Less Than Half of New Jerseyans Say Gov Murphy Should be Reelected

A new poll from Monmouth University found Governor Phil Murphy’s approval ratings among New Jersey residents sharply declining, with 57% approving of his job performance, down from 71% at the same time last year. More concerning for the governor, however, is that the survey found that less than half of New Jersey residents – 48% – think he should win reelection to another term in office.

Murphy has been riding a wave of popularity due to the COVID-19 pandemic – his ratings shot up almost immediately when the virus began ravaging New Jersey – but a steady decline in his popularity has been observed as the pandemic receded while New Jersey’s onerous restrictions remained in place, despite many states reopening safely.

Also weighing down the governor are certain issues that rankle voters, particularly New Jersey’s insanely high property tax rates.

“New Jersey’s highest-in-the-nation property tax burden is a perennial thorn for state officeholders. It could pose a problem for Murphy if it becomes a high priority issue for voters in the fall campaign,” said Monmouth University pollster Patrick Murray.

Despite the lackluster poll performance, Murphy is likely to win reelection in the fall thanks to New Jersey’s high concentration of Democrats who still support him.

According to the Monmouth poll, Murphy has an 88% approval rating from Democrats, who far outnumber Republicans in the state. Only 21% of Republicans approve of Murphy’s job performance, down from 45% last year, and 48% of independents approve of his performance, declining from 69%.

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    • So the mask mandate supersedes that he let our mosdos stay open? You’d rather your kids stuck home like Governor Antochos form NY did?
      Yes I support trump and Muprhy

  1. Which takes precedence? The fact that Lakewood owes him tremendous hakaros hatov (and hakaras hatov has always been central to our voting process) or the fact that the policies he and his party are putting in place is not only against the torah and destroying this country but directly hurting our torah way of life and could ch”v make it impossible to mechanech our kids properly in the very near future?
    We need guidance from our gedolim.

    • What policy exactly is hurting our torah ways? LGBT and Abortion’s are the law of the land. Its not just hkaras hatov for letting our mosdos stay open? What about all the new issues which his AG is fighting? The rise up ocean county andJjackson township issues? Do you want a governor will shut down our playgroups, throw tenants our of basements and/ or go after yingerlit who made small errors on medicad forms? The choice is clear. I don’t thinbk you’ll find a single gadol to say vote republcan , including R Cohen who goes with Rabbi Miller’s mehlach. FYI R moshe ZT”L and the old rabbonim from Aguda already paskened go for the liberal who protects you.

      • Trump Supporter,
        You make some excellent points;

        1. What policies are our Torah ways? How about legalization of marijuana? The push for LGBT and Abortion? sure it’s already law of the land but it’s people like Murphy who not only push it but actively seek to cancel and make illegitimate any opposing view points. It is not far fetched to say that we will be forced to teach acceptance of these toiavos in our schools as in England or that soon teaching certain parshios will be considered teaching hate. Not to mention that the overall acceptance of these lifestyles has made inroads in to the hearts of many confused yidden in our own kehilos who were never taught the beauty of yidishkeit properly.

        2. Do I want a Governor who will shut down playgroups etc.? Many of the issues you brought up are relate to gashmiyus and parnasah issues. I am not sure they supersede the torah issues I brought up. Again a question for a gadol.

        3. We are living in a different generation than R’ Moshe. The old generation of liberals preached tolerance and open mindedness. Granted their open-mindedness led to their brains falling out. Today’s liberals call themselves Progressives. They are anything but tolerant and open-minded to any opinion that does not conform to their shitos and aim to destroy our society. They are left wing in the style of communists and the yevestkia YM”S. While Murphy is more of an old style liberal, his policies have led to and his party is being taken over by the more modern Fascists’ left wing democrats who hate hashem and all religion.

        And don’t forget this is the same Murphy that said the Bill of Rights is above his pay grade. Who initially set up draconian lock downs that were not based on science but the Left Wing need to control every aspect of our lives. I refer you to one of his many executive orders where while allowing cars to gather for drive by religious services, he stated that cars must be 6 feet apart with SUNROOFS CLOSED.
        It is only a nes min hashamayim that he changed course once he realized that he had a whole city in Ocean County that was no longer afraid of a virus they were intimately familiar with.

        • The Bill of Rights is not Torah, we shouldn’t care about it.
          In England, the chadarim do not teach about ‘toi’eva’, I don’t know who told you otherwise.
          Legalizing marijuana is not a religious problem, it is just a policy. It will soon be legal all over the country, and truthfully nobody can even tell why it was ever illegal.
          The ‘draconian’ lockdown laws were the ones suggested by scientists. I for one am happy he did not invent his own science, like ‘miraculous disappearance’ etc.

    • I keep hearing that we owe him hakaros hatov but nobody writes what hakaros hatov we owe him.

      Please write all the good that he did

      • 1) Respecting our religion and our essentials by allowing our schools and shuls to stay open despite high positive rates. (Same with weddings)
        2) Going after Rise up Ocean county. That’s still ongoing. Thanks to AG Grewal.
        3) Suing the Jackson township for discrimination
        4) Suing the Matwah Township near Monsey.
        5) All the funding he has granted us.

  2. Why shouldn’t he be re-elected; I think he had done a very good job; he’s a nice guy, a bright fellow, a family man etc

  3. Would you prefer another Democrat (and you know that it will be a member of that party) who is an unknown entity with yet unknown leftist ideas, to this governor, with whom the community has an understanding and who isn’t a radical in his politics?

  4. The Gedolim would tell absolutely not to vote for someone in favor bills that go directly against the Torah but unfortunately Gedolim don’t give endorsesments, the vad does.

    And @motty he’s absolutely not a bright guy and has done a terrible job during covid but he’s less hated than Cuomo so he gets away with it.

    Rav Avigdor Miller said anyone who votes Democrat can’t be counted for a Minyan.

    Hard to argue on Rav Avigdor Miller.

    • Firstly R Moshe and othe rleaeding gedloim did argue with Rabbi Miller. Of course R Miller was a tzadik yesod olim but R Moshe zt”l was the posek hador.

      Secondly, Lets wait and see but I’ll bet you that Rabbi Cohen who is the forbearer of Rabbi Miller’s teachings and an einkel will say vote Murphy. Its not the only issue when its a bygone and we have pressing issues that matter.

  5. I will be voting for him
    He was smart enough to basically let our own municipalities deal with Covid as they wished and didn’t try to play King like Wolf in Pa and Cuomo in NY
    He seems very cognizant with our community’s needs and is has been an upstanding public servant
    While I am usually a party fellow and vote Republican I find our governors leadership compelling and will vote for him

  6. I cannot vote for anyone democrat Or republican who blatantly infringes on our guaranteed Second Amendment rights with ridiculous gun legislation that is only focused on law abiding citizens being punished and criminals couldn’t care less about them intact they are laughing at them because it makes there job easier, I cannot vote for anyone who doesn’t believe I have the right to protect myself-family outside of my property, no I will not be a victim to opportunist crime and no I will not be voting for Murphy , Hirsh for NJ Governor!!

  7. I am planning on voting for Murphy. I have never voted for a Democrat before but I am still planning on voting for him. He treated our community very fairly and nicely during COVID, and has been sensitive to our needs in general. Also, the askanim in Lakewood seem to be believe that a certain high profile pidyon shvuyim case is at stake here. The communities voting patterns DOES get noticed, and if we only vote for one party that usually does not win in NJ, I’m not sure how much that will help us. For the record, Christie was terrible for Lakewood and seemed to hate us. LGBT rights are a thing of the past pending a Supreme Court reversal and I think that even R’ Miller would agree with all that’s at stake that it is k’dai to vote for him.

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