Letter: Tolerance and understanding – by Dr. Sarah E. Lane

Dear Editor, It is dangerous to feel you have all information you will ever need. It is even more dangerous to think that all others MUST agree with you, or be persecuted. I am a Jewish person. My ancestors perished in the concentration camps. My grandfather escaped northern Poland in the late 1920 and traveled with his teenaged brother on an undocumented ship to the United States. The intolerance and hatred that sparked the persecution of the Jewish people throughout Europe less than a century ago, should not be forgotten. Intolerance, hatred and arrogance must be avoided by all people to work toward a world where cooperation, tolerance and genuine love for the miracle of life will guide us to a better life for all.

This editorial has been sparked by the current atmosphere in Lakewood, NJ surrounding the measles outbreak. The hatred, intolerance and proposed persecution of people who have chosen to delay or forego the medical intervention of vaccines has created a storm in the community. Some members of the modern medical community have broadcast information that has led to significant anger and fear among many people. These doctors have chosen to target people who have made decisions to not take their advice of pharmaceutical medical interventions. The bottom line is that there are people who have extended their learning beyond what pharmaceutical based medicine has to offer and have used this information to guide how they care for themselves and their families. The modern medical community resists the idea that there is anything other than their approach that is worthy of consideration. This attitude has created a dangerous erosion to the tolerance and cooperation that a successful community needs to thrive.

Regardless of how or why they have made these decisions, we need to work toward tolerance and understanding of the people who make different choices for themselves and their families than we may make for ourselves. Whether the choice is your Religious practice or your medical decisions, every person deserves respect and understanding. People who seek to persecute those who believe or chose differently than they do should not be celebrated. The following of people who seek to cultivate fear, anger and intolerance should be avoided.

A specific point that must be addressed is the idea that an unvaccinated person is a dangerous person. This statement, that has been alluded to by some members of the medical community and perpetrated by the people who have chosen to believe their words, is inaccurate. An unvaccinated person does not magically create disease within their bodies. Continuing to believe this will only move us further away from working to understand why someone may make a choice to not receive a vaccine. It is inappropriate for leaders in the community to continue to spread fear based, inaccurate information. Members of the community would be well served to identify this fear mongering for what it is and work to establish a more tolerant and cooperative way of life.

The decisions to vaccinate or not vaccinate are far more complicated for most families than simply being pro or anti vaccine. The continued emphasis to label people into these categories misses a tremendous opportunity to understand that there many shades of grey between these two extremes.

Extremists on both sides have not been effective at addressing what really needs to happen in order to keep people healthy. Extremists on the pro vaccine side of things could be well served to acknowledge that vaccines have and do cause damage and death to some people. This fact is acknowledged by the manufactures of the products and the United States Federal Government. Those who are most adamant that vaccines are 100% safe for all people are those who are profiting from the sale of the product. When people express concern or question the practices that these extremists support, they are often insulted, personally attacked and sometimes bullied into complying with the recommendation of the extremist provider. The extremists on the anti vaccine side of things must be careful to respect that there are people who do believe in the practice of vaccination and they are entitled to make those medical decisions for their families. The majority of the people fall in the grey areas and genuinely seek to make choices for their families based on the individual needs of each family member and their beliefs, with the council of providers they trust. In a free country people are entitled to choose their religion and are also entitled to making medical decisions for themselves and their families. Campaigns that seek to interfere with these freedoms by cultivating fear and hatred are misguided.

The Lakewood community should be encouraged to understand those who are different than them. These differences are varied and complicated, but can be respected. For the health and safety of all people, I pray we can all grow to respect each other without cultivating further divide. While the current situation seems to be creating divides within the Jewish community of Lakewood, I am hopeful that my words can be appreciated and applied to how all people deserve to be treated.


