Letter: What’s Up With All the Added School Fees?

I’m wondering if any other parents here are feeling this frustration.

Like responsible parents, we make sure to pay all our tuition bills on time. It’s not easy, but we make that our priority before anything else, and it’s something we’re proud of.

But I’m noticing recently more and more, that each year there are suddenly unexpected school fees that keep popping up. One day it’s a letter asking parents to send in money for a school trip, another day it’s a letter about some lunch, another day for pitching in for some other stuff.

I mean, isn’t this what I’m paying tuition for? Why weren’t these fees announced on my tuition contract?

I’m sure some people are reading this and rolling their eyes, thinking like “big deal, it’s just a few hundred dollars.”

But yes, it is a big deal when you K”H have multiple children in school. It really ads up, and it’s not like we’re rolling in money.

Am I the only one feeling this way?

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  1. Im really lucky that the school my kids go to is understanding when it comes to money. Im upfront and honest with them and they make a plan that works for us. I wouldn’t be able to deal with a school that gave us a hard time when we already made a deal that alows us to pay them and be able to afford basics. No i dont have any more money.

  2. Wait till you have girls in HS . Especially 12th grade. It’s another 1k over tuition for sure between all the yearbook fees graduation trip sem application fees etc.

    • IMO not every Tom, Dick and Harry’s 2 cents and potential Lashon Hara comment has to be posted. I dont think that person should have said what he said because if you know what he’s saying, then you probably know the school. Which would be Loshon Hara. which is a pretty big sin.
      But I’m not sure why you’re defending the school, are you there Lawyer or do you work in the school? It seems like this is personal to you from your response. Just saying

  3. Just be grateful you dont send to the girls school that just raised tuition to 11k. And they have added fees and every other day want money for something else. Wheres avi shnall? How is this sustainable? Public school?

    • The administrator of that school also announced clearly on a phone conference to the parents that parents can ask for a break. And he will help by raising the difference. So you can get what you need like the adult that you claim to be (assuming you are if you have kids in school), dont be ashamed to ask for help in the right way from thw right people, and watch your mouth. You should be more ashamed to bash the school you supposedly wanted to send to.

  4. yeh, that is why the vad needed avi schnal to promote to get us tuition relief, so the schools can afford to stop ripping off the parents, lol, whishfull thinking,

  5. Not to mention that there’s a girls school in Lakewood that just announced their tuition will be $11K next year!!!
    It was $5600 3 years ago and now it’s $11,000!!!
    How is that being considerate?!?

  6. I may be ignorant.
    May I ask why Yeshivas & schools decided that they can’t build a building less than 25 million dollars. Pressuring every parent for building fund & multipile raise it campaigns.
    Besides we are all raising money for a real estate asset that Rosh Mosad go & become real estate moguls and we can’t pay bills.
    Times are tough there’s inflation. People don’t have the money they used too. Why are schools raising in every way possibile at every given occasion.

  7. My girls school just raised tuition to $11,000.00. Yes they say if you feel you cant afford it you can get a break. Just fill out a scholarship form and tell us all your financial and private information… like what car you drive… how much you pay for that car etc. etc… and then maybe wel give you a break off the tuition (which will still be more than the average schools full tuition). So basically they are just forcing the vast majority to give them all their personal and private info… This is not right! What about the responsible parents who try so hard and don’t want to feel like beggars? Not only that, but in order to be granted the opportunity to feel like a beggar you must first give up all your private information.

    • That’s not what they said. They said they’ll lower it to 9k for anyone who wants no questions asked and if you need lower , one person in the admin will review your scholarship form. Stop spreading lies.

      • So why ask for 11k?

        To make you feel like you can’t afford tuition?

        And reviewing your financials means giving them all you personal information.

        • “to make you feel like you can’t afford”
          Zeeskeit, you either can or can’t. Sit down with a financial consultant and if you are doing your best then great and get over yourself.

      • U believe only one person will look at it? Give me a break. I know firsthand many people have accses to it. No lies are being spread. Seriously.

        • “i know firsthand”
          You should be ashamed of yourself. Stop lying. And remember how desperate you were to get your child into school. And if your spending is healthy you can probably cope with someone looking at your numbers.

    • Out of town girls high school tuition is 25,000. And yes if you want a scholarship you need to give info. School costs are astronomical.

