Letter: A Horrible Airline Experience

I booked 4 tickets together 4 months prior to my plan of travel with Delta airline (because I thought they are a responsible airline) for me my wife and my two kids. One is 7 year old and one is 5 year old.

I paid top dollar (more than $1400 a ticket for a domestic flight). I knew that it was expensive but it was worth it because I thought that they would be putting me together with my kids and I had a newborn infant as a lap child and it will be easier to watch the kids.

When I booked my ticket I needed to put in the date of birth for all of them.

A week before my flight I realized that they did not put us together, and not only not together, they placed us in middle seats, separate from the kids. When I called up Delta air lines to complain and ask them what they can do, they said, “don’t worry they will make sure at the gate you will be sitting together, they are not -allowed to let little kids sit by themselves.”

But when I got to the gate, they said “there is nothing that we can do, we feel so bad but sorry.”

I reached out to the online chat and complained. They said that I will need to call customer service.

When I called customer service, they said that you need to email them. I emailed them and they responded almost two months later and they said “sorry we can’t do anything, we feel bad…we will give you an e-gift card to delta for $25.”


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    • Lesson is, always use a travel agent. People try to save a few dollars buying online, but if anything goes wrong, you are toast. The travel agent would have made sure right away that you were seated together. If you have issue, they would deal with it. Any changes or cancelations take minutes to deal with, rather than hours. They usually advise about which flights to.use. Mostly, you will be paying same price.

  1. The only way that they’ll give you the time of day is if you get an attorney and/or the media involved. Until then, they couldn’t care less. It’s unfortunate but most big corporations ignore their customers until they feel threatened by a lawsuit or threatened by the media. Sorry that your trip was spoiled. Good luck

  2. NEVER ASSUME- I have even taught that to my kids and they are teenagers . You thought, is the first mistake. Call and confirm and then call and confirm AGAIN. You are relying on an airline to be smart? Haven’t you learned anything from the past few years? Airlines are irresponsible and inconsiderate businesses. Also $1,400 is a bit expensive.

  3. Never heard of a domestic flight for $1400. Sounds absurd
    Sorry for all the trouble u went thru tho
    Doesn’t sound like fun

    • Probably Los Angeles or Miami.
      Probably midwinter.
      Probably booked last minute.
      Certainly didn’t select seats in advance. (Probably would’ve been free to select seat based on availability)

  4. Come to think of it, why did the poster of this letter need to inform the reading audience of how much he paid for his flight seats.

  5. Would love to know where you were flying to that tickets cost $1,400 (especially when bought 4 months prior) for a domestic flight?
    Flights to E”Y are cheaper than that.

  6. A lesson in hindsight – Use a reputable, professional and capable travel agency. There are many qualified ones BH in our community (including the one owned by my partner and me – H & M Travel.) It is par for the course to assist with these types of scenarios, and usually at little or no additional cost, oftentimes even less than the airline-direct offer. You would also then likely have been given advice/assistance specific to your needs. Perhaps a different flight – or a method of obtaining preferred seating etc. (such expensive tickets often means the flight is full, with lousy available seating), or using an alternative airport, checking both your origin and destination. Etc. Etc. Etc. At the same time, you would be supporting hard-working members of our community, who employ other members of the community, effectively the highest level of Tzedaka, and helping yourself and others at the same time. Food for thought….

    • Don’t expect travel agents to be angels either.
      We had booked with an agent a number of years ago for the day after the Taanis in חודש אב it was נדחה that year.
      For some reason, the guy booked us for י אב which was the the day of the Taanis.
      He couldn’t find a solution other than paying an exorbitant change fee (out of our own pockets).
      We eventually found that we could move to the elal flight leaving that evening in Kennedy without a fee.
      This allowed us to leave town after ‏חצות and due to the ongoing work on the runway at the time, we took off after שקיעה.
      This solution was not with the assistance of the travel agent.

  7. Theres something very wrong with this story. $1,400 per ticket domestic seemss impossible. If somehow that is true then paying so much without being able to choose your seat also seems impossible. If it is all true $1,400 per a ticket not getting to choose seats ending up apart in middle seats then the guy is a moron so should in future use a travel agent.

  8. What I’m not understanding is that the writer stated that the airline didn’t put them together. When you’re booking your flight online with Delta or pretty much any airline you can choose your seats. Of course if you just buy four tickets without choosing your seats you will be at their mercy since they don’t know that you want the seats side by side. I’ve flown way too many times with groups of people and have never had an issue with seating because we booked our specific seats ahead of time.

  9. It’s your own fault for not choosing seats. Your assumption was a matter of ignorance. Don’t start playing the blame game.

  10. So yes, the price for each ticket was more than $1400 and yes, we thought for that price that we are paying that we should be placed next to each other and not in middle seats I was not looking for discounts I was looking to be able to fly with out any headache so it was worth the price if we would of sat next to eachother even though it was expensive
    And Yes, we tried a local travel agent to be able to support them and they said since they (the travel agent) usally dont book to that location and its domestic, it would be best if I book directly with the airline
    and what got me was when Delta wrote to me that they will be giving me a $25 e gift card for delta, and they are now closing the case, and the matter will be considered resolved and they will not respond back thats when I took it to social media

    • Just for my own curiosity (and apparently other commenters as well), where were the flights from and going to that the tickets cost $1,400 when booked in advance? Not doubting you and feel bad for your troubles, but still curious as I’ve personally never seen domestic tickets that expensive.
      Were these business class tickets?

  11. I had a similar thing happen to me.
    I was flying Delta as well.
    I said to the agent, “Please send this bag to Louisiana, this one to Arizona & the 3rd one to Wisconsin.”
    The agent said, “I’m sorry we can’t do that.”
    So I said, “Why not? You did it last time.”

  12. In Feb United made changes to accommodate family seating (even on basic economy) stick to United who generally has better customer service.

  13. I don’t have any reason to promote delta. I’m just saying that I fly multiple times a year with my kids, and I usually fly Delta and have never had an issue with them. Even when I book the cheapest fare in basic economy and do not pay for advanced seating, they are always able to accommodate me to sit with my husband and kids. Yes, there were times that their system seated us apart when we checked in, but the gate agent has always been able to switch it. And these are all fully booked flights… So obviously, you had a run in with a bad employee, or there is more to the story. (Did you get to the gate as they were closing boarding?)

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