Letter: Any Suggestions?

Thank you TLS for allowing me to use your website to reach out to the many that visit your phenomenal site in the hope that someone could advise me and maybe others as well who are perhaps in the same predicament as it relates to getting a filter for a smart phone.

I made a decision a little while back that I would install a filter on my phone – not an easy decision by any stretch – as I need a lot of the apps on the phone, mainly for work. Nonetheless, I went ahead and had it installed. However, within a couple of days I reached out to TAG and then subsequently to GenTech to have them remove the filter, as I explained to both TAG and GenTech that my entire phone was very compromised and everything – even the basic apps such as calendar and Maps were not working at all – not to mention that even texting and phone service was very slow.

When both TAG and GenTech learned which phone model I had, they both mentioned that this model phone is a disaster with this type filter and that I should try another model phone.

My wife has since gotten that other model phone they said would not be a problem, but that phone seems also very compromised and extremely slow as a result of the filter.

As such I’m reaching out to the oilam as I look to purchase another phone that works well with a filter to see if anyone has any positive experience with a certain phone model that works well with the filter that TAG recommends, or perhaps someone may know of a different service that provides filters that do not compromise the use of the phone. Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you in advance.


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    • As a former Tag agent. iPhone has a pretty good built-in filter, however, it is common for apps to have a built-in browser that no filter can block.

      • If you only allow only allowed sites, then even the apps with their own internal browsers can’t access anything but those sites.
        I gave my phone to bochurim in a Yeshiva who swore that they could get around my filter (because they got around every filter in the world), but they couldn’t get around it.

  1. There is no such thing as a good filter (countries like china Russia and Iran try really hard and still can’t completely manage). You must rely on yourself. For basic filtering that is easy to get around but still a filter, I use (android) once you have the app go to connection settings>DNS settings>block adult content

  2. The Apple iPhone can be filtered because my12 has a parent feature. I asked my daughter in-law to do my phone instructing her just

    to leave me the Jewish news websites. I also asked her to leave me Waze and a few Apps I needed. I asked her not to tell me the password. It works great and is internet free except for YWN, Matzav, and the Scoop. It is installed as a parent safety feature so parents can monitor what their children. I guess some of society still has some interest in moral codes. I hope this info helps you.

  3. iPhone works great , you can remove the browser totally and keep the apps you need. If you need the browser you can do allowed websites only .in general iPhones and iPads are user friendly and easy to filter through the parental guidelines

  4. I have a GenTech with a Galaxy S21 (previously I had it with the Galaxy S20 and before that on the Pixel 2) and it works just fine.
    You might need to spend a few minutes on the phone with support to allow an app, but I found them very helpful.
    The internet might lag a drop more compared to without a filter so when you open a new page it might pause a second until it loads, but i don’t find it too bad (I can stream videos at 1080p without a problem).
    I have GenTech for a few years now and use my phone a lot and I’m happy.

  5. if you can get away with just Kosher apps the best option by far is a talk n tech phone as there is no filter on it (so nothing to slow you down) he just removes the browser after putting on apps (though the phone price is steep there are no filtering fees) I think the most upgraded model he has is a S9 or10

  6. Grateful for all of the comments posted as there’s a lot of valuable information that was submitted that could be helpful to me..Very appreciated.

  7. I would suggest you try to reach out to someone at a higher level in GenTech, they use the Livigent filter which is used also by Geder and Meshumer it’s used by tens of thousands of people, I am sure they can adjust it to work fine for you as well, to me they seemed to be very willing to fix issues and help

  8. My guess is that your first phone was an inexpensive Chinese knock-off. These aren’t compatible with filters because of the “stolen software” that they use.
    The filters were designed to work best on Samsung/Knox devices but they work well on most if not all quality Androids. I have installed on hundreds of device and when configured correctly there are only very minor issues if any. Don’t forget, your antivirus also slows down the computer but you wouldn’t use a computer without it. All program effect the devices.
    I think that you should make an appointment at TAG and sit with one of their volunteers. You can choose between Gentech and Netspark.
    Someone that has been involved for almost 20 years.
    FYI, the first filter was Moreshet 🙂

  9. I would suggest you should reach out to someone in higher level in gentech, they are using the livigent filter which is also used by geder and meshumer tens of thousands of people are happy with it, Ii am sure they can adjust it to work for you as well, to me they seemed to be very willing to help

  10. Your mind, spirit and fingers. Only you can fasten your soul’s seatbelt. Make a sincere effort at the least. Thinking a filter app will defend you is not understanding the enemy. You’re the one engaging them, not the other way around. Ask God for help and you will get it. Make sure you take it.

  11. Everyone is looking for a technology solution to every problem in life. Hashem already gave you the best technology in the universe. Your Neshama. Learn to use it and you will find the perfect solutions.

  12. I’m a former employee of GenTech.

    If you go apps only, you might be able to get away with the iPhone built in restrictions, without having to get a full filter. (I am not up to date with the newest ios challenges)

    If you want a browser,GenTech for ios would likely be lighter on the phone usage than GenTech for android.

    Regardless, don’t just slap a filter on your phone and expect things to work. I used to spend extra time asking people what they use, so I can adjust their settings properly from the get go.

  13. The situation you are describing sounds like you were using a older and/or lower end phone. A phone should not become useless just because a filter was installed. Many ideas were floated here, such as a Talk N Tech phone, an iPhone with restrictions, Android with Gentech/Netspark and more. Each of those is a good option for a specific situation. Please reach out to me at [email protected], and I will iyh guide you to your best option based on your circumstances.

    Yisroel Kaufman – Talk N Tech

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