving on the road.

  14. Wouldn’t it just make sense to have LE enforce the traffic laws? Certainly the city has the ability to add speed bumps in local neighborhoods to slow down speeders? Why reinvent the wheel.Communities across the country have successfully tackled these problems,no need to impose testing on safe drivers.

  15. LPD does not have the funding or personnel resources to ticket every traffic violation in growing Lakewood. People know this which contributes to the Demolition Derby to the next red light. If I transferred all the violations from my dash cam to my computer it would take hours. Two full length feature films worth.

    I think the testing should be scheduled by date/month/yearly within 2 years. That should be easily accommodated. There are also insurance company approved safe-driving classes that one could take that will reduce your insurance premium as well.

    Any one who is caught in a traffic violation who does not have a test certificate or a pending date should have their fine doubled.

    Stop justifying dangerous and possibly lethal activities with any excuse you can think of. They are all invalid according to law and Halachah. End of story. Period.

    • No one is saying they have to get everyone.
      they drive around all day doing nothing! If they would ticket the infractions they see and chose to ignore that would be enough to let people know they will get pulled and that will help. The community cares more about the financial burden of a ticket than the safety of fellow Jews, it’s sad but this is the reality. Selfish and shameful!

  16. Here in Monsey the guys who give the course you need to take before getting your license tell true stories that make you shake! Maybe those reminders more often would be beneficial. Those are new drivers hearing those. Maybe a refresher….i think it beats having to learn through tragedy rachmana litzlan! May Hashem watch over us all!

  17. We need MORE ROADS.
    People don’t follow rules as it takes a half hour to get anywhere in this town. MORE ROADS LESS TRAFFIC allows for liesure driving even when you are in a rush. When you spend half the day in traffic you try to cut corners…
    (As an aside, I would like to see the driving habits of all the goody goodies that commented above… It’s always the other guy that needs fixing…. RIGHT??)

  18. I always thought Hashem was in charge of Parnassa.
    What is a guy thinking, if I don’t speed then I will lose that deal or money.
    Hashem already decided how much you are going to earn this year. Hashem doesn’t need your help through speeding.

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