Letter: It’s Time for an Asifa

Lakewood has recently been shaken by a string of tragic incidents on our roads. The loss of precious lives and the devastation of families have left us all in mourning.

As we struggle to come to terms with these preventable tragedies, it is clear that we must take collective action to ensure the safety of our drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. I’m therefore urging community leaders to convene an Asifa to address the critical issue of safe driving in Lakewood.

We cannot afford to wait any longer. It is our responsibility as a community to come together and take concrete steps to prevent such tragedies from occurring in the future.

An Asifa focused on safe driving would provide a platform for Rabbonim, Askonim, experts, law enforcement and residents to:

– Raise awareness about the importance of safe driving practices

– Educate drivers about the dangers of reckless behavior

– Encourage responsible habits, such as wearing seatbelts and avoiding distractions

I know this may sound a bit gruesome, but the event should also show actual footage of accidents and the aftermath. It might be a wake-up call for many.

The time for action is now.


A Lakewood resident.

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  1. It’s not about the driving itself. It’s about the way of living (thinking of ourselves) and not thinking of the outcome in all areas…………….. Story; About 18 years ago there were to boys walking one of them said let’s go this way (it’s shorter distance and time : THROUGH A CONSTRUCTION SITE;) the other boy said do you see the building over there with all those windows if we go here possibly a small child will be looking and do the same and……. IT WOULD BE OUR RESPONSIBILITY…….

  2. And bike riding and hitching. No yeshiva or parent should allow their boys to hitch if they don’t tell them how to hitch safely. The boys wait in the craziest places. Places there isn’t room to pull over in the dark, alone and without reflectors.

  3. Yes, it is time for people to take their driving seriously, however the tragedies befallen us are not car/driving related!

  4. You don’t need an asifa for driving education. Every licensed driver learns this before they start driving. What you do need is some basic law enforcement. If LPD issued summonses for driving violations instead of ignoring, the roads will be a lot safer.

    • What we need is to stop overdeveloping in Lakewood as well as every frum community in the area. Not that I’m excusing it, but that is what frustrates drivers trying to get to a destination within a reasonable amount of time, causing them to drive aggressively. WE NEED A BUILDING FREEZE.

      • Was wondering why a ballehbuss would call a Asifa and not the Rabbonim themselves calling the Asifa.
        But when this BB posted what the Rabbonim should say at the Asifah it became clearer to me.
        If the Rashai Yeshivah and Rabbonim would call the Asifah it would to look into what out community needs to improve in Ruchnious so that things like this don’t occurred again. But the BB has ‘the stick in mind’ when choosing the Asifah Topic not the the Root of why this stick is being used.
        Eliminating the reckless driving or putting on seatbelts etc will NOT solve the issues roots and causes. We have to figure out why the stick was used and this is not accomplished by breaking or burning the stick.
        Let the Rabbonim do their job. You can promote safe driving on your own.

  5. Usually when these Asifas happen those who dont need it come and those who do need to hear dont show up. Sadly you can’t fix stupid and that’s what so many drivers here are.

    It’s almost impossible to make a left turn here. Stop signs are not even a suggestion anymore. Parking lots are a free for all. Too many cars without an infrastructure plan in sight to accommodate. Bikers think they have the right to do as they please. Kids on scooters think the same. It is insane what happens on our streets. Yes distracted drivers are a threat but aggressive drivers are worse and the attitude of me first and I just don’t care has become the norm.

    An Asifa won’t help. I wish I knew what would. Everyone seems to feel it won’t happen to me so until it does they will continue to do as they wish. So sad and crazy but it’s the reality we are living with.

  6. Lesson #1 in Lakewood Cultural Thinking

    1) We do something that can have long term consequences (in this case build the town way past what the roads can handle)

    2) we spiritually gaslight anyone who points out the long-term effects (do you want the torah of lakewood to stop expanding?!)

    3) When the effects start happening we make asifos and blame our connection to Hashem, Lace top sheitals ect (accidents, insane real estate prices ect)

    How about deal with the real cause of insane traffic….Overdeveloping.

  7. How about we try this.

    Post every video and whenever possible identify by plate number, by name and with a picture every person – driver, biker, scooterer etc that does something dangerous and illegal. Maybe, just maybe the idea that everyone will see my name, my plate, my face and my infraction will maybe make me think twice before acting stupid. Doubt it but perhaps worth a try

  8. Do you know how asifas work? When they make them for sheitels -the ladies who wear synthetic and chin length sheitels show up …

  9. I lived in Lakewood for 70 years and have seen mostly young drivers disregard stop signs, traffic lights, cutting off drivers etc etc. yes, the police need to be more out there and write tickets that require drivers to appear before a judge and pay heavy $ fines!

  10. This is from a HATZOLAH member.

    Every accident that he is by, is usually because someone was texting on the phone.

