Letter To Planning Board From Yudel Shain, Regarding Proposed Changes To G.C.C

yudel shain(The following is the contents of the letter read to the Planning Board) Dear Planning Board President, Members & Secretary;
We live on the southwest corner of Carey St and Forest Ave. Carey St West of Forest Ave is a dead end St.There are a number of concerns re: the Georgian Court application. 1- There is currently an entrance/exit from Georgian Court that is kept closed to vehicular traffic, which we feel should be opened for vehicular traffic on a permanent basis. It’s located on the corner of Seventh St & Lakewood Avenue. 2- An entrance / exit should be made at the corner of Case Road and North Lake Drive. The traffic from & to that point can travel on North Lake Drive to Hope Road. It’s sparsely housed and the housing is only on one side of the Street.

3- The Streets 5th through 9th St, from Forest Ave to Lakewood Ave should be made as one way Streets, which will alleviate and add to better and safer traffic flow.

4- As I mentioned at an earlier application from Georgian Court re: the proposed 9th St entrance, I have no issue in opening up the Carey St dead end provided the above 1,2, & 3 are implemented first. The circumstances have in the meantime changed as Beth Medrash Govoha opened an additional campus on Forest Ave & Carey St The area can’t handle any additional traffic.

5- North Lake drive from Lakewood Avenue to Case Road is very winding and unsafe. There were numerous accidents of vehicles crashing into the University’s fence. We believe that North Lake drive is a 5o foot right of way & the Georgian Court iron fence on North Lake Dr. is within the 50 foot right of way (which may be a contributing cause to the accidents).

6- The Georgian Court fencing shall be moved out of the right of way and a buffer of 25 +- feet till the fence from the roadway. In addition, in the long range plans of Georgian Court a provision should be made to have the winding unsafe section of road of North Lake Dr straightened out. There shall also be a date by when that will be finished.

7- As an aside, When Georgian Court was constructing their recent additions; the noise of the construction was till the late hours of the night, way past midnight. Also the music should be restricted after certain hours.

I remain,
Yehuda Shain

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  1. Rabbosai, You have no idea the magnitude of this project. Basically GCU is intending on creating an enourmous sports complex on their site. They have every right to construct whatever they please, but bear in mind that this type plan is being put in place so that they can attract outside guestsand visitors to their sports events and concerts. Think outside the box guys…in the next 10 years you will not see trees alongside Ninth St., Forest Ave. 14th St and Case. You will see 5 more dormitory buildings that will accomodate an addtl 450 students !! You will see a 50,000 sq’ gymnasium. Alongside Forest and 14th will be devoid of trees and you will see the “vieber” playing soccer, lacrose and volleyball !!! Traffic off Hope and 14th Street on the weekends will be unbearable. Think before you comment…this propasal of theirs is huge. Its not just a 14th Street issue, its a klall issue that is not yet hitting you hard enough in the face. But it will, when your kids start to watch the sports events on Shabbos and when you start to notice the newest ladies fashions on the 450 students strolling along Lakewood Ave. and North Lake Drive.

  2. i am living in Lakewood for 10 years and was in yeshiva for 5 and lived nearby and never saw anyone for that matter , not walking just some cars , it was always a huge question as such a big univer and you dont see girls hanging around like in other collage towns .

  3. #3 Dont be ridiculous. They are required to present a Development Plan to the planning board for a reason and it has nothing to do with Galus. They did no traffic studies, they did no environmental study, they did no population growth study, just to name a few. And if you think we are in galus now, wait a couple of years and you’ll really feel the galus when the colloge increases their enrollment 300%. When the traffic is intolerable, you’ll blame it all on bad Township services and elected officials. Galus doesnt preclude me from protecting my interests as a town resident who is trying to think beyond today and tomorrow.

  4. Eli, they can’t build whatever and whereever they please but by the same token we can’t either. Yeruchum’s points are all good but maybe voice them when the next developer shows up with plans to clear huge areas of land to build another eyesore of narrow streets and over developed lots. We can’t expect to be able to do whatever we want but to stop others from doing the same.

  5. Yerucham #2 & #5 and Yudel:
    You can’t have it both ways. While I agree that proper studies should be conducted and reported to the planning board, the fix should not be in to block it out of hand. Why are they less entitled than you or I to develop their lands to the maximum allowed by law? don’t promote a double standard, and by the way…the traffic is intolerable now.

  6. When I complained that a yeshiva high school was building a 40,000 sf facility with a bais medrash and a dormitory with daily busing on a dead end residential street I was called an anti semite. Talk about a double standard.

  7. Although I generally disagree with everything Rabbi Shain has to say, I think he has some legitimate gripes here. That said, some of his solutions are laughable. They are written as if has some sort of engineering training. If he does, he should present them in his letter. If not, he can present his gripes and let professionals handle the solutions.

  8. True they need to perform all necessary reports-traffic…..but do not start saying how we’ll feel in Galus when their college enrollment increases 300%! Who in their right mind can say something like that after what we have done to this town. Yes we created a beautiful town with a pleasant atmosphere….but do you think the people that lived here for decades appreciated it??!! We all know the truth. Most of it is not Anti-Semitism just that they liked the nice quiet town they used to have. How can someone interfere with how many students they have,what kind of sports complex they want or who wil be playing there?? I mean BMG has not stopped building for the ten+ years that I’m in Lakewood. We ALL have the right to do what we please so long as the necessary studies….are done. However let’s not be hypocrites.

  9. Rabbi Shain, when was this letter read to the planning Board? actually no letter was read at the meeting on Tuesday.
    Rrabbi Shain, you must take a step back and look at all the Yeshiva’s that have been built in the past 5 years.

    Think about it, the school is just built,it’s filled to it’s capacity, were talking Yeshiva’s put 300 to 400 students in just one Yeshiva in one year alone. Georgian Court is asking for a 20 year plan, thnk about this.

    As far as what the University will build within the acreage in sports, they have the right to do what they wish .

    The residents in that area knew it was a University, the surrounding Yeshiva’s add to the intolerable traffic, as well as the increase in the building of homes. THE TOWNSHIP HAS ALLOWED THE TRAFFIC PATTERN TO STAY AS IS, AND NOW WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING DUE TO THE BUILDING OF MANY RESIDENCES

    Why is it, right away the comment is made that with GC adding so many STUDENTS, their will be more people walking aroudnd the lake and this will mean more looking at other students. , wearing different clothes and walking around the lake. GIVE ME A BREAK

    What happens when the younger ones shop in stores , their parents shop in Malls, is their a way that they come into all the stores blind folded. so they do not see another human being come on . give me a break

  10. Rabbi Shain’s comments demonstrate a glaring lack of a sense of history. I am sure that the GCC fence predates the zoning ordinance. Furthermore, it is a beautiful fence. Even if you moved the fence back 50 feet, I’m sure some idiot would eventually crash into it.

  11. I’m not a big Daas Torah guy but in this situation I definitely think it should be asked before proceeding.I live in Wesgate.I was from the few people who refused to join in the protests against Jackson High due to the fact we are in Golus.( And unlike GCU Jackson has plenty of places to build public schools).Many of those who did join the protest ended up regretting it. V’ain Kan Mokom L’Haarach

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