Leil Haseder | R’ Pinchos Doppelt

Dear Klal Yisroel: As the world has gone through two years of continuous horrifying events, starting around this time in Chodesh Nissan, it’s time for Cheshbon Hanefesh.

It’s time to review the many current events that have taken place so they don’t get swallowed up in our busy lives. I believe every person could and should write a book of the little that they know that transpired over the past two years. