Letter issued by Lakewood Poskim: Pikuach Nefesh

See the signed letter below.

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  1. A basic translation is the Gedolim are saying that there’s a terrible pandemic that’s filling up our hospitals
    Please daven hard, say avinu malkeiinu and say lots of tehillim. And remember this is pikuach nefesh so please listen to what the doctors and Gedolim are saying and stay home. With this may we merit the mageifa to leave

  2. I am begging you from the bottom of my heart to please consider these words: We all know that tehilim and tefillos are blocked from reaching Shamayim if those same lips have said lashon hara. We have a terrible cloud hanging over our heads – a terrible cloud of machlokes filled with lashon hara and sinas chinam – that started in November 2018 when there was a measles outbreak.

    This is not the time and place to say who was/is right and wrong about this issue. Ironically we are all in the same boat now – whether vaxxed or not vaxxed, we all cannot go to shul or to school or have each over over to our houses. Hashem does not do anything without a cheshbon. More dangerous than this virus is the sinas chinam and lashon hara hanging over our heads.

    Rav Kanievsky, shlita, said recently that now is the time to let things slide. PLEASE – those who hurt others with their words and actions in regard to the measles issue, please ask mechila from those you hurt. PLEASE – those who were hurt, please grant mechila even if you are not asked directly.

    Please spread this message to others. What is the point of all our tefillos and tehillim if they are not going to be heard by Hashem??

    • It’s fairly obvious to anybody with seichel… All of us who thought we could control the world through vaccinations, now we see that Hashem is the only power. All of us who thought we could kick tinokos shel bais rabban out of schools and cause bittul torah and isolation to those who had a different opinion than us, are now forced out of schools, yeshivos, shuls, and isolated in our homes…

      I could only marvel at Hashem’s ways.

      All those forced to homeschool in New York State if their child was not fully vaccinated… at this time their children presumably are continuing school as they knew it since the beginning of this year, while for all of us, life has been overturned and our children’s educational setup is a sad mess…
      With tefillos for a Refuah Shelaima to all in need and may we be zoiche to greet Mashiach bimhaira!

      • @toiba, you know, this is exactly what “please consider” was referring to. You have to get in your last dig, don’t you? If you don’t have something positive to say, please keep it to yourself.

        • Not at all trying to get a last dig, chas v’shalom, I’m not sure what made you come to such an assumption. I agree 100% with what “please consider” said. I thought I was saying something positive. Positive that we need to give up belief and trust in any power other than Hashem. There is nothing more positive than that. While it was hard for us to face it last year because we were so worked up about it, and so sure we were correct, it is hard not to realize during the current pandemic that the measles “outbreak” was nothing except a nisayon… which we unfortunately failed. By believing in powers other than Hashem, and by spewing hatred towards and isolating people who have differing opinions than us, and by causing bittul Torah…

          And let’s all follow “please consider”‘s suggestion.

    • Sorry charlie you missed the boat, saying people did the wrong thing by ostracizing people who wouldnt get vaccinated, is the same as saying anyone who criticizes a shul for staying open now is causing sinas chinum. anti vaaxers are just as wrong as they are now as then, nothing changed protecting public health comes before being sensitive to your twisted ideology’s a rodef is a rodef

  3. In short : Stay home, and do not go out, unless it’s absolutely necessary;
    In handwriting: do NOT gather for tfila betzibur , be it in the home or outside the home, without any exceptions

  4. Rabbi Berel Wein related this true incident involving the Chofetz Chaim.

    Two people were involved in an argument, which grew and grew and became ugly and messy. Then the children of both people started dying for no obvious reasons. The Chofetz Chaim himself went to one of the two people involved in the machlokes and asked. “Don’t you think it is time to stop? This is harming your children already!”

    The person responded back to the Chofetz Chaim, “I will bury all of them, but I am going to win.”

    This is the power of machlokes. People become so obsessed with winning that literally nothing else matters – even the death of their loved ones.

    I think that the measles crisis first started in Lakewood. Maybe Lakewood can be the first to help reverse our current crisis by asking for and giving forgiveness. It will be a big zechus for Lakewood and for all of Klal Yisroel.

    • It would be nice to hear these thoughts from the Gedolim in our town. As soon as corona virus began affecting us, I thought the machlokes from last years “measles outbreak” should be addressed. Let’s do what we can do reverse this decree and end sinas chinam.

  5. Everyone has a different opinion about why this is happening to us. Probably they are all right. We all have to look into ourselves to see what we can do to improve, whether it is staying away from machlokes, not speaking loshon horah, dressing more tzniusdik, not wear a long sheitel or wear no sheitel at all, not be so gashmiusdik, staying away from social media etc. There is an awful lot we can do.

  6. If it is pikuach nefashos then the letter should be in english or come with an english translation for those who cant read hebrew fast.

  7. Yes, I agree with “Don’t you get it?”
    We MUST forgive with a full heart no matter how hard that is AND we MUST attempt to ask forgiveness for those we hurt. If a person does not know every person who was affected by their hurtful remarks then they can publicly declare that they are asking for forgiveness (just like that young man did on the last Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation Tisha b’Av video – he publicly asked for forgiveness and he begged everyone in the world to grant forgiveness).

  8. Toiba, just so I understand, when a cure and vaccine for coved 19 are developed, you’ll continue to advocate that no one should inject their bodies with a foreign substance.

    • FYI by the time the vaccine for Covid-19 is available (which is around 12 months thanks to FDA and CDC bureaucratic circus) we might be back to horse and buggy as a society. So, lets please forgive each other right now so that our tefillas can get through!!!
      We will deal with vaccine issue when/if it becomes available.

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