Letter: Not a Coincidence

I want to share my experience in order to help and inspire others.

Last year, almost a week didn’t go by that one of my children were home from school. It was either an infection, a virus, or a strange health issue. I was literally at the doctor’s office every other week.

Something was strange. These things never happened one of after the next like that, to the point where it was driving me and husband crazy.

My husband called a Rav and explained to him what was going on. He immediately asked when the last was that we checked our Mezuzahs. My husband told him it was several years, and he suggested we check it again.

We immediately contacted a sofer to come down and check our Mezuzahs. While walking around the home, the sofer stopped at a door and asked where the Mezuzah was. We told him it was actually a relatively new room and we didn’t put one there because we didn’t think it needed one. He said that according to Halacha we 100% needed one there!

It turned out that all our Mezuzahs were Kosher, but we were completely missing a Mezuzah!

The Mezuzah was added immediately, and B”H we saw an immediate improvement with the overall health issues in the family.

Thank you for allowing me to share this.

A Lakewood resident.

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  1. Boruch Hashem everyone is now doing better but we all know the fact and truth that THERE’S NO SUCH A THING AS COINCIDENCE. everything going on has a direct wake up call and message directly from Hashem that we’re not going to find in any sefer in the world and neither hear from any gadol Hador speaking neither is it from me someone writing on the internet but an actual shocking message directly from Hashem above.

    And talking about children’s health so we all know what Hashems shocking wake up call message directly to us of the coronavirus pandemic Mageifa that is still R”L going on is?

    Shocking message:
    Every tragedy has a wake up call message directly from Hashem that your not going to find in any sefer in the world or read in any newspaper from a Gadol Hador or speaker saying about the tragedy. What is the shocking message of the Coronavirus Epidemic-that shut down the entire world starting January 2020-that has already killed millions of innocent lives of all ages? what does Coronavirus mean? Kara-Na-Aveiros,, call out to your aveiros-my loving children klal yisroel-to wake up & do teshuva. But the message from Hashem doesn’t end there, whats the other name for Coronavirus that everyone calls it? i forgot, Covid, what does that mean? what does Covid/Honor do to a person? what does it say in Pirkei Avos? it removes a person from the world, & thats exactly what Covid is doing right now, its removing millions of people from the world as we are still in the midst of this terrible mageifa effecting the ENTIRE world. Let us all ask ourselves who made it be called these crazy names? where does it come from? the dictionary? is this just coincidence or is it a straight sign & direct message from Hashem that its time for all of klal yisroel to wake up & do teshuva? you think about this.

    May we all wake up immediately and accept Hashems wake up call for serious Teshuva and Achdus together ASAP so Hashem can send Mashiach already bkarov

  2. We also had a story with our mezuzah’s. My son broke his foot and the same week we were told his blood work was showing serious kidney and liver issues. He was also told that he might need surgery for something else and he needs to take a cat scan. Our mezuzahs were checked in the past by someone who we thought was reputable but I did remember that he did a very quick job. We decided to recheck our mezuzah’s by someone else. Many weren’t in good shape with faded letters and the mezuzah on my sons bedroom door was Pasul! We got everything fixed and some new mezuzah’s. We did new blood work and a Cat scan and bh everything disappeared after.

  3. check yourself then check your mizuzos. while i agree that checking your mizuzos is a real thing, its not an excuse to not do tishuvah and maybe some self introspection

  4. There are many more tragic and shocking messages directly from Hashem some of them happened already hundreds and thousands of years ago and others are happening this very moment R”L all coming directly from Hashem.

    World War 1, World War 2 And the Current War of the Invasion of Russia into Ukraine which can Chas Vshalom bring the world today to another world War 3 if we don’t wake ourselves up to serious Teshuva and Achdus together As soon as possible
    All 3 Wars if you put the numbers of the date each war started they all come out to the same Gematria numerical Value number of 68

    World War 1 started on July 28 1914
    That’s 7+28+19+14=68

    World War 2 started on September 1 1939
    That’s 9+1+19+39=68

    Current Russian invasion to Ukraine War started on February 24 2022
    That’s 2+24+20+22=68

    Do you know what’s the Numerical Value of 68? Chaim/Life and what is the Message from Hashem? Hashem runs the entire world from every country to every tiny city to every person’s life and it’s all in the Power and Hands of Hashem the decree of every person like we say on Rosh Hashanah every year Lchaim Vlo Lamavess. (To life and not vice versa to death Chas Vshalom) When Klal yisroel is not doing Teshuva and forgets who really runs the entire world then Hashem has to remind us who is the real ruler of the world by making world wars happen R”L with millions of lives being killed.

    Do you think it’s possible to find this shocking message that’s HAPPENING NOW in these countries at war with each other in any sefer in the world or hear from any gadol Hador speaking or read it in a newspaper from a tzaddik speaking? Neither is it from me someone writing on the internet. But actually a shocking direct wake up call from our loving father Hashem waiting for us to come back and return to Hashem with sincere Teshuva and Achdus together ASAP.

    May we all stop living in Denial and FACE REALITY IMMEDIATELY and accept Hashems wake up call for serious Teshuva and Achdus together ASAP so Hashem can send Mashiach already bkarov.

  5. Someone had a teenager Down child that suddenly seemed to be “posessed” by something, the doctors were stumped. The parents replaced the kosher Mezuzah with a very mehudar mezuzah, 2 days later the issue was resolved with Siyata Di’Shimayeh.

  6. We as well had our own Yeshua after checking our Mezozos. We had been married 4 years and had still not been blessed with children – all tests were negative for anything wrong, it was a mystery. We checked our Mezozos and the word L’vanecha was Pasul. We had the first of our several children 9 months later.

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