Letter: I get it, you’re in Florida

Since Thursday, I’ve been seeing the status updates, Instagram pictures and all other social media pictures showing every detail of your midwinter Florida trip

– from the packing, to the flight, to the trips and all. But do we really all need to see it? Do these things need to be splashed across social media and shoved in people’s face? What happened to a bit of Tznius? Why can’t things be kept a bit quiet?

I’m not getting into the whole social media debate, that’s a whole different topic. But a family trip to Florida, whichever way you slice it, is an extravagant event. And despite it becoming the “norm”, it isn’t.

I have neighbors who can barely make ends meet, families who cannot afford the extreme basics. Yet, they need to see their friends taking extravagant trips. You want to enjoy Florida? I understand that. But why the need to show it off to the world? Why cause more pain to those who are less fortunate?

Just some food for thought.

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  1. Delete social media SO YOU DONT NEED TO SEE!
    why put yourself in a place that is made to show off people’s lives and then complain of pain your putting yourself in it!

  2. I agree. The TLS should stop posting these pic on their status no need to know someone went to Alaska on a cruise, or to FL.
    To the editor you are making a mistake don’t post them.

  3. Yeah, I don’t get the whole social media thing. I don’t subscribe to instagram, facebook or any other. I only have whatsapp and it’s only for immediate family.

  4. I get it, you stayed in Lakewood. You never went to Florida. How do I know? Because if you had, you would have figured out a way to do it for very cheap. Cheaper than staying home. How do I know? Last year we needed to stay home. Other years we went to Florida. I too thought we would save money but my eyes were opened and this year it was back to Florida for us. We spent less going away even with the cost of tickets, car and house rental. Our tickets were less than $100 round trip per person, we rented a home in Orlando with a pool, brought an entire suitcase of our own food, pots and pans. We don’t spend money when we’re there. Our days consist of swimming and going to parks, one day we took a day trip to a secluded beach. We don’t visit Disney or Lego land types of places saving us a bundle. By contrast when we were home I couldn’t keep the kids busy with pools, beaches and parks due to the temperature. Instead I spent fortunes taking them to all sorts of indoor places and then because we were out all day Thursday and Friday we bought shabbos raking up more bills. We did a lot more take out in general to make up for a “staycation” rather than a “vacation”. When we totaled up money spent, we spent MORE staying home. Maybe your kids are happy staying home all day, but mine were bored and fighting by 9 AM. In Florida I sent the kids out to the pool so I could cook for shabbos and later we went to the park. They were happy eating macaroni for dinner because they ate on the patio overlooking the pool. Instead of wasting your time being jealous and complaining, why don’t you try it one year and see that it can be cheaper if done smartly.

    • Um, take some money-spending classes please…Yes I go to Florida. This year I couldnt (not bec of money). The trip costs more than staying home (everything is paid with points, though points do equal money)

      To the author of the original letter, MUCHO JEALOUS!!!!!!

  5. I think that you are 100 percent correct.

    I will take it a step further.

    There is something called צניעות, there is no reason in the world why people have to post everything that is going on in their lives.

    Keep it to yourself, and enjoy your life together with your family!!!!

  6. First and foremost- do what works for your family, but do it it quietly and discreetly. If you have mileage because you rack it up with business purchases, your airfare and hotel can be almost free. You can pack food from home and save a bundle. The novelty of being in a different place is usually enough entertainment for the kids. Fly, play and enjoy shtillerheit.

  7. I happen not to agree with this writer, as mentioned by resident, it doesn’t have to cost more.
    However, there is something a lot more inherently wrong with this traveling concept.
    What ever happened to yishuv hadaas? People are busy running away every “muntig un dunershtig” from Florida to Eretz Yisroel to Cancun? Is life that miserable at home?
    (If it is, buy yourself a good mattress.)
    How about the bitul torah, don’t you go to some shiur or have a chavrusa when you get home from work?
    Your busy running from one place to another, from business to vacation back to business, then you host a couple of parlor meetings, and your suddenly the “machshiv torah” of the century…

  8. Im sorry to say but 100 dollars a ticket per ticket, with at least 6 family members (probably more) plus ubers or car rentals and a house rental, can cost you up to 1500 dollars. That is not a cheap midwinter. Im sure it was fun but not cheap. Youre not fooling anyone beside for yourself.

