Letter: Time to Raise Our Voice

While I thank the Mayor for his response to the letter about some traffic changes in town and for his apparent concern, this road, Cedarbidge Avenue, is quite literally the “heart” of the community. Not solely because of its location, but more so because an extremely large percentage of people drive on this road during the morning and afternoon commute. Whether going to work, school or just to shop.

Due to the nature of our lifestyle, if this new traffic pattern causes even say a slight 10 minute delay, it will throw the schedule of hundreds if not thousands totally off kilter. (Think work, babysitting, being there when a child’s bus picks up or drops off etc.)

As the mayor wrote in his response to the previous letter writer, “I have found that many suggestions from people who live with the various conditions every day are more valuable than the plans formulated by engineers who believe what they write on paper is more accurate than the lived experiences of many residents. We have already been in contact with the county about revising some of the striping based on suggestions from residents”

PSA: I actually reached out to the County a few years ago when the plans were revealed about the right lane the previous writer questioned. The response I got was that their “analysis” doesn’t deem it necessary for proper traffic flow. I don’t know when they sent their engineers to review it, but anyone that drives there knows that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

I live in the area and drive on Cedarbridge multiple times a day and their brainless plans are going forward without any delay to pause and reassess. A plan they coined “pedestrian safety” based on an analysis from like 2016 of something like seven people that were hit while j-walking, is going forward with little push back from the thousands that will ultimately suffer immensely for something as stupid as that left turn lane into NOWHERE!
(And no, it does not turn into the shopping center with the liquor store nor into icon plumbing.)

Aside from the infamous left turn lane, the right turns into MLK, Ashley & Arlington will now need to be made going extremely slow because they took away the shoulder, so it’s a very tight turn especially into Arlington due to the cars parked on street for the shopping center. This whole idea is a mess!

A drive that once took up to five minutes, today took me 14 minutes (Arlington neighborhood to Aisle9 area, 1.5 miles.)

It seems that apparently not only doesn’t the County want to hear from us, they don’t really care much.

Have we all gotten numb and voiceless?

Am I the only one that sits in traffic for almost an hour a day?! True, many of the issues don’t have an easy fix, but why are we sitting by silent as it’s being made worse?!

It may not be too late for this project, but even if it is, let’s make sure in the future our voices can be heard. Do something today. Call, email the County, comment on letters to the Mayor, speak to someone. Let’s try to make the system work better for us, not against us!

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  1. It’s not just cedarbridge it’s all over. Tho, he’s right. It’s glaringly stupid what they doing there.

    Has anyone tried driving at night around town? They’ve been doing construction for MONTHS on the 9.
    What are they doing already?

  2. OMG it says if this letter writer read my mind today. Point for point exactly what I was thinking. There needs to be an investigation into how this decision were made because the incompetence in our government is truly breathtaking

  3. On the topic of cedarbridge it can I
    Use a repaving before the insane striping.That right lane is quite a ride. Once the trucks are out repaving we should make a Google doc for everyone to give recommendations of other streets to repave (of which there are MANY)

  4. Nothings gonna happen or change,
    Get used to it already!
    Don’t get to used to it because I’m sure it’ll just get worse…

  5. Why are there such wide turning lanes (including the “buffer” areas by the turns?) and such narrow thru lanes? Turning on to cedarbridge from
    ashley, arlington, and melville is super tight now! Imagine a bus trying to turn onto cedarbridge-he will have to wait for both lanes to be clear to make the turn safely.

  6. If I may ask, why does it feel like our elected officials don’t care all that much either? You would think the committeeman, assemblyman or legislators would voice their opposition to a project like this and always keep an eye out for other ways to better our community not just by finding new ways of funding welfare programs

  7. The horrible traffic is a result of overbuilding, Lakewood is busting at its seems. Responsible growth is needed, this is not NYC with public transportation. For every home built you add 2 cars to the roads. It’s unsustainable.

    • Bang! That’s it!! We all understand the issue but feel helpless.
      Maybe just maybe one of the “askanim” can do something?!?!
      Or can the vaad let someone that cares run and win an election!!

      • The previous reply was meant for j not yakov.

        But to Yakov I say the cedarbridge discussion/construction has absolutely nothing to do with overbuilding or growth

    • Actually, for every duplex you add 10 cars – 2 for each home, 2 for each basement, and 2 for the older single girls living at home due to the shidduch crisis (if traffic wasn’t so bad their parents could drop them off and pick them up)…

  8. @TLS Can you forward this to the Mayor for an official response?

    This is beyond insane.

    & They better not open Vine & let more cars on until they have this sorted out. Cedarbridge was a mess before this & now its a complete & total disaster!

  9. As a NYC resident, I’d mention that we wiwe had a mayor who has a platform where he responds to residents suggestions and comments. I understand your frustration however, by directly and respectfully addressing the Mayor in the proper forum, you’ll have a great chance of results (something us New Yorkers can only dream of, Ray, we can use you in NYC!).

    • What about opening Arlington. It should be open to pine street. It can take twenty, Twenty!!! Minutes from Pine where Arlington is to get to Arlington shul. Not only do we not have a voice, those that do are tainted by influential people standing to have personal gains from the decisions without considering community. Getting second level emergency medical care is a risk because the roads leading to the hospital are jammed when minutes matter.

  10. The reason for the turn to nowhere is because the oncoming traffic has a turning lane so as not to hit oncoming cars, they made a turning lane there too. The reason of the pedestrian median is because of the people that got hit there, maybe they should be more carefull and crosx by the light. But I agree that the thru lanes should be wider and the right lane coming from clifton should be turning only.

  11. There’s a reason the traffic will never be fixed & unsurprisingly it has to do with Gelt.
    Developers & Askanim know how people work. If you saw 2 people looking at something would you go check it out? Probably not. But what if you saw a crowd of a thousand? I’m sure you would.
    Places where people can mosey down the empty roads with their arm out the window of their pickup truck must not be good places to live or more would.
    It’s counterintuitive but the biggest sell of Lakewood is that there must be something to it or why would so many people put up with all the hassles, annoyances & frustrations?
    (Which back to the Gelt, helps drive up prices creating bigger profits for those running this town)

  12. WIDEN THE NINE. It will solve all problems of the world, except for those waiting for Moshiach!
    Seriously, half of the cars travelling on any other route are doing so to avoid the Nine. Widening it would have an immediate (after the years of traffic nightmares getting it done) effect on the entire town.
    This has been necessary for over 20 years. All this time we’ve been putting up bandaids and using formerly quiet streets such as Cedarbridge, New Hampshire, MLK, Sunset, Williams, Vine (and getting to and from them from Central, Pine, James etc)… Now all of those get backed up daily.

  13. I think the entire Lakewood should withhold the portion of county taxes till they listen to our needs. We prob provide half of their tax receipts. They should take us more seriously.

  14. Anyone can provide the number or email of the county department I can reach out to??

    If we can publicize the CORRECT contact info (not a random department which will just ignore us), and have everyone reach out and explain how the changes on Cedarbridge made a horrible situation worse, and what they can REALISTICALLY do to improve it, maybe they’ll listen.

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