Dr. Sarah E. Lane
Spring Lake Heights, NJ

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  1. Wow! This is powerful!
    She is absolutely right!I’m ashamed of our community. Yes I do vaccinate but I understand there are not only 2 sides but many shades in between. I do wish that this finger pointing and name calling ends really quickly. For some reason other towns with outbreaks are not spoken about on national news the way lkwd is. Why does other communities need to hear that there is a “civil war” going on in lkwd?

    • Are there two sides to whether the Holocaust happened? Should we be tolerant of those who deny it ever happened? This is not a discussion about whether or not to teach in Yiddish or how much homework high school girls should have. This is a medical decision that should be made by qualified healthcare professionals, not laypeople with anecdotal evidence. This is not a decision whether you want to let your 3 year old use a knife. While most people would agree that it would be a bad decision it is just affecting the parent and the child. Those who choose to not vaccinate are willing to not only put their children at risk but share the risk with others against their will.
      If a person wants to drill a hole in a canoe that carries his wife and children that’s on him. One might argue that even then he should be stopped because the children aren’t old enough to know the danger he is placing them in. However, if he wants to drill a hole in an ocean liner carrying several thousand people, he is placing them at risk and must be stopped.
      A terrible chilul Hashem has been created. People in ultra-orthodox insular communities are spreading a disease which was supposed to have been eradicated. We have a responsibility as a community to tell the rest of the world that those who chose not to vaccinate do not represent us but are fringe members.

  2. I just happen to note, in your 6th paragraph starting “extremists”, you spend a considerable number of lines to show the extremism of the “pro-vax extremists” and go the full 9 yards to make them look like evil, greedy, profit hungry people who a lying about the safety of vaccines.

    On the other side, you only say one quick sentence saying the anti-vax extremists are only deficient in one aspect – respecting the belief in people believe in vaccines.

    Lastly – please do not abuse you title of “Dr” of optometry – while you spent a long time earning it and should be proud, you are not a “MD-medical doctor” as most would assume.

  3. To compare people who choose not to vaccinate to Holocaust survivors is both deplorable and insulting. Nobody is killing, maiming or even assaulting non-vaccinating parents. What would your response be toward someone who drives impaired and drives into a crowd of children. Do the parents of these children have a right to be upset that another human being would make such a selfish decision as to drive impaired and threaten another person’s life. Would you tell the parents to be tolerant of the driver?
    As an optometrist I question your ability to provide medical information. It is misleading. Why state your title as Dr. when you are not a physician? Are you trying to use the title to lend an air of legitimacy to your opinion?
    It’s embarrassing that TLS will post a letter from even unqualified people just to get traffic.

  4. Thank you !!! As a former patient (and fan!) of Dr. Lane, (who worked in the Lkwd community for many years) I appreciate her honest expression of frustration over what has become a debate that has been blown out of proportion, much of it encouraged by the media. Therefore, I give credit to TLS that, after the great fear that it has helped spread, was willing to publish Dr. Lane’s thoughts.

  5. Well said. I think it’s important to say that the tone and manner of comments online is markedly different from the way the average person in lkwd has been discussing these matters. I don’t know why that is. It is so important for people who post online to realize that they are putting the whole community on public desplay. Please don’t fo us all a disservice by being snide or in tolerant.

  6. My unvaxxed neighbor’s child exposed my newborn to meningitis.

    The same way I dont allow my children to play in a home with a gun I no longer allow my children to play there. I am not throwing eggs at the homes of antivaxxers but prefer not to associate with them because I believe their actions can potentially cause me harm. If this bothers you I cannot help it.

    -grandchild of Holocaust survivors who finds your bringing the holocaust into this conversation pathetic and a disgrace

  7. The power of the pen is amazing. With words one can make every irresponsible [or evil] behavior seem responsible. Just listen to those who justify abortion,its “a womens right of choice”, assited suicide “death with dignity”, the list goes on and on. Dr. Lane is well schooled in liberal jargon . With a pinch of Holocaust guilt sprinkeled in it makes the perfect recipe for “justification” and the normalization of a most unacceptable behavior.
    The greatest of our sages have stated unequivocally that this practice is unacceptable so please don’t use “words” to undermine their authority.