  9. We did it ultra cheap but it still costs money. Super cheap tickets, points for hotel cheap attractions yet it still costed us just over $1000. Most people rent houses with pools which can easily run $300 or more per day during peak season. So in general it really isn’t as cheap as staying home, not even close. We didn’t share pictures WhatsApps etc. other than comparing notes with others we knew were in Florida so as not to be metzaer others.

    Social media is hurting us tremendously and is the exact opposite of ma tovu ohalecha yaakov.

  10. The whole midwinter vacation thing is plain yetzer hara.
    What is the excuse for tinokos shel bais raban to randomly take off from learning? The teachers? Another excuse. The real world doesn’t have many vacations. And certainly it shouldn’t be at the expense of torah and tfillah. And look what it turned into? Florida, cancun, Caribbean….I don’t think any legitimate yid considers that the proper derech, regardless of whats on dansdeals. Its time for principals and rabbinim and madrichim to do their job and speak out against these ways that are learned from the umos haalom and not bidirech Yisrael kidoshim. It rubs you wrong? Well, then you need to hear it the most.

  11. If you are jealous of this guys vacation, then don’t be his virtual “friend”. Then you won’t see what he does, and you will not feel that burning, uncomfortable jealousy.

    It is only being shoved in your face, because your face is there.

  12. Some people have money and can spend, they need to practice sensitivity and tznius and nosei b’ol. Those who don’t need to practice ayin tova and fargining.

    But since everyone thinks we can tell others what to do, here’s my two cents. We’re in middle of covid. It’s real, people are dying and the top story on this page asked for tehillim for Rabbi Twersky. There’s another article on another page listing all the critical condition pregnant women in EY and some of the newborns. Going galivanting is NOT what HKB”H wants to see right now. I’m off, can afford it and am home bc that’s the message I want to send- nosei b”ol and imo anochi btzara. Who did I learn that from? Hashem!

    Instead of looking at what we don’t have right now, let’s look at what we have. Family, a home, stores with food. Organizations to help people buy the food they can’t afford to. We are not hiding in bunkers or basements. Go to a park, a drive. Start a large puzzle. Have color war parents against kids. Paint a wall in your house. The list is endless.

    And I don’t blame this on schools. Everyone has things in their life they don’t do no matter what. Take a stand and tell your kids “we don’t do that, it’s not our way”.

  13. Wondering.. why do you feel the need to broadcast to everyone that you are in Florida?? Where does that need come from?
    Go and enjoy the family time and whatever else you enjoy by being there, put the phone/camera down, and finally live for yourself, not for the attention that you get from others.

  14. I agree with the original writer. And I went to Florida. There is such a thing as tznius. Why broadcast it? For some reason people have the need and feel great pleasure to broadcast what they have or are doing. It is not a jewish middah. And regardless, we can all agree that it may pain others (our job is not to tell others that they should not be jealous- our job is to avoid paining aomeone else).

    Btw, I did not rent a home. I went to the vacation home I own in Florida. The home I own that very few people know that I have. I never talk about it, don’t post about it and all of my children know that we should be sensitive and try to avoid talking about the trip to others.

  15. The same complaint you have for the FL trip can be made of weddings, upsherins et al, and much, MUCH more.
    A FL trip can be just $1-3,000. Which may or may not be $2,750 more than you spent. However, A fancy wedding, Bar Mitzva et al, can be $75,000 more than you spent. Easily !! And the Rabbonim already were Moicheh about it decades ago.
    And I’ve muted most of my contacts on WhatsApp. If you don’t wanna see the statuses, don’t watch it.

  16. two issues I see here is as follows.
    1.) are you going to florida to show off or recharge?
    2.) the have nots are always kvetching about the haves

    I have a great solution to your parnossa issue…work
    by the way, do you complain about all the chol hamoed events in town? It hurts my feelings that I have to work and am not given vacation ever. I have no time I can go and relax with my family. Takes its toll on the kids also.
    stop kvetching already

    • You mentioned the great solution is to work.
      Not everyone was given the privilege to have the great job that you have.
      If you have 5 kids and they are all going to private schools, you need to be a doctor or a plumber to afford the tuition bills.

  17. Staying local and going to American Dream and the likes for entertainment on several days off can easily amount to more than a frugal trip to Florida. The main purpose of the winter break is to refresh, enjoy, and reinvigorate. I am proud of the Father I saw in shul in Miami this morning remain after davening and learn through אז ישיר with his 2 sons before embarking on their daily activities.

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