Letter: Should Lakewood Support Murphy?

I have recently seen a writer express the notion that it is the duty of the Jewish communities of Ocean County to throw our support behind Governor Murphy in next month’s election. The reason?

He cites the governor’s hands-off approach toCovid in regard to the Jewish community during the later months of the pandemic.

But is that really justification enough to commit our sought-after votes – which after the recent registration drive in Lakewood and surrounding townships has swelled to upwards of an 80,000 voteswing – to the re-election of our incumbent Democrat governor?

To be clear, do we appreciate that he withheld the draconian rules his close ally across the Hudson imposed? Of course! But to point to it – an obvious political maneuver in dealing with perhaps the largest voting bloc in the state shortly before the election – and to say that this man will forever have our best interests in mind, is pure foolishness. It is just one cog in the machine of government that he played remarkably well, and which would make any political advisor proud, but we should not be so naïve as to allow it to shape the entire perspective we have of our governor going forward.

How did he score on his other jobs? Aside for photo ops and press releases, did he exhibit any courage in standing up for what’s right?

In his overall Covid policies (aside from the one mentioned above), he practically mirrored his counterpart in New York. But while Cuomo fell from good graces due to personal issues, Murphy quietly stepped off the stage and played down his hospital and nursing home policies, almost with impunity.

On the home front, there are a number of important matters that pertain to our community, and yet, although it is just weeks to an election, the governor has not made even one campaign promise to our voters, instead remaining almost indifferent to our most pressing issues. For example, the state’s faulty funding formula which discriminates heavily against our local population has not received even a comment publically from the governor. Then there is the ongoing painful saga in which a pillar of our community is being senselessly hounded by the Murphy justice department, for what the judge called ‘a matter that could’ve equally and responsibly been handled as an administrative manner’ – a travesty that has united our community and has propelled tens of thousands of local donations amounting to millions of dollars towards his defense. And what about the daily reminders of the governor’s inaction when we remain ensnarled in an ever-increasing web of traffic that is a direct outgrowth of the most ignored traffic artery in New Jersey’s fifth-largest municipality, and our governor has yet to make any meaningful commitment to widening State Route 9.

The very notion that we will blindly throw our support behind Phil Murphy just because of his approach during the latter part of Covid is an embarrassment to the intellect of our community.

Our votes are not that cheap.

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  1. And on the covid front, let’s not forget that technically he has mandated our schools to vaccinate or test all staff, which he is simply holding off enforcing in Lakewood until after the election.

    Just this week he said that he would not rule out mandating covid vaccines for all children attending any school.

    He has also mandated masks in daycares for children aged two and up and in schools. Who is to say he won’t send the prosecutor’s office to enforce this in November? Who is to say that he wont try to mandate vaccines for restaurants and other similar places just like New York City, which would effectively ruin Lakewood small businesses?

    Am I the only one who remembers him shutting down Center of Town, & clothing stores etc. right before Pesach 2020 (while allowing people to still shop in Walmart?)

    It took months for him to allow us to reopen, even after people pointed out the hypocrisy.

    And let’s not forget that he only allowed Shuls to reopen after the protests began for George Floyd.

    Since when has ‘not being an open anti-semite & minding the laws of the land instead of ignoring them’ become a reason that someone must vote for an elected official? What else has he done for me?

  2. Absolutely, and the people I speak to all agree that Murphy is a bad choice. Murphy did well during part of the pandemic, but it’s nothing Ciatterelli would not have done. It was good hopes that got Murphy the win in Lakewood last time. This time, I’d be surprised if he scratches 10 percent.

  3. We should not vote for Democrat anymore and You see how Horrible Democrat are doing in other States and it will get worst if you keep voting for Democrat Party!!! Switch over to Republicans and Wake Up America!!!! Look how bad Democrat are doing to USA these days !!!!

