Letter: Why I’m Voting

There are many reasons to vote for Jack Ciaterelli.

For one, he promises vouchers. Two, he will cut taxes (drastically, according to his proposal). He’s also pro-business, a tad more aligned with our view on social issues, and as a kicker he’s anti-mandate!

(According to one reader submitted letter to TLS, the real kicker is that he cares about “the little guy”, evidenced by his visiting local shops and posting pictures to social media of himself chatting with little guys in Lakewood.)

So why am I voting for Murphy? Because, like it or not, he’s gonna win. According to the most reliable polling out there, he is a whooping nine points ahead of Jack. At that margin, the election is all but a foregone conclusion.

And if Jack isn’t governor, all his vouchers, tax cuts, business incentives, and concern for us “little guys” aren’t that meaningful to me. And of this publishing, photogenic middle-aged former Members of the Assembly do not even have the right to pardon. That, as with all policy decisions, is reserved for people actually in power.

So if we want a seat at the table to influence the issues that we care so much about (and the reasons that make Jack’s campaign so tantalizing) like more funding for schools, or lower taxes, or religious exemptions for mandates- or any issue that comes up, there is only one way to gain entry: By voting for the folks who have the power to write those laws.

Voting is not about self-expression. It’s not any indication of whose views we endorse. We don’t (or shouldn’t) vote because someone is concerned about our (or the “little guys”) welfare. We shouldn’t even vote because we prefer one person’s policy.

We should vote out of sheer practicality: The decision, then, boils down to this:

If I deliver a vote to Murphy, the more likely it is that for the next four years, his administration will take our communities interests into mind when crafting policy.

If I vote for Jack, the more likely it is that from his utterly powerless post in his Hillsborough Township home, he will advocate very strongly for the issues that are so dear to me.

I know which way I’m going.

Shabse Wolf

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  1. Go ahead, vote for someone who enables the murder of babies in the womb, enables the chazeirim in our society to continue with their abominations that angers Hashem.

    Your vote will be counted by Hashem as someone who enables Murphy to do all of this. What a chillul Hashem. At the end of the day all who participated in these abominations, in any which way, will be held accountable by Hashem.

    • take a chill. gedolim have chossen candidated for generations regardless of thier positions on morality. It was always about who will deliver for klal yisroel,and what the politically smart think for our community is. Only Daas yichidim where concered about moral positions. Shame on you for critsizing and being mekatrig an entire population and its gedolim

  2. Wrong – it is about expression. When candidates see that 90% of Lakewood votes against evil and that is their primary consideration, they will think about that in their future plans to concoct evil programs. And by the way, just saying, Hillary was supposed to win in 2016 and Trump in 2020 so stop believing fake news polls and vote for what’s right.

  3. Except that this is Murphys second term and after the election he doesn’t need us anymore and can and will do whatever the heck he wants. His campaign said as much. So you’re fooling yourself if you think he will reward our communities for the votes. At least vote in a way that doesn’t create a hillul hashem… that every single person in politics doesn’t come away thinking the orthodox jewish community of lakewood votes against all their beliefs and morals, just for money and to curry political favor. Lets have some self respect please.

  4. Just curious if the polls (assuming they mean anything……after we saw there predictions in 2020) were showing that Murphy and cittarelli were neck on neck, would tls post a letter from reb shabse shlita, about why he would vote for cittarelli?? Just curious.

  5. You need to read the poll. Only 1k people polled, 40% democrats 24% republican. The rest unafilliated. This is not really a representation.

    What will happen if there is an upset and we didnt vote for citeralli, is that the sane reasoning?

    The point is not to vote for the winner but to vote your values.

  6. Youre the typical coward let the dems convince you that you dont have a chance of winning, so you vote for their candidate and they really end up winning.

    Well i do what’s called hishtadlus vote for the guy thats right for us (it should be common knowledge why) and i hope you do to
    GO OUT AND VOTE together we can beat the dems out of office

  7. It will take a miracle for a republican to win a blue state like NJ. Ain somchim Al Hanes.
    The Roshei yeshiva have endorsed Murphy so stop worrying about his moral failings, they took that into account.
    We will have another 4 years of liberalism regardless of how Lakewood votes.

  8. @siechel
    Since the year 2000 New Jersey has had 4 REPUBLICAN Governors and 3 Dems!!
    Ever heard of Chris Christie??
    See nga.org/former-governors/new-jersey

  9. @siechel

    Since the year 2000 New Jersey has had 4 REPUBLICAN Governors and 3 Dems!!

    Ever heard of Chris Christie??

    See nga.org/former-governors/new-jersey

  10. The demographics of NJ have changed over the last ten years. This is why Murphy is 11 points ahead. The white conservatives have moved out & huge populations sympathetic to the Democrats have moved in. Murphy will win with a comfortable margin. The question is if the Lakewood oilom will choose ideology over practicality. I trust our askonim & Roshei Yeshiva in this situation. NY also once had Republican governors & mayors, not happening again alpi derech hateva. The east coast is now mainly inhabited by liberals, minorities, & recent immigrants.

  11. How low Lakewood has sunk since my days in the Irv.
    It’s so sad that kvod shomayim isn’t even in the equation anymore. People who rely on their relationships with the government shouldn’t be telling others how to vote as their negius is overwhelming.
    Remember what we were always taught; money comes from Hashem. Our task is to promote morality to the world which increases kvod shomayim and prevents the conditions that brought the mabul.

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