Letter: Attention Gun Owners: I Almost Got Shot

I’m sharing this experience with your readers so it serves as a lesson to all gun owners and potential gun owners out there.

I was at a friend’s basement last week (out of state), when he was showing me some of his guns.

I was occupied with something between showings of his various guns, when I suddenly heard a shot ring out. It went through an article of clothing I was wearing, and missed my body by merely about an inch.

Based on where I was standing, I traced the track of the bullet, and located it inside the floor of the basement where he was showing me the guns.

It turns out he had emptied his magazine, but didn’t realize there was still a round in the chamber when he pulled the trigger.

My ears are still ringing, and I’m still shaking thinking of the fact that I was almost shot.

The reason I’m sharing this horrifying experience is because I want people to understand the severity of owning a gun. For this to have happened, the gun owner had to have violated the basic safety rules of firearms. Thankfully he was pointing the gun toward the floor and not at me. It could have ended terribly wrong, but an angel was watching over me.

I implore you, before you handle a firearm, be sure you are properly trained with the handling of the weapon.

Thank you.


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  1. Gosh! I’m in Lakewood every other day giving manipulation classes as is! Few more incidents like that and I’ll have to move back into town! All is good that ends good. Hopefully I’ll catch both, the negligent discharger, and his near victim in class sometime soon.

  2. Unfortunately it’s extremely difficult to get jews to train. I offer to train jews for free because I want them to be trained well. I cannot tell you how difficult it is to get people to commit to class. The truth is, if you are not trained you are most likely a bigger threat to safety then an active shooter

    • Too true sadly, I offer to teach basics and have referred countless people to professional trainers. People don’t follow up. The only training people get is what they need for PTC. It’s a joke. 5% of gun owners that I know have ever taken a training class that was optional and for the sole purpose of becoming a safer gun owner.

    • Typical antisemite. “It’s extremely difficult to get Jews to train.” My brother in law (Jewish) is a firearm instructor. 98% of his clientele is Jewish. His classes are full every single time he does this. I would also like to know why you assumed the writer of this letter is Jewish, and why you think that gun owner is Jewish. I see no mention of religion in the entire article. Perhaps you need to get some anti-bigotry training. I heard it’s really difficult to get hateful people to those.

      • To be fair to Negan, ask your brother in law, he may tell you the same thing. If it bothers people like Negan, it’s probably because he cares about the community and is dismayed at the idea that many who are buying weapons aren’t bothering to get professionally trained in their safety and use.

      • I am very much a religious orthodox Jew. And when i say its difficult to get jews to train, unless your offering glat tbite and shmorges board, aint no one showing up bubba

    • Fair enough.
      My main reason for not owning a weapon is that I am not proficient, and am not prepared to dedicate the time to train.
      I know the basics, but my proficiency is lacking and I have neither the time nor the means to dedicate towards training.

      • Why does it have to be free? If it means anything to you, you should be prepared to spend time and money. If it doesn’t, don’t bother, get a pepper spray.

    • Sorry you took a beating for your post. I know you didnt mean anything harmful. I fully get it. We do lead super busy lives and will admit that we’re excellent at procrastinating.

      People get very defensive when they hear the word “jew”. I totally get you. Please dont get discouraged from offering the help, its very appreciated!

      God Bless!

  3. Truer words haven’t been spoken. Since Oct. 7th I’ve been asked countless times. What should I buy? This gun or that gun? The answer is go buy yourself some training. However, people just don’t listen. People want the easy way out, to just spend a few dollars and forget about the rest. Sorry to break it to yall, but being safe and proficient with weapons is a serious commitment of time and energy. It means spending money on range membership and ammo. It means going to training classes intead of other social events. It means constantly practicing. The little training that people are actually going for is the bare minimum in order to get a Permit To Carry. That is quite literally a joke (the equivalent of driving in a parking lot to show driving skills). If you cannot reach a very basic level of safety and proficiency, why would you want to carry a gun around people that you care about anyways? You are becoming a liability instead of an asset. I’m not telling anyone to buy or carry weapons, but if you make that choice yourself, the least you can do is take it seriously enough to put in a shred of work.

  4. So your friend is an Idiot!
    Every responsible gun owner checks & rechecks the weapon to make sure it’s empty.
    Every time anyone picks up a gun they should take a half a second to pull back the slide & make sure it’s clear or open the cylinder on a revolver.

  5. The oilam needs to relax. In the sense that you don’t need guns, stop trying act all geshmak and buy a gun. You have a damaged ego…. take it up with your therapist. Stop rolling around like Mr tough guy with your little gun. All these guys wouldn’t do a thing if they were actually in a situation where they would need a gun. We gave you teslas, not enough, we gave you meatboards, not enough, genesis, lights and sirens, sourdough, breadburry….. it’s never enough. Stop with the mishigas get a grip, and stop chasing things just to make your ego look good, just relax.

    • LOL, I drive an old beater, eat $2 healthy meals, have no lights or sirens, drive the speed limit, eat whole wheat bread and shop in NPGS and I keep a low profile. Can I continue to carry discreetly after having received literally 75+ hours of professional training? Not everyone who carries is the stereotype that you’ve portarayed, although I have no love for that type either.

    • Why do we need guns to begin with? If human nature serves me right then gun owners purchase their weapons, show their friends how protected they are then wind up almost shooting their friends leg. Please no weapons, they only cause issues. Imagine if the Chinese never invented gun powder. We would be so much more peaceful to each other. Instead it’s, I need a gun in case my life is at risk….then what, you shoot and kill the other person. This just adds to the ongoing issues and retaliation. So another war starts…I don’t get it.

      • You’re funny. Crack open a history book and look at how “peaceful” the world was for thousands of years without gunpowder. And if you think that you protecting yourself against violence “adds to the ongoing issues”, you are valuing your own life at the same level as someone threatining yours. I refuse to beleive that you are that gullible. I value your life more than someone trying to do you harm, and so should you.

      • Imagine if someone were to g-d forbid threaten to commit Oct 7th-like atrocities against your loved ones, would you defending and saving them “add to ongoing issues”? Please explaing how defending oneself “perpetuates the problem. Would you rather you and your loved ones be sitting ducks heaven forbid?

  6. at this point in time we really need more guns on our streets and in our complexes not because of criminals the police are doing a great job it is just that today antisemitism is transmogrifying into some kind of doctrine where any liberal can attack any jew and call it self defense because every jew is a threat to their plan to kill out the jews so that the middle east crime syndicate can set up shop and rob and kill regular people so basically the only way to save people from the liberals or their newfound terrorist friends is a gun which is exactly why they are legal in this country to begin with so this will help save people in our country and the world

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