  8. Great letter very well written! Just happens to be if U google measels outbreak there were thousands who had measels in Europe in the ukrain and many other places very recently I don’t get why ppl are making this anti vaxxers a lakewood thing there are anti vaxxers all over the world and to those that don’t let their kids play with the anti vaxxers just curios if u let ur cleaning lady in ur house

  9. Why do you feel qualified to pass judgment? Were you exposed to the mumps (and/or measles) while on chemo?? I was! And it’s intolerant of you to say that my well being should be jeopardized by other non-sensible, selfish people. And as others mentioned, bringing the holocaust into this conversation is deplorable and ridiculous! Study infectious disease, and then you can have a professional voice in this area.

  10. Interesting that an “Optometrist” who doesn’t live in Lakewood is lecturing our Doctors who actually know the dangers of not vaccinating .
    Strange times we live in indeed !

    And please don’t minimize the Holocaust by bringing it in to this conversation! Pathetic!

  11. People you have to stop. The fighting only causes uproar in shamayim. We need all the merits we can attain. Please I beg you to just stop.

    • So one of your prerequisites before hiring a cleaning lady is that she must be vaccinated?? Many Mexican Children are smuggled across the U.S. Border and they arrive with no vaccination records. Hope your cleaning lady is here legally because if she isn’t that’s a crime. Have a wonderful evening.

  12. “Search for truth”:

    Your comments are right on!!

    You hit the nail on head!!

    Fringe they are – as the anti-vaxxer camp, generally speaking, believe their blood is redder then others…And somehow their childrens bodies are “holy and special” that should “chas v’shalom” not be “contaminated” by “the money hungry doctors”.

    History will prove them and the writer of this article wrong!!!

    Wrong wrong wrong!!

    And we should never back down from the truth!!

  13. I actually think it’s a good thing if others outside of the community see that a stand is being taken on the side of vaccination in case it spreads to other communities chas vesholom and they blame the orthodox as usual.

  14. I just heard of an unvaccinated child who has severe damage from meningitis and will be disabled for life. The parents were planning to vaccinate they hadn’t gotten around to it.

    I’m not sure why people are saying to “stop fighting.”

    Who is fighting? We are simply begging people to be responsible and have mercy on the vulnerable amongst us. We are simply pointing out the facts. I’m sure Ms Lane means well but these types of letters are dangerous and trying to push the idea of a big pharma agenda serve to further cause fear among responsible parents who are following both medical advice and Rabbanim.

  15. To all who are saying that we need to “tone it down” or “respect another opinion”
    We know you are trying to legitimize this group of quacks . We see right thru your feel good rhetoric!

    We won’t tone it down ! Not when you endanger our most precious possessions! Our children!

    Just like we would’nt tone it down if there was a fire burning in a home .

    Those who choose not to vaccinate are endangering a whole community.
    This is the consensus of every “Medical” Doctor in Lakewood.

    We don’t need to import irrelevant opinions from Optometrists and others who know close to nothing about this issue!

  16. Fantastic comments to rebut Dr. Lane’s misuse of holocaust fear, medical misinformation (from an optometrist!), and misuse of the concept of “tolerance.” And, for those people who keep maligning our cleaning ladies-guess what!! Almost all of them are vaccinated, which pathetically, we cannot say about the frum community!!

  17. There’s no use trying to talk reason to people who are in a state of hysteria over anti vaxxers. In their eyes, every unvaccinated child is a walking bomb ready to explode.
    Families who vaccinated have very little to fear from the antivaxxers. Yet, some are having trouble sleeping at night out of fear for their children’s lives.
    I don’t think your letter will calm them down.

