Letter: Enough is enough

To my dear fellow Yidden,

As I write these words..my heart is full of pain. My brother ztz’l was just niftar from corona. A young healthy man, gone in a matter of a few days, leaving behind an Almanah and 10 children. Obviously the Aibershter has plans, which we cannot begin to fathom. We accept his gezeirah.

What I would like to address is the issue of Minyanim, as well as any other gathering. This virus has been going on for a few weeks, by now we all see what is going on. But yet people still do not get it! How many more people must die for all of us to realize the severity of this Mageifa! How many more families have to be destroyed in order for us to finally get it!

Today’s Headline news: Poskim forbid minyanim! We still need Poskim to tell us this. Even now after hundreds of our family, friends and neighbors are gone. Even after thousands of our family, friend and neighbors are on life support in the hospitals. They are dying alone, with no family at their side. No one to say viduy or shma.

Ok..so you still don’t believe an outdoor social distancing minyan is dangerous. Let me tell you two true stories that I personally know of.

A neighbor of mine had a backyard minyan and an Elter Yid from across the street insisted on coming. He never missed a Minyan..and didn’t want to start now. Unfortunately, he is no longer here. (I know he didn’t need to come. But if there was no Minyan… he couldn’t have come.) Another story, my son’s friend went to a backyard minyan for a while, and his father is no longer here. (I hope he didn’t bring it home, but he will always live with that doubt in his mind.) True story.

Yes, Tefillah B’zibbur is important, but these minyanim are killing people. There is nothing a Yid wouldn’t do to save a life. Hatzoloh has been telling us this, Drs have been telling us this, Our Rabbonim are telling us this… but some of us still don’t get it! You have blood on your hands. These gatherings must stop!

B’h as I write these words things in NY and NJ have been improving. Don’t be fooled! It’s only better because so many have been careful. Don’t get to comfortable yet. It can begin all over again. We must continue to be vigilant and careful. This isn’t the Govt. forcing us to do things, this is our lives, and the lives of our family and friends at stake.

Let’s all continue to be careful, so that this can end soon and we can once again daven with a Minyan and be together with our families.

Thank you. Have a good and safe Yom Tov.

A concerned Yid.

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  1. Hamokom yenachem eschem.
    Aside from your loss, you are saying that it’s an additional source of anguish to you that the deaths you refer to in your anecdotes could have been preventable, if only the niftarim hadn’t attended those minyanim…

  2. Save Lives BE”H: Anyone who has symptoms and suspects they have Coronavirus should take Quercetin and Zinc daily. These are two safe supplements (available in pharmacies/vitamin stores) that potentially can treat Covid19 similar to Hydroxychloroquine(high risk cases and serious symptomatic people should opt to get this drug prescribed by their doctor). I’ve gathered a ton of info on this potential treatment. Any questions can contact me at [email protected].

    • and take early on before it gets too late, it works if taken early.

      Most of all, Hashem is the rofeh kol basar!! Daven and do tshuva!

  3. Many “ignorant” people who don’t have access to news are making minyanim. They don’t get the seriousness, how should they??? If they don’t have access to numbers and statistics they are living in a bubble!!!

  4. it’s not only minyanim everyone needs to know if they think they had the corona or if they didn’t they might still be carrying the germs that can harm others … and keep social distance…. just because you had it there is no definite proof that you are not a carrier .. this is a foundation of our Torah to be careful not to harm others .. killing someone else or even causing them anguish is a terrible sin. everyone must stay away from others this is not a joke!!!

  5. the ppl making minyanim have not heard news and do not get robocalls if anyone wants to help post big signs like the ones that ppl do when selling esrogim in all apartment buildings and throughout lakewood
    i dont feel well so i cant take care of it but i am asking if anyone can

  6. Just wondering why there are those (including some who have the stats) who see whats happening, know what the majority of poskim are saying, yet they’re still asking their poskim and receiving mixed messages?

    • I believe the letter sent out last night and Rabbi Forcheimer’s message was intedned to clear up the mixed messages. I don’t believe the Rabbonim will be giving out mixed messages anymore. I know my Rav called Rabbi Forcheimer before the audio message was sent out to confirm and then gave very clear messages calling people he knew had minyanim. FYI… we are talking about porch minyanim where there is 100 feet between houses and no one… without exception… stepped off those porches. They are now extremely clear that those too must be stopped because of aiva and you can possibly be in the category of a rodef if you participate.

  7. Hamakom yenachem eschem you shouldn’t have any more tzaar in this world. Just to preface I agree that now that the Poskim have said not to have any Minyanim no one should. However to blame people dying on the Minyanim is not being fair. How many relatives of those that were niftar went to the grocery store (and maybe other stores also) multiple times and not just for absolute necessities but for all the extras we are used to for Yom Tov. I can guarantee there was many times more exposure with every visit then all the Minyanim put together. Minyanim are an easy target but if you would take an honest look you would see (if it was done in a safe way) it’s 1 of the smallest risks we are taking to hold on to the life as we knew it.

  8. I am sure that all who are listening to our rabbanim and not davening with minyan are also listening to our rabbanim and getting rid of their smart phones

  9. There is a big backyard minyan going now erev Yom tov .
    I asked one of the people if there is a rav that allows the minyan ,because I heard that the rabanim don’t allow minyanim ,and if there is a rav that is allowing a minyan I would love to join #lol he told he dosnt know u got to ask ur local rav ,I asked him did these people ask there rav he told me he dosnt know ,he dident have what to answer so basically these people know that it is wrong and they don’t care.and still go to to a minyan

  10. Coronavirus is so contagious that people could catch it from surfaces, possibly even things they buy in the grocery and bring in the house. Just having another family member go to the grocery for essentials alone could bring the virus home. It could be on the shoes on their gloves, mask, etc.! Only Hashem could help and following the rabbanim is a good way to start and of course doing our hishtadlus with social distancing, etc. At the end of the day, most people will get it, just social distancing causes it to be slower. May we hear besuros tovos only!

  11. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CHECK OXYGEN levels of people who have coronavirus symptoms! Low oxygen levels can easily be checked with a pulse oximeter and ARE NOT OBVIOUS in many people! Weakness could also be a sign of pneumonia and people should make sure to speak to a doctor about their symptoms and start meds early if they are a candidate for that.

  12. for some reason all the attacks are on minyanim and other mitzvos, no phone calls were made about reminding every one to make eiruv tavshilin…..!!! it sounds funny, no! how about ppl letting cleaning ladies into their homes, kids playing together on the st. washing your purchased items before bringing them into your homes….and much more , just dont chas vashlom daven with a porch minyan…..

  13. 2 points: Forstly,I commiserate with your pain and loss, however you are not a Rov nor a Doctor evidently, so let the Rabbonim decide and issue psokim ( sans emotion laden editorial and lashon horahand motzi shem rah in a tzibbur, not to mention the potential chilul hashem of publicly writing what you wrote which can cause just as much, if not MORE aiva.Secondly, for those who still have minyanim, knock it off. We all have the same excuses; ” Im on my porch”, ” Im inside with the window open” blah blah. It’s begeder dvorim shel heter v’acherim nohagu bo issur, vhamaivin yovin.
    Have a great Yom Tov, and see you all in September ????

  14. Not just minyanim but those who have had the virus and feel better (even if they don’t feel totally back to themselves) assume they are no longer contagious and are shopping in stores where they may very well still be spreading this machalah. One person commented “well everyone out there probably already has it anyway”. Many of these people do read and hear the news but reach their own conclusions. If everyone starts thinking like that when will this end and how bad can it get chas v’shalom?

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