    Regarding police giving out tickets.

    Two weeks ago, I was driving on a MOTZAI SHABBOS, and did not use my turn signal two times and just went through a yellow that turned red, all in about one minute.

    Well a cop pulled me over and gave me a ticket, and that taught me a lesson. Now I use my turning signals and don’t go through red lights.

    No the cop wasn’t an anti-semite, he did the right thing, and maybe save me from a lot of trouble further down the line.

  11. The real issue that needs to be addressed is what is “driving” these dunderheads to drive the way they do?

    Where are you rushing to? Why are you texting while driving? Even after it is illegal to hold the phone to your ear, you STILL do it. And those left turns WAY after the light has turned red…?

    For a town that can take pride in its myriads of selfless deeds the selfish driving behavior of some would almost suggest otherwise…

    • The left turns WAY after the light turns red is because all the cars continue going straight WAY after the light turns red! It is impossible to make a left turn in this town because red lights are not even a suggestion anymore. AND forget about a yellow!

    • It is NOT illegal to hold a phone to your ear – it’s ILLEGAL TO HOLD A PHONE…PERIOD!! The amount of people – usually women – that I see holding the phone in mid air while driving, is beyond ridiculous. If you have to talk while driving at least get a Bluetooth.

  12. The Lakewood police need to start giving tickets. It’s that simple. Right now, people don’t care to drive reckless as there’s no threat of getting a ticket. Even though they should be scared of making a chill Hashem as that’s even worse than getting a ticket. We need to drive better. Enough is enough. What are we waiting for? More people to get hurt or killed C”V start giving tickets and this issue will be resolved very quickly. Oh and by the way the town will get money form tickets and perhaps they can fix the roads with that money or improve the infrastructure…

  13. I had an Uber driver who said she no longer plans to service lakewood because the driving is to erratic. She preferred NYC! As a side, part of tgr issue is the women who, for some strange reason, are overly deferential when continuing after a stop sign only to overcompensate by speeding. Something strange about the driving psyche of our women.

  14. Here is a simple but caustically powerful idea, which people tell me we shouldn’t do because it will be too hard to bear (so better let more people get killed):


    That’s it. 1000000000% guaranteed to save lives – but will never be done.

  15. sorry, but asifas in Lakewood are restricted to smart phones usage and issues with shatels, anything else that happens is caused by these 2 underlying issues, including but not limited to driving like animals,

  16. CB
    The police can’t give tickets BECAUSE (moderated) don’t let. They don’t want to cause the youngelites extra expenses.
    This is from someone who is very connected. The only way to avoid ao many accidents is to penalize with large fines.

  17. Is Driver’s Ed not a requirement in NJ?
    I remember once reading a comment on here ‘people need to learn how 4 way stop signs work. first goes north-south, then east-west.’ For anyone who thought that, it’s not true. It goes in order of who arrived. If you arrived at the same time, the driver on the right goes first.
    Don’t block intersections, which means if traffic is standstill, do not enter the intersection until there is enough space to cross. This is the law.

    The main problem though is that Lakewood is not meant to have so many cars. Until more through streets are built, the problem will not be solved. Vine is already alleviating a lot of traffic on Cedarbridge/Pine/MLK.

    • Well said!!! I will add that Drivers need to not just have passed a test to but also be courteous and pay attention and obey the rules of the road and it’s not only in Lakewood but surrounding towns. Just today someone makes a u turn on a main road and causes people to stop and wait while they could just go another 100 feet and pull into a parking lot to turn around but no that’s going to take too long for them to do so inconvenience others and make a Chillul hashem instead……….

  18. I totally agree we need everyone to agree that even if we’re pressured for time we will not pick up the phone or any other distractions that distract us from driving our vehicle is a deadly weapon pleas stop blaming everyone else it’s our responsibility to drive according to the law

  19. Rabbonim can make all the Asifa’s in the world and the “Rutzchim” ( vehicular murderers ) will laugh them off.
    You know the only way to put a stop to these tragedies.

  20. We need to make an Aseifa in front of city hall, or whoever is in charge of road infrastructure and development. Monmouth/Princeton area need brighter street lights, lit up stop signs and crosswalks on every corner.
    Central Avenue needs a paved sidewalk all the way down to route 9 as well as Cross Street and Route 9 all the way to route 70. When pedestrians don’t have where to walk, it’s a safety hazard. Yellow kids at play signs need to be put up, speed cameras on main roads such as central and cross street, and speed bumps in every development including West Gate.

  21. No Asifa needed, if everyone would blare their horns when they see someone disregarding the safety of other people, and show that these behaviors are not tolerated people will be less likely to do it. Right now, people do whatever they want because there is no backlash, and everything is tolerated.
    I personaly lay on my horn as long as possible, and i hope that will help the other driver think twice before they do the same thing a different time.

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