  18. Thank you, Dr. Lane. Others may disagree, but I agree with what you wrote.

    And I want to ask this question to everyone reading this:

    I know that MMR does not have aluminum in it. However many of the other vaccines do. Please share with all of us any study that shows that the amount of aluminum going into children’s bodies is safe for them. I have only found studies that show aluminum is going into the brains of our children from the vaccines. I don’t know about you, but I would not want aluminum in my brain. And may those parents who do not want to vax their children feel the same way about aluminum in their children’s brains.

    Here are studies that I have found…please share with us the studies you have found that say the aluminum is leaving our children’s bodies or that is safe for aluminum to be a constant presence in our children’s bodies. Thank you.

    ( I won’t ask you about the safety of human dna fragments, polysorbate 80, genetically engineered human album, normal human diploid cells, calf serum, formaldehyde, tumorigenic cell lines, aborted fetal tissue, pig virus dna fragments, 2-phenoxyethanol, HPV dna fragments, and other ingredients found in vaccines.)

    “Slow CCL2-dependent translocation of biopersistent particles from the muscle to brain” (BMC Medicine)

    “Biopersistence and brain translocation of aluminum adjuvants of vaccines” (Frontiers from Neurology)

    “Non-linear dose-response of aluminum hydroxide adjuvant particles: Selective low dose neurotoxicity” (Elsevier – Toxicology)

    “Critical analysis of reference studes on the toxicokinetics of aluminum-based adjuvants” (to appear in the Journal of Inorganice Biochemistry”

    • I just what to point out regarding the Aluminum:

      Total aluminum in:
      1st 6 months worth of vaccines altogether = 4.4 mg
      1st 6 months worth of breast milk = ~7 mg
      1st 6 months worth of milk-based formula = ~38 mg
      1st 6 months worth of soy-based formula = ~117 mg

      It is acceptable to have up to .02 mg of aluminum in every liter of water – so a liter a day for 20 days is as much aluminum in those vaccines.

      And now you are going to point to that this is “injected”…
      Prove it is different.

      • eating is the normal nd regular. Hashem made our bodies our digestive system the first defense against sickness. The ilver detoxes,e tc. INjecting a poison directly into the bloodstream can cause terrible harm.

  19. Dr. Lane should have pointed out that she is an optometrist, and her opinion is no more qualified on this issue than someone who holds a doctorate in literature. she didn’t ad anything to the issue at hand, and has know knowledge o halachah. I am not sure what the point of printing all these articles from the ant-vax apologists and propogandists is, other than to generate clickbait.

  20. My children and grandchildren are vaccinated. I agree that not vaccinating can endanger the most vulnerable people in our communities. That said, you can state whatever you want, but keep the tone civil! Strongly disagreeing is not a reason to compromise your middos and menshlichkeit. True, Dr. Lane is not an MD, but the title Dr. certainly means that she’s an educated person. All she is saying is that you should not think that those who don’t vaccinate are an unthinking group of people. You strongly disagree with their thinking. So do I. But that doesn’t give us license to talk meanly; putdowns are simply a reflection of poor middos. If a fire’s burning, you can yell, “Fire!! Get out immediately!” and if someone foolishly is going back in to try to save some item and endangering his life, you can yell, “Run out this instant and save your life, not your things!” But if you yell, “You blithering idiot, get out of there this second Mr. Brainless before you get fried!” that shows something about the kind of person you are. You don’t think that a rosh yeshiva would shout those words, right? Well, you have a tzelem Elokim and neither should you. So yes – believe and state what you want, but do tone it down to civil speech. You don’t have to agree with an opinion that is endangering the lives of people with compromised immune systems, but you do need to respect the people themselves and realize that they’re not crazy even if they’re mistaken. There are risks on either side – that’s a proven fact. We believe that the cards stack heavily on the side of vaccinating – that the risks of not vaccinating are far greater than the risks of vaccinating. And above all, we follow the Rabbanim and doctors who tell us to do it. But there may be individuals or families for whom the risk of vaccinating is greater than not vaccinating. Did it ever occur to you that certain invididuals were told by their doctors and rabbanim not to vaccinate? Maybe a particular family has some sensitivity/allergy/condition and were advised against it? With one of my children I was told to delay a particular vaccination until some health issue was clarified. Believe what you want but don’t compromise your middos, your eidelkeit and the mitzvah of being dan lechaf zechus – judging others favorably. You feel that it’s a kiddush Hashem to show that as a community, we’re being responsible, but don’t make a chillul Hashem by expressing your opinion in an unrefined manner.

