Letter: Attention Agents

In today’s housing market, agents turn to desperate measures to make a sale.

Sometimes the action comes with consequences that the agent won’t feel.

When sending any type of letter asking a homeowner to sell their house, or if they know a friend that wants to sell, the consequence results in hate and problems with our neighbors.

We live in peace with them and are not looking for them to move.

So agents, please have in mind when sending such a message out what a chilul hashem this causes and how it affects your fellow Jew living in another township.


A Manchester resident.

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  1. As a local agent in business for many years this is a practice used by realtors all over the world.
    I myself get letters and postcards all the time to my personal home from NON Jewish realtors trying to solicit business.

    The fact that someone chooses to take offense to a totally non offense act is not our problem.
    Do I use this method for my business? No , I happen not to go for this particular way of marketing but it is 100 percent legal and okay.

    Enough hating on the local agents. There have been numerous silly articles on TLS complaining about the Realtors in the area recently.

    We are working 10 times as hard for each deal in this difficult market . Which of course many of you think we love this market because our commissions go up if the price is higher…(as if we look at the commission when our buyer is interested in seeing a home).

    Appreciate how hard your local realtors work. They are looking for a livelihood just like you are.

    The real estate market is not in your control and neither are issues like these.
    Enjoy your new home!

  2. It is a well known, common method of marketing/solicitation, that for years and years, realtors in all states, all cities, across the country, have been doing. This is not new. This is not inappropriate.. Unoriginal, yes. Annoying, yes
    It is not a Chillul Hashem.
    Garbage in front of your property might be. Speeding in a residential area might be.
    Feel free to share more original home soliciting ideas that we can share with realtors across the country

  3. Attention all Manchester residents: When walking outside please think before you wear a yarmulka. Sometimes the action comes with consequences that the yarmulka wearer won’t feel. When wearing a yarmulka and looking different, the consequence results in hate and problem with our neighbors. So everyone, please have in mind when wearing a yarmulka what a chillul hashem this causes.

    For as long as we’ve been wearing yarmulkas, agents (Jewish & non Jewish alike) have been sending letters & postcards asking homeowners if they wish to sell. There’s nothing threatening, just like 100’s of other junk mail. It’s called basic marketing. If a neighbor gets upset (or more likely the paranoid self conscious letter writer thinks so), then they’re just as upset at you for anything else you do like wearing a yarmulka. Nobody is causing anything other than the letter-writer, who’s causing self-created hysteria.

  4. It’s not simple. Many agents are simply trying to support their families and pay their bills, and are resorting to distasteful tactics out of desperation.

  5. so u got ur home now noone else is allowed to have an agent attempt to get them a home in ur neighborhood? who ever wants to hate will hate regardless.

  6. Interesting how the letter writer failed to mention they live in Manchester in a house they likely got from the realtor that sent a letter out for him to help him buy his home!

  7. Dear Agents:
    Please allow this and all other negative comments and articles about you and ur business roll off like water on a ducks’ back. You do a wonderful job of finding housing for families in our community and for that we can’t thank you enough.
    Ur actually the shliach to help fulfill all those brochos of “you should be boneh a bayis ne’eman b’Yisroel” we got during our Sheva Brochos.
    Wishing you continued Hatzlocha and Brocho.

  8. I’m sorry but the comments are so off point this message is a plea that you don’t mess over a relationship that a community has there is 1 type of letter that an agent send out that is a type of advertisement that totally fine but to target by saying this house you have fits the bill is ridiculous and a chilul hashem and the guy who says about the yarmulka seriously how is that a comparison being a jew is something to be proud of but invading someone else is space is disgusting

  9. My home is old, but my property is in the center and it’s large; I constantly get post cards and phone calls from non-Jewish agents and texts from Jewish agents ( I don’t know how they got my cell # ) I don’t get intimidated by it, I laugh at it and I reply $3,990,000.00, so they reply: “so you don’t want to sell” so I reply “I do want to sell for $3,990,000.00” and they hang up.

  10. When a card with a bearded chassidishe yungerman shows up all across the quiet non Jewish town of Manchester stating that I have been looking at your neighborhood & now would be a great time to sell & move out, is very intimidating. Don’t compare the perception of our community in their eyes to other communities. Entire neighborhoods in Jackson & toms River have picked up & left. True, they got a great price & chose to go, but it makes perfect sense that not everyone was thrilled to go. It may very well be a chilul Hashem & a cause of sinas yisroel when we send them a card stating that their home is being targeted for resale by a frum realtor.

  11. The question is – if the neighborhood feels the Jews are coming to take over the neighborhood and they get bombarded with letters etc.
    Maybe hold off on those letters.. yes, it’s legal and done everywhere there’s a hot market – but the situation over here is a bit different

  12. Realtors, I like to believe that many of you don’t look to push the pricing in the area (it just happens – supply and demand, right?) and that you are not using aggressive tactics, except for:
    1) I personally just moved to Jackson and received multiple text messages from frum realtors asking if I want to sell. Text message la are different than mailers and are intrusive.
    2) A house went for sale on our street last week, for sale by owner. Asking price: 750k. The owner told us that a frum female realtor walked in and told her “Make me exclusive agent and I’ll get you 830k”.
    Add this to the many anecdotal stories everyone knows and clearly there are some bad actors.

  13. Can we please hear some positivity on how hard we realtors work to help so many families buy & sell homes with an honest presentation in the field. Lets hear how thankful you are & how much you appreciate our help. Enough with the negativity on us realtors! WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU!

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