  4. I was really on the fence until this debate.

    But I won’t stand Murphy calling Ciattarelli and his supporters “white supremacists and confederate flags” (in closing arguments)

    It’s one thing to disagree politically, but don’t call those who oppose you racist.

  5. I completely agree with this letter. To all those who will be voting Murphy, wait till after the election. Your face will look like all of those who voted for Biden, right after what he did in Afghanistan. Wait and see. Murphy was never, and will never be good for us or our community. He’s keeping a low profile, but once in office again, hashem yerachem what will be!

  6. Orthodox Jews believe that the Torah was transmitted from G-d to Moses. They believe the Torah to be infallible because it comes from an infallible All-knowing G-d.

    The notion that an Orthodox Jew can choose to vote for the candidate that is most inconsistent with Torah values conpared to the other candidate should be as alien a concept like as a devout Chrisitan spitting on a cross or a Muslim degrading the Koran.

    Murphy is pro choice. He wants to inact more laws to ensure that abortions continue to be legally protected.

    The idea that someone can actually vacuum out a tiny baby that never sinned in its life…their very own baby..its one of the cruelest, sickest things imaginable.

    Instead of locking up the criminal, Murphy wants more murders.

    Murphy is enthusiastic about rights for homosexuals and the legalization of said “marriages”. But the Torah says that it is a heinous crime and an abomination.

    Murphy opposes the death penalty. Yet it is a fundamental doctrine in the Torah that one who sheds the blood of man, his own blood shall be shed. Governments throughout the ages have abided by this sane ideology but not liberals like Murphy.

    So I ask you, the Orthodox readership. How can you even consider the notion of voting for the man who is on the opposite side of Torah values?

    The answer is that you can’t. Voting for Murphy, or any liberal, is like spitting on a sefer Torah.

  7. Thinking back now to the fact that Murphy won Lakewood last time and realizing how naïve we were. I would be surprised if he gets even 5 percent of Lakewood’s votes this time.

  8. Jack Citterelli is who we need in office. He won’t raise taxes, no mask mandates, no vaccine mandates, will widen the 9, and simply he has gone policies. He has already met with Lakewood leaders to see how he can help when he’s our governor. Use your vote wisely.

  9. I think the community as a whole is waking up and not voting blindly or following a single writers letter in deciding who to vote for
    Proof is a the Lkwd scoops poll this week showed a significant amount of residents chose the new republican candidate over our current gov Murphy
    The issues pointed out are valid and should point those in doubt whom to vote for

  10. While important points are made here…. it’s important to know that the Governor has worked behind the scenes with many of our askonim (I’m privy to some first hand stuff) in order to help out our community.

    Each person can choose if they feel it’s right to vote for him or not.

    But I personally have appreciation for each time he did step in or protect our rights.

    I sure hope he doesn’t follow the crazy ones out there that force the covid Vax with no options.

  11. Seriously?
    Why would you vote for Murphy?

    Was it the draconian ( but slightly less draconian than NY, CA and IL) measures he imposed om small businesses for “covid” while allowing big bus to remain open?

    Is it the possibility that he’ll do what he specifically said that he might and mandate all our kids to get vaccinated to remain in schools?

    Is it for his stance on abortion up until birth?
    Or perhaps his stance on lgbt issues with all the education related consequences?

    Or is it his affiliation to a party that has clearly came out and stated they are out to control more and more aspects of your life, to take away your liberty and right to choose for yourself?

    Sorry… if you are a pocketbook voter, just say so and be open about it, to yourself and others. Otherwise, please spare us the “Murphy is good to lakewood” propaganda.