  21. Re. “An unvaccinated person does not magically create disease within their bodies.” This is a true statement.

    However, NO member of the medical community makes a claim anything like this.

    Here is the problem:

    Unvaccinated individuals pose a potential risk to others in several different ways, depending on the way a disease gets transmitted to others. For example, measles is an extremely contagious disease that is transmitted in outbreaks. An unvaccinated person who is directly exposed to a person with measles has as much as a 9 in 10 (90%) chance of getting measles from the person who has measles. During outbreaks, measles spreads rapidly among non-vaccinated people, not only among electively unvaccinated people, but among children too young for the vaccine and immune compromised people. Depending on the outbreak, 10%-30% of people who get measles will end up hospitalized from it.

    HiB meningitis, however, does not spread in outbreaks. It spreads “sporadically,” affecting one young child at a time, with potentially devastating results. (Infections frequently lead to ICU stay, permanent hearing loss, brain damage or death.) The HiB bacteria can live in the mouth of an unvaccinated young child, who is a “carrier” and who does not come down with symptoms of the disease. That child can spread the bacteria to another young child, who unfortunately becomes infected by it and suffers the consequences.

    Both the measles vaccine and the HiB vaccine are extremely effective. If all medically eligible members of a community are vaccinated against the diseases, the diseases will cease to exist in that community. The Orthodox Jewish communities throughout the world has large numbers of electively unvaccinated people, so we, unfortunately, frequently see vaccine preventable diseases like mumps, measles and whooping cough, and occasionally even HiB disease.

  22. Wow. Wow. Wow. What an uber liberal article. I love all the key talking pints. Tolerance. Acceptance. Holocaust. Don’t judge.
    Seriously, let’s face it. There are rights and wrongs. Not always but sometimes. If 98 percent of the medical community says one way. And Dr shanik who loves the lakewood community says the same way, than the 2 percent {and in being generous} are extremist. Not everything is a talking point that can be explained in a liberal word salad.

  23. I don’t understand why people don’t get the danger. Putting aside the risk of those that the vaccine doesn’t work for (for whatever reason) the fact is that we have a large population of pregnant and infants that are at risk by anyone’s definition…. So what don’t we get? Even if I don’t care about the anti vaxxers, and “live let live”, I’m still concerned about the risk to the aforementioned population…

  24. Sorry it is not nuanced and there is no need for tolerance and understanding. This is not The NY Times covering the Palestinian conflict. This is a danger to our community by people who are not following medical norms. Period.

    • The danger? Where are all the dead bodies caused by the unvaccinated in this town over the past 30 years? IF YOU SEE something, say something. I can’t find them…

  25. OK, let’s be nice. You anti vaxxers have a right to your opinion. But you don’t have the right to endanger anyone else. So, PLEASE, try to get yourselves educated. PLEASE, if you don’t want to vaccinate, PLEASE stay home with your opinions that you are entitled to. PLEASE do not appear in any public places, including playgrounds, schools, stores, wedding halls, etc. PLEEEASE!
    Ok, now I said it nicely.

    • Wow….you’ve got to be kidding. If your vaccines work so well..WHY would you be concerned with your children or yourself being around an unvaccinated person. It makes absolutely no sense. You are actually saying that vaccines don’t work. Listen to your ridiculous logic! That’s not nice…it’s stupid. My son has no antibodies to several vaccines that he received but he does have Autism. I’d take measles any day!

