Letter: Why I Watch the Super Bowl

While in the shul hallway today, I overheard people talking about how crazy the super bowl has become in the frum world.

One of the people were excitedly putting down those who are into sports, while another defended his stance.

I wanted to share with the readers today why I watch the super bowl.

I’m not here to tell anyone what to do or not do, but I wanted to share my reasoning.

I grew up frum, but went off the derech at a young age. I used to watch sports, movies and more all the time. A few years ago, I became a baal tshuva, got married and settled down for the most part. I had no issues giving up the movies (which by the way for the most part are completely empty and disgusting). But the one thing I found myself hard to detach from, was sports. I just enjoyed rooting for my team, and had a certain satisfaction from my team winning. I’m not into the betting and all that stuff, but chilling with some friends and watching the game was something I found was a kosher outlet.

If you’re a kollel person or yeshiva student, it’s probably best to not spend time watching sports or joining a super bowl party. But for me, I found that sports was an outlet (and kosher one compared to everything else out there today), and it has kept me away from the dirt of the internet and streets.

So to all debating if it’s right or wrong, you need to be your own judge and know what works and what doesn’t for your avodas hashem. But it’s best not to judge others who do things you don’t approve of.

A Lakewood man.

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    • So, I had a similar experience.
      And we all have our demons.
      The rambm says that is someone cannot refrain from doing an aveira he should dress as a non jew and go somewhere he wont be recognized.

      The point is, if you have a demon, however innocuous, dont make it a “mehalech”
      Those who are pure and revolted by these things … Ahsreichem!
      For those of us who need a this as an outlet. Let it be one, but why cant you understand that there are others on a better (yup, i just used that word) madreiga? They arent trying to “judge you”, they are simply turned off from it!

  1. just be honest with yourself. its the same thing with the ecap thing just be honest with yourself. is this right or wrong. is this good for my nishama or not. for the right people who would otherwise be on the street and be surfing the web yes this is a great “kosher” outlet. for the 100’s who wont be by night seder tonight its a real test. its a nissayon like anything else and like any nissayon its only up to the person himself to be honest with himself and try to overcome the tyvah. don’t give excuses, don’t try to fool everyone, don’t make believe its kosher and there’s nothing wrong with it, just be honest.

  2. So basically saying that for someone that was off the derech it’s a very good option and otherwise it’s not a good idea. I think everyone will agree with that.

  3. With all due respect, Aren’t you bound to Halacha like everyone else??? It clearly states in Halacha that a person is NOT allowed to engage in Devarim Betailim, as this is Bitul Torah???

  4. Awesome click bait!
    Of course, I did not watch the SuperBowl last week, and I am happy that all this shtussim is behind us. If the Superbowl would not have been during Shovavim, I may have found it hard to abstain. Now is the first free Sunday to learn properly, without wasting time on sports.
    We can get ready for the Purim Katan party.

  5. Well said. Personally I stopped really following sports two years ago when they decided to support the uber leftist ideologies and begin kneeling. Why should i part hard earned money to see them?

  6. Chazal clearly say that Bechukosaihem Lo Sailachu is referring to stadiums. So you should not be your own judge about this, when the Ribono Shel Oilam already was the judge.

  7. It’s definitely amazing that you came back, and are so in touch with what you can handle. But I don’t really get your point. Are you saying that anyone who isn’t a yeshiva or kollel guy the same as someone who has your challenges? You can say that for someone with specific challenges, watching the game isn’t as bad as other stuff, but not that only people on the highest madreiga don’t watch. (P.S. I’m pretty sure the pic on the post is from college football, referees in NFl don’t dress like that lol).

    • Maybe the NFL referees dress like that when it’s close to Purim. Truth be told, it says “Army” on the guy’s helmet, so it looks like the Army football team.

  8. I feel for you and I have no issue with you watching the Super Bowl, but it’s not fair that it’s posted all over town as if this is something that is acceptable. It’s embarrassing that the Lakewood I grew up in has fallen so far. Why does this need to posted all over town so that our children have to grow up thinking this is normal l???

  9. What about the half time show? The cheerleaders etc…??? Just because you went off the derech doesn’t mean you have a different shulchan aruch, yes we all have nisyanos that we failed with, but we are still going to have to face judgment, and it aint some liberal judge up there. They aren’t scared of social media and the fake news media!!

  10. Dear letter writer, be careful not to rely too much on your power of rationalization. No one ever does anything without first rationalizing why it is okay. You need to reach deep into your heart to know if the choices you are making are really right or if you are just creative enough to find a way to justify them with your conscience.

    • Everyone has some sorts of katnus. Often we don’t feel we can rid ourselves of the katnus and we feel that we have to rationalize, provided that it’s not a real clear issur in that person’s eyes. Probably one shouldn’t flaunt those katnus publicly because really it is or at least should be embarrassing. If he flaunts it than he’s in that society where that’s acceptable. If he doesn’t flaunt it, than he should know that he is only human and trying to be an ehrlicher Yid and don’t be detroyed by it but rather just happily to the avodas Hashem and be the best Yid you can. We also shouldn’t judge others about their katnus, because believe me we have lot’s of katnus too, and the above applies to me and you and all of us.

  11. I found this letter to be quite odd and humorous even though that was not the intent of the writer. But the comments that followed are even more humorous.. Really not sure what the purpose of this letter is. It won’t change any minds that’s for sure.Perhaps this writer is looking for vindication but I’m not so sure he got that either.. this writer would have done better to discuss this with his rav and let him decide what to do rather than take his case to the Lakewood oilam and ask then for vindication.

  12. Excuse my naivete, but other than not being yeshivish, why is watching the super bowl any worse than any other outlet that people who aren’t שקוע in תורה need to keep them going. Don’t give me the בחקותיהם לא תלכו business because this is no more בחקותיהם than building houses and kitchens that are the latest styles and once upon a time would only be seen in magazines – just that that has become accepted as yeshivish today although it would have been a בושה וחרפה back in the days of Reb Shneur זצ”ל

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