Letter: P.A. Ackerman

Dear Editors, I want to share with your readers how privileged we are to have someone like P.A. Ackerman in our community. I experienced something unbelievable this past Shabbos and I’d like to share it with you.

I got a call from Catskills Hatzolah on Friday night that my nine-year-old son tripped and fell onto a bench causing a large laceration on his forehead.
Hatzolah advised that going to P.A. Ackerman was the best choice, although it may not be covered by insurance.

I did not know then who she was.

After a long hour, and over 30 stitches later, my son was brought back to camp b”h.

But I was really blown away by what happened next.

The next day, I called P.A. Ackerman and asked how much I owed her. I assumed it would be pricey because there were three layers of stitches. P.A. Ackerman answered so matter-of-factly, that she has a deal with Hashem that if she does work on Shabbos, she will only take the minimum of $150 to cover the basics. (She has a lady working with her opening the lights and doing any melacha she doesn’t have to do so as to minimize chillul shabbos.) She said Parnassah comes from Hashem and Parnassah with Bracha does not come from work done on Shabbos.

In 2019, it is rare to find such a person!

May her holy work and honor of Shabbos bring her much success and ultimately bring the Geula Shleima for all of Klal Yisroel.

Raizy S.

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  1. Her work is unparalleled. I would never trust anyone else, she has golden hands! Her work is meticulous and leaves no scars. I’ve had stitches done by 2 others, you cannot compare the quality. Ty pa akerman!

  2. Dr Tarlow a true mekadash shem shmayim doesnt take a penny for any work needed to be done on chol hamoed!!
    he has b”h blie ein harha a very successful practice

  3. Another shout-out to PA Ackerman! Even not for Shabbos work, simply out-of network and therefore out-of-pocket, she charged hugely reduced fees as compared to standard!

  4. There’s no male doctors? I don’t think it’s tznius for a woman to be touching a boy when a male doctor (even not quite as good) can take care of it. Please be more careful in the fututre.

    • Please see Shulchan Aruch, Yoreh De’ah, 335:10 where it says that regarding more intimate exams, a female may attend to a male patient. Stitches are most often needed in places like the face and hands, not intimate areas, so this should be of even less concern. See also the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, 192:3 where it says, “You should call the most competent physician.”
      According to these two sources among many, many others, it seems that it is better to go to a more competent medical practitioner of the opposite gender rather than a less competent practitioner of the same gender. Though of course one must ask one’s own rav about such important matters of halacha.

    • Billy,

      You are very kind to share what you think. Perhaps it would be even more pertinent to know what a Rav thinks.

      Thank you.

      PS: Does the “W” stand for Wisdom?

  5. There is only one Plastic Surgery practice in Lakewood and that is PA Akerman’s. You would need to go to Manhattan to find someone as skilled as her.

    The other providers mentioned in this thread are Dermatologists, they might be great at their field of expertise but it not the same as plastics.

  6. An Educated Consumer (NOT)

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but PA Ackerman is actually a Physician Assistant in DERMATOLOGY. look it up online you’ll find it. No need to knock other Doctor’s who have years of training and experience and LOADS of Chessed on their records. Ask your Rov before getting sticthes on Shabbos …..

  7. My son also got stitches on Friday night by PA Ackerman and I was also completely shocked when she told me afterwards that she doesn’t take full payment on Shabbos. Kol hakovod!

  8. I am having difficulty understanding the story. If it was shabbos why was the mother in Lakewood called. Why is there a reason to call the mother who is 2+hours away on shabbos?

    • The Hatzolah member on the scene is a veteran and extremely knowledgeable in what you could or can’t do on Shaabos. The Rabbonim of Hatzolah are the ones guiding the members in what they could or can’t do on Shaabos. I have the utmost respect and trust in their decisions.

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