  26. Just want to debunk some other misleading information. There is a post about aluminum in vaccines (and correctly stated, not in MMR). Aluminum is one other false argument (along with the false connection to autism) used by anti-vaxxers. The fact is that one quart of infant formula contains more aluminum than vaccines given to infants. In the first 6 months of life, babies get 2 times as much aluminum from breast milk as from vaccines, 10 times as much from formula as from vaccines, and 30 times as much from soy formula as from vaccines. So, let’s get rid of this other misleading argument once and for all!

    • Scientist, please do some research and you will find out that ingested aluminum gets excreted from the body. Aluminum adjuvants injected into the body do not leave the body. Can you please post on here one safety study done on aluminum injected into infants? Thank you.

    • The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) states that only 01.-0.4% of aluminum ingested is actually absorbed, as the GI tract is a barrier. So in actuality, 7mg in breastmilk at an absorption rate of .004 = .028mg.

      On the other hand, the 4mg of aluminum from vaccines is absorbed 100%.

      So the real comparison is 28mcg from breastmilk to 4000mcg from vaccines.

      • You wrote that 4 mg of aluminum from vaccines are absorbed 100%. Can you please be specific by what you mean by “:absorbed” ? I think absorbed means taken into the body and kept there, the opposite of excretion. Medical studies show that the aluminum in vaccines can go from the injection site to different organs of the body. So please explain what you read….what part(s) of the body is absorbing (retaining) all the aluminum?

  27. Seems like the anti vaxxers have given up on winning with reason since they can’t so instead they’ve taken to submitting a bunch of letters that we should be nice to them.
    They are dangerous as there’s a significant amount of children with compromised immune systems who are being needlessly endangered.

    • Just a guy, do some research and you will find out that ingested aluminum gets excreted from the body. Aluminum injected into us does not leave the body. I cited a few scientific studies that show that phenomenon. Read them and you will have the proof you are seeking. Please show studies that you have found..or been shown…to prove your statements. Thank you.

  28. Hey Deb !

    You’re absolutely right !
    You can choose not to vaccinate your children because you feel you are smarter than your doctor.
    But you absolutely can’t and won’t endanger my children ! So please keep yourself and your children out of public places !

    I hope I said it nicely…..

  29. When it comes to a decision that is solely affecting you I believe you are right. You are not aloud to hurt another person and that is what this is. If you want to keep your kids home and not spread potential diseases I have no issue but to expose others is assur. End of story!!!!!

  30. @deb Finally an anti vaxxer who admits they are endangering others by writing “chayecha kodmim” which is true. So protect yourself and then stay home because otherwise you become the rodef.

  31. Great article. People calling for force vaccination don’t realize that they are calling for a medical dictatorship. Most force vaccine people, are just quoting others, but never realy researched the subject with a open mind.

  32. Hey Udi ,

    “Where are all the dead bodies “

    Are you kidding!?
    Talk to some people who actually know the facts. The devoted pediatricians and the volunteers for Chai lifeline, Bikur Cholim, Hatzolah.
    Who deal with the consequences

    Apology accepted.

    • I do know the facts. The hysteria here is way out of proportion. Hay, the CDC says that the common cold is dangerous for people with weakened immune systems, asthma or respiratory conditions, as they may develop pneumonia. So just because there is no vaccine for the common cold, why are kids allowed into school and playgroups etc. with the common cold if there are people there that they could actually for real be mazik severely today (not just theoretically in case they get a disease).

    • are you saying that htese kids of chai lifeline bikur cholim and hatzoloh are not well becaue some people don’t vaccinate their kids? Please show me any medical doctor who agrees with that sentence. Youare making things up.

      The people who don’t vaccinate say that some of these kids got sick as a side effect of the vaccines.

    • Not telling you to Vaccinate
      Just keeping ourselves safe thats all – so please stay indoors!!!
      now thats civility “maybe not litracy tho”

  33. People need to do their own research. I am very cautious about anything a big pharmaceutical executive says regarding vaccine safety . Aluminum adjuvants are not excreted easily like aluminum from the GI tract .