  8. My kids are already married with kids of their own, but, money was always tight when they were growing up. My daughters paid for their school trips, year books etc. out of their own earnings from babysitting jobs they had. I felt bad having to do this to them, but, B”H they are not resentful.

  9. It’s time for parents to unionize and demand that schools have limits on how much they can raise per year the same way there are rent stabilization laws. It’s not like you can just switch your kids to a different school(especially in Lakewood). The idea that parents have no choice but to pay is not ok and should be stopped. I’m not saying we shouldn’t appreciate our schools and what they do for our children, I’m just saying that the cost of tuition should be stable so that parents can be prepared and know what to expect.

  10. I’m definately in the same boat. Until now i believe school admins were killing themselves to raise money to cover the shortfall. Fast forward to 2024 besides for costs going up I think there is something else to consider. Looking around town , the standards have definitely gone up in all areas. Schools feel that they are left out of the equationand they have a point. Issue is, the people who haven’t raise their standard have to pay the for this.

  11. Like many businesses in town they can charge what ever they want cause they know people will pay as we have no other choice.

  12. Can some explain why girls school are charging 7k+
    While boys schools tuition are in the 5k range and pay their Rebbaim significantly more than morahs ?

  13. Local Schools to Install Pay-Toilets;
    Students with Approved Scholarships Will Receive Special Electronic Key Cards To Enter Restrooms Free of Charge

    Dozens of Lakewood school administrators have informed parents that they will soon be installing pay-toilets on the schools’ premises, and that the students will no longer be able to use the restrooms free of charge.
    “Sorry,” read one letter that a local school sent out to the parents, “but our recent tuition hikes are not sufficient to cover all of the school’s operating costs. Hence we have no other choice but to install pay-toilets on the school premises in order to raise the necessary funds to keep the school open.”
    “Toilet paper, as always, will be supplied to the students free of charge,” the letter read, “but we reserve the right, at some future point in time, to add an additional charge for the toilet paper if we run out of dough to keep the school open.”
    Local school administrators told reporters from the ‘Restroom Daily News’ website on Tuesday that the pay-toilets will require students to insert in the pay machine slots anywhere between 60 cents and 75 cents per minute. Students who need to use the restrooms for longer than 15 minutes at a time will see their fees automatically lowered by 13 cents per minute.
    Bathroom reading material will available in the schools’ restrooms for a small fee of 55 cents a minute – per book and per newspaper.
    However, local school officials told the ‘New Jersey Bathroom Gazette’ on Wednesday that special scholarships will be available to many of the students that will enable them to use the pay-toilets and the restroom reading material at a significantly reduced price – or free of charge – with the use of an electronic key card.
    “We’re not looking to deprive the students of quality restroom time, nor are we seeking to destroy the students’ intestines or their stomachs, or their digestive systems by preventing them from using the restrooms free of charge,” said local school administrator, Luis Flushman. “We’re just trying to raise the necessary funds to keep the schools open, and to keep the toilets afloat.”

    • A good honest school should show you that even without you giving them your financials, every parent has the right to know where the money all goes to.

  14. We think we’re poor because of tuition, but in reality, we’re paying approximately 40% (or more) of our income to the government. The Revolutionary War in the US was fought over a 2% excise tax on tea imports, and until WWI there was no income tax. Don’t blame the schools, the government specifically disallowed even a tax deduction for private school fees to target undesirable Catholics in the 1950s. Imagine if every Jewish family had even 30% more money. Would there be a tuition crisis? A wedding crisis? WAKE UP! Even Pharoah only charged a 20% tax on us, WE’RE LITERALLY TAX SLAVES, and we’re turning on the people who are educating our children???

    • There’s nothing that can be done in this regard. We’re a drop in the bucket and the government has democrats that need money to spend.
      We could possibly do something about the local schools though.

  15. Do you really think someone is pocketing the money?
    I hope that the commenters here are not representative of Lakewood because of they are lakewood has a bigger problem of a bunch of kveches who are old enough to be adults but not mature enough.

  16. Experienced teachers are leaving in droves to work in businesses. If schools don’t keep up by paying more ,then you will end up with a bunch of young glorified babysitters teaching your kids. At least you will be able to say you have stability in your tuition rates but not much else .

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