Letter From The Father Of Yosef Meir Ben Miriam Henya – The Boy Struck By A Bat

The following is a letter submitted exclusively to TLS by the father of the boy struck by a bat earlier this week. Dear Friends, First my family and I would like to thank everyone for their help and their tefillos. You have no idea the chizuk this has given us in our “eis tzora”. In truth, the tremendous zechus of all of klal Yisroel, from all stripes, coming together especially on Purim on behalf of Yosef Meir, should lead to a refuah Shlema bkorov. I would especially like to thank  Hatzolah for working overtime to bring Yosef Meir to the hospital in as good condition as possible.

And although I hope no one gets to use the services of Bikur Cholim, it is impossible to thank them enough for all they have done for us to make our hospital stay as comfortable as possible.

Last, I know everyone wants an update on Yosef’s condition. All I can say is there are improvements in certain areas but he still needs tremendous Rachamei Shamayim. We ask everyone not to stop davening for us, we still need the tefilos of all of Klal Yisroel DO NOT LET UP!! And IY”H we will see a tremendous Yeshua like in the days of Purim and we are looking forward to greeting each and every one of you at the Seudas Hodaah Bkarov.

A Freilichen Purim

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  1. iy”h he will have a full recovery…i can tell u first hand also that bikur cholim is not shayich what they do is great….refuah shilaima

  2. Tracht gut vet zein gut…think good and it will be good.

    Let us all think good thoughts about Yosef Meir ben Miriam Henya. Let us all truly believe that Hashem can do ANYTHING and this young boy can wake up at any second in good health. Hashem needs to see that we truly believe in His capability to be the ultimate Healer. NOTHING is beyond Hashem’s power. He wants us to have this complete emunah and bitachon in Him, and He will respond favorably to our tefillos in that zechus.

    Sefer Tehilim has been said FOUR TIMES in a joint effort by readers of this website. We have started round five, and are up to chapter 10.
    So whoever can continue, please start with Chapter 11 and post which chapters you are going to say.

  3. I spoke with Yosef Meir father. He ended up giving me chizuk with his strength and encourageing words.
    As he said it’s the tefillos that are embedded with emuna and bitochon that HKBH is the rofei chol bosor that will bring Yoesf Meir refuah and all cholei yisroel.

    it’s shushan Purim. It’s still the time for bakoshos of refuas and yeshuas. Let’s all try some extra effort, even something small as having extra Kavana in preparing for shaboos, or starting shaboss early by a few minutes. Say the dvar Torah bzchus Yosef Meir refuah. Great your friend with a greater warmth onshaboos. Just something a little extra.

  4. The Kibbud Av Va’am Yosef Meir has is something we should all strive to be like. The Simchas Hachayim he has makes his whole face glow!! He enjoys learning with his father and brother and is a big source of Nachas to his parents and a wonderful brother to his sisters. In the Zechus of all Yosef Meir’s Chashivos and all of our Tefillos together, May Hakadush Baruch Hu send Yosef Meir a Refua Shlaima Bikarov!!

  5. I am not part of the community, but a mother and Bubbie, who feels for your, son, your family and the family and young boy who let go of the bat. The prayers, in my own way, have been going on since, I heard of the terrible accident.
    He should have a complete recovery.

  6. I went to see yosef meir ,sheyicha ,on purim & was amazed at the emunah & bitachon showed by his great parents! The seforim hakdoshim say that in the zechus of great bitachon that alone could bring the yeshuya! I saw brought down from the heilege ‘” vilna gaon “who says so on his peirush on mishle! Let us all do something which is for us lemaylah mederech hateva so hashem should do for our precious yosef meir nissim geluyim & we shouls all be zocheh to once again hear yosef meir lain the parsha with such confidence & clearity .

  7. I have asked my friend in EY to ask for brochos being that it is still Purim there. He went to three Gedolim that all said that with the proper Tefilos Yosef meir will have a recovery. It is now up to us to share in the burden and be mispallel whole heartedly.

  8. My father underwent several brain surgeries. His doctor says that children of this age can have a FULL recovery from these types of injuries. Textbooks do not apply to children of this age.

  9. Let’s try to finish the sefer for the fifth time before Shabbos, ask a relative or friend to help out as well

    104 – 105 inclusive

  10. thanks so much, ABC…i don’t want to say who i am (my real name is not goldy) but i can say that i am from the great community of Elizabeth, NJ, where ahavas chinam is very much practiced !

  11. I would like to mention that some of my friends who are saying tehillim are from elizabeth, and others are from different communities. i have two email groups that i sent out the notice to, so many from those groups are joining in the effort.

  12. i and my friends have covered

    145 to the END

    let’s begin again before Shabbos…..and may the Shabbos itself bring a refuah shelaima to yosef meir ben miriam henya, together with all the cholim of Klal Yisrael

    1 – 2

  13. i think we should switch the tehiillm posting to the most recent posting on the site on chaim yosef meir that was posted after Shabbos….
    i will post a message on there that we are up to 61

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