Letter: Electric Scooters

Are electric scooters pedestrians or vehicles? They cross on red, they cross on green. They ride on the road, they ride on the sidewalk. Its never their turn to yield to another driver or pedestrian.

My question is how can a driver be responsible if there was chas v’sholom an accident with an electric scooter? When a car driver sees a pedestrian waiting to cross, the driver will give the pedestrian right of way.

However when a driver is turning a corner and suddenly out of nowhere an electric scooter whizzes by without a warning, you can hardly fault the car driver. The electric scooter was not waiting at the corner to cross when the car driver started to turn, like a pedestrian would be standing and waiting. He is coming from a half a block away at 30-40 mph and zips across the intersection just as you are turning the corner. When the light is red the electric scooter chooses to be a pedestrian and cross. When the light is green the electric scooter decides to be a car and cross. Either way he does not yield to anyone.

I recently was backing out of a parking spot and suddenly an e-bike whizzed behind me. The problem is they go alot faster than a pedestrian so there is no warning they are coming.

If they choose to ride the roads like cars they need to follow traffic rules. If they choose to ride like pedestrians they need to follow pedestrian rules. If you don’t follow any rules you are bound to cause an accident!

It’s time for traffic rules and regulations (and road lessons) for electric scooters/bikes.

Anxious safe driver

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  1. 100% agree. I watched a child nearly run over by an electric scooter when getting off the school bus because the electric scooter did not have to stop for the school bus but nearly injured the childe. I personally told the boy on the scooter if he rides in the street he must stop for a stopped school bus like cars do. He nearly ran over the child. Only the screams of the shocked bystanders made the boy on the scooter swerve to avoid the child.

  2. A scooter is considered a vehicle. Theoretically operating one under the influence can get you arrested, and reckless operation that injures someone is criminal. There is just little enforcement. That has to change. The way they are operated against the flow of traffic, without obeying traffic laws is sakanos nefashos. I have had so many close calls myself as I’m sure others have. It’s time to enforce traffic laws with regard to these vehicles for everyone’s safety.

  3. I was thinking about this a couple of weeks ago. I think all scooters and bikes should cross crosswalks ON FOOT. I was always taught that when riding a bike, you dismount and walk the bike across. I have seen more and more of what you’re talking about.

    I believe Lakewood should require a special permit to use these on the road – Only after taking a one day road and pedestrian safety course.

    I also do not think scooters should be on the road – only on sidewalks.

    Lakewood had its work cut out between the inadequate roads, impatient drivers and those on scooters and bikes making things even that more complicated!

  4. The issue stems from a much more serious problem.

    Traffic enforcement of ANY kind is pretty lax in this town.

    We’re pretty much like the Wild West when it comes to traffic related issues.

    • I agree with Moshe 110%. When people blatantly break traffic laws in front of a officer and the officer doesn’t bat an eye, something is seriously wrong (and yes I’ve witnessed it and have it on my security cameras as well).

    • this issue can be minimized by planning crosswalks and lanes for these vehicles, also, the cops in this town are just more friendly and understanding to people in general because it really is pointless to ticket a minor for doing what he thought was ok by riding an ebike, but you can move to another town and feel more comfortable with the tickets they hand out for all your garbage and then you won’t have to write it all over the place

      • Sorry but I’m not moving because the police are “too nice”. Been here 61 years and there was never the chaos on the part of local drivers as there is now. Their overly niceness contributes to the chaos that is Lakewood driving. If they enforced the law then I imagine there would be a lot more civility and less accidents on the roads. If the parents are going to allow the minor to ride a scooter then it is their responsibility to teach the laws (which are pretty simple because they are the same laws that apply to bicycles). Ignorance of the law is no excuse for not getting a ticket, well I should say in any other town in this state.

  5. The rules and regulations already exist, they are like cars and must follow all road rules and regulations, if and only if they are riding on the sidewalk and want to be considered a pedestrian when crossing the street tehy must get off and walk it across otherwise they are not considered pedestrians at all. LPD should start enforcing thses rules.

  6. They should also be required to get insurance and not be allowed to trolly with another person on the scooter with them the scooter is made for a single driver not a passenger.

  7. Last week, as I was exiting a large parking lot I came to a FULL stop (at the stop sign) to make sure it was safe to make a right turn. As I quickly checked to the left for oncoming traffic, out of nowhere an electric scooter appeared within inches of my car on my right. I definitely had the right-of-way but B”H had not yet started to move! The scooter was being “driven” by what looked like a 10 year old girl – and she had a 4-5 year old girl on the scooter with her!!😧
    Neither child was wearing a helmet!! Where are the parents? We can’t just blame the police for lack of enforcement, parents have achraiyus for raising, educating, & protecting their children. Unfortunately, it seems as if “no one is home” 🙁

  8. The problem is that they don’t require licenses or registration. Enforcement is then impossible unless they confiscate the scooter, which the Police don’t want to do. Riders don’t wear helmets and many times cut off drivers in the middle of a turn.

  9. If two or more are riding a scooter and they get into an injury accident the cost is ALL on them unless they can sue the scooter company for choosing profit over children’s lives. Let them eat each other alive!

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