    • Whats the shaylah?!!
      vote for murphy so we can get more programs and free stuff.
      Murphy is the tzinor habracha of the medinah shel chesed of America.
      he is one of the biggest baal tzedakah of the dor!!!
      He is taking money from people who would spend it on hevel havalim and giving it to us so we can have more Crusters shabbos babka with whole eggs inside of it…………

  12. Murphy has always been good to us; during the past few years our community flourished as a result of Murphy; unlike some past governors he always listened to us, answered us and tried to solve our problems.
    The other guy we know very little about, but I do know that he’s now undergoing radiation therapy for stage 3 throat cancer, he wears a tremendous amount of make-up when he’s in public; there’s many days that he’s too sick to campaign, how’s he going to run the 11th most populated state in the US, he’s got money and he should take it easy;
    After Murphy’s 2nd term the people of NJ need a normal, smart, healthy young governor.

  13. Whatever we decide as a community we must stay as a united voting bloc following daas torah. that way whoever wins the election will feel compelled to do what is good for our community. From all the comments I have been seeing on the Scoop, I am afraid our voting bloc will be fragmented this election leading to very disastrous results. Lakewood, please remain united for our own good.

  14. I definitely would have to hold my nose to vote Democrats. And I definitely think Murphy has many things against him. But the fact that Lakewood was left alone during COVID not only benefited Lakewood. Frum people from all over were able to make chasunahs here, whereas in Bklyn people had to go through the back door, etc. From a health standpoint, I’m not sure which was the right way to go. But we all have to admit that life in Lakewood was far easier than in other places. It’s not a “pocketbook issue.” It’s Hakoras Hatov. That’s how politics works. Jewish voters have very often voted for candidates who were not totally in sync with our values. That’s the way we get what we need. Political candidates don’t have to be tzadikim. They just have to help us. And who says the Republican candidate will keep his promises? To believe campaign promises is also naive. No candidate is perfect.

    • Are you seriously comparing it to Brooklyn? Oh, Cuomo was a maniac, and Murphy was only a maniac for the first half of Covid, so we should vote for him.
      How about compare us to the Republican states? How about compare us to a NJ under Republican rule?
      And do you think for one second that Murphy would have backed off if it wasn’t a year before the election? I’m petrified to imagine what will happen if he is reelected, and has free reign to impose all his draconian aspirations.
      Be smart. Don’t be blinded by his clearly political moves.

  15. Writer is the same genius who told us to vote for Biden.
    What a dope, Biden is a total disaster, together with the dems.
    I don’t need to list how bad it out there, this country going down fast.
    I will never vote for a dem-o-rat.

  16. I agree with this letter writer that murphy is not our best choice, and therefore I really hope, and am davening, that he looses. But voting for murphy doesn’t show that our votes are cheep, it shows that they are available. Our ability to raise our children in an emotionally healthy envirment while almost the entire world went insane was perhaps the biggest gift of our lifetimes. If we don’t vote for murphy then every politician will know that there is NOTHING they can do for us that will change our voting habits, which al pi derech hateva will result in them doing nothing for us.

  17. How far do we let these Democrats go until we put are foot down?? They support policies that are not safe for our community, children and society. Why are we trading our safety for school funding or any program. I cant understand.The same goes for the mayoral race in NYC. Adam’s is a phony. I cannot vote for any Dems in the near future.

  18. Pretty sure that lakewood being “left alone” for covid enforcement was not pushed on a state level, but on a local level. Each municipality handled it differently and thank God lakewood was better than others. But it was not thanks to Murphy.

    But even more so… when everyone says that we have to be so thankful that Murphy wasn’t as bad as cuomo or other dem states… but he definitely wasn’t nearly as good as Desantis or Abbot or Noam? Just because he wasn’t the absolute worst tyrant, does not endebt us to him and it’s sick to think so.

    And for those who dont know… There are 49 other states out there and NJ fared the worst … the absolute worst with Covid. So tell me again why someone should vote for Murphy?

  19. Let’s remember why we voted for Murphy. The republicans were for prosecuting all yidden that took jersey care. No deals for the Jews. They were also the same people that fought against our rights to have eiruvin. Is citarelli pro Jackson strong? Murphy’s ag has been aggressive against Jackson and trs discrimination against us.

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