Letter: Saving the earth is saving humanity

Submitted by Francis A. Luthe. It is not unusual that we live in an unusual period of time. History is filled with unusual periods of time,

when men and women have faced difficult choices about complex issues.  Sometimes we have made good choices that have led to better times – and sometimes we have not. We need to think long and hard about the choices that we make in our current difficult period of time.

Because of the vital importance to my children and grandchildren, I have decided to concentrate on one of our world’s most severe problems:  our changing environment. Many other issues are of equal or greater importance, but changes in our environment have a long-term and irreversible impact upon all of mankind.

In the 1960s, Americans were awakened by the free press to the indiscriminate use of pesticides, to fouled beaches as a result of failed offshore oil rigs, to the choking of marine life and the bursting into flames of our rivers as a result of chemical contaminants, and to deteriorating urban air quality and to urban water supplies contaminated with dangerous impurities from industry.  Astronauts photographed the Earth from space, heightening our awareness that the Earth’s resources are finite. As a result, the Environmental Decade began during the Nixon Administration with President Nixon’s signing of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) on January 1, 1970. Since that time, every American President and every American Congress has realized the vital importance of preserving our environment – UNTIL NOW.


Francis A. Luthe

What’s happened since January of 2017?  

  1. Rollback of fuel efficiency standards
  2. Rollback of requirements on oil and gas companies to monitor and mitigate releases of methane from wells and other operations
  3. Rollback of the plan to curtail coal emissions of carbon dioxide and methane that contribute to climate change.
  4. Rollback of the policy to increase vehicle mileage standards for cars made over the next decade
  5. Rollback of the 1970 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) policy of threatened species receive the full protections of the Endangered Species Act (ESA)
  6. Rollback of the decree that the accidental killing of birds, such as eagles colliding with wind turbines to ducks zapped on power lines, is a violation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA).
  7. Total censorship of the words “climate change” from government documents
  8. Proposed 70% reduction in funding for the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
  9. Easing the standards from maximum achievable as set by the Clear Air (1970) Clean Water (1972) to permitting a “minimum” achievable reduction of air and water pollution
  10. Elimination of the Clean Power Plan (CPP), claiming that “the war on coal is over.”
  11. Suspension of a study of health risks to residents who live near mountaintop removal coal mining sites in the Appalachians
  12. Cancellation of a rule to help prevent endangered whales and sea turtles from becoming entangled in fishing nets off the U.S. West Coast
  13. Withdrawing from Paris Climate Agreement, steering away from a group of 194 other countries that have promised to curb planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions
  14. Reversing the bans on offshore oil and gas drilling in parts of the Arctic, Pacific, and Atlantic Oceans
  15. Revocation of the U.S. Department of the Interior’s “Stream Protection Rule”, that placed strict restrictions on dumping mining waste into surrounding waterways
  16. Interior Secretary’s emphasis upon the value of logging, ranching and energy development on all public lands not designated national monuments
  17. A new proposal that would make several key changes to the 1973 Endangered Species Act, that has served as a bulwark against the bald eagle’s extinction, among thousands of other species

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  1. The climate change folks have lost their credibility for good reason. Their models have been wildly off as long as I can remember. Additionally their solutions involve costs to the american people disproportionately to the rest of the world. All that for a negligible slow down of warming according to their predictions.

  2. I “love”when people put pollution and global warming in the same sentence. It’s two totally different problems. when you do that you end up with more problems. So first split the two than deal with each one on there own. Let me help, we need to make sure we minimize real pullution oil spills and pulluting our rivers and oceans with garbage and this is for health reasons but let’s not throw in with real pullution the made up one called co2 that officially causes global warming (which by the way isn’t really warming any longer!!) Than once you do that we can have a discussion otherwise it’s going to be a stupid political argument

  3. Francis – Thanx for ur very well written & intentioned letter. However, you are not the first to predict doom & gloom with the environment. Al Gore said the same thing & predicted that by 2015 there would be several worldwide disasters to reckon with. Happily he was 100% wrong. It’s now 2018 & while there are issues with pollution, especially effecting our oceans and marine wildlife, Global Warming has not had an adverse effect on our planet’s well being.
    Have a great day !!

  4. Francis- hope you don’t take anything personal! The audience of this website is mainly conservative right wing leaning and so not so fond of the global warming threats.

    A quick look at your FB shows your service in the US Air Force. We all appreciate your service for our great country! Thanks!

    God Bless you and your family!

  5. I completely concur with the letter writer. In fact, I believe the yucky hairy caterpillar I squashed earlier today would have benefited greatly from some Federal legistlation, a 100 acre Pentagon size compound where the Dept of Caterpillar Preservation could be housed, along with 5 or 6 Jumbo PACS, etc.
    Oh, wait.
    Only cute animals are important, I forgot.
    No rats. No hairy caterpillars. No bedbugs. No cockroaches. No groundhogs. No pitbulls , no alley cats. No pigs.
    Those are all way too common and boring and uncute, nobody would blink twice if we killed them all. 😉
    Gimme a break

  6. When all the climate change advocates stop flying around on their private jets to conferences about climate change and when al Gore whose many homes generate more carbon in a month than most people in a year starts living in a home that generates as much carbon as the average American then maybe I’ll start to listening to those hypocritical fascists

  7. Meanwhile, back in reality. The U.S. REDUCED CO2 emissions by a greater amount than any other nation last year Whereas China, India and the EU, all proponents of the Paris Climate Accords scam, had massive increases in CO2 emissions

  8. Lol Francis, Just came back to check on the comments here. I’m sorry but I warned ya. . . Not the best site to be talking about global warming to. . .

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