    Check out Hannah poling’s tragic story . Her parents ( both doctors who believed strongly in vaccines ) gave her several vaccines before school . At age five she became severely brain damaged . Check out Holly’s law . Most pediatricians don’t know these facts – or don’t tell their patients about them . The vaccine court has paid billions of dollars to ppl damaged by vaccines . Pharmaceutical companies cannot be sued . This was done by design because vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe “ but vaccines were determined to be necessary for the “common good “ .
    Dr . Schoenfeld s research on vaccines stimulating autoimmune conditions .. which statistically are increasing at an alarming rate … allergies, childhood type 1 diabetes , celiac disease, lupus , multiple sclerosis , pandas , etc. and brain encephalopathies.. autism being amongst the worst .

    Ppl are citing low rates of vaccine injury .. thTs only the immediate effects (greatly underreported by reluctant doctors) . What about the syngeristic accumulation of toxicity over time ?

    The typical study of vaccine safety is only a three week process . The current schedule has never been adequately studied for safety .

    • I am not responding to you but to the naive people that read these comments and begin to wonder if perhaps there is a great pharma conspiracy.

      I don’t have time to respond to everything here but the Hannah Poling case was a case of a child BORN with a mitochondrial disorder.

  34. Typical Lib response .

    Yes !!
    Literacy and civility go out the window in an emergency.

    And I’m not a “pro Vaxxer “
    I wish I wouldn’t have to inject a foreign substance in to my perfectly healthy child.
    But I’m pro common sense and I trust my Pediatrician who is a lot more knowledgeable and wouldn’t mislead me.

    • Moshe, can you do us all a favor. Please ask your pediatrician to show you one medical study that shows aluminum injected into babies in the amounts done accd to the CDC schedule were found to be safe. Bli neder, once you post that study for all of us to see, I will not bring up this topic anymore!
      The Mitkus study will not work…bec that was a different kind of aluminum than the one used in vaccines as the adjuvant, and it was given to adults, not babies. Thank you!

  35. TO R’s: Now PANDAS is caused by vaccines, Not Strep. Before you tell people to do “their own research”, how about getting a real education?!?

    • Yes, Pandas is caused by an autoimmune response to strep (body attacking not only strep but also the basal ganglia of the brain due to molecular mimicry)…. but the question remains

      why the astronomical increase in children with PANDAS/PANS and so many other autoimmune conditions? More research is clearly needed.

  36. Can anyone tell me whether the kids with chicken pox were vaccinated, even partially? If they were not vaccinated, that fact would have been all over the media. If they were vaccinated, it’s doubtful that it will ever be reported. Wonder why that might be? You really can’t debate this issue unless that important detail is revealed. Anyone know?

  37. To all those screaming that Dr. Lane isnt a qualified doctor: a quick Google search will show that she is an O.D., and another quick Google search will show that an O.D. is a medical doctor (MD) who specializes in doagnosing and treating diseases of the eye. So yes, she is quite qualified to voice an opinion in the area of vaccinations.

  38. To RS-

    The largest vaccine study followed children for 10 years (95000 kids, 15k unvaccinated) and showed a higher rate of autism in unvax’ed children. Not a little 3 week study.

    I can’t begin to guess where autism/ autoimmune diseases over the past 50-60 years came from. But if I had to guess, I would say the changes in food (specifically wheat and dyes) over the past 60 years. So many autoimmune conditions are affected by diet. And I know one person with a nut allergy or autism from 40 years ago, but both are rampant today.

    But it’s easier to blame a vaccine for built-up toxicity than it is to blame the toxic foods we consume daily. (And I say this as someone who would rather feed my children an affordable meal than starve on overpriced raw foods).

  39. I’m a little taken aback by the inappropriateness of comparing those who refuse an effective and safe method of disease prevention to holocaust survivors. It is in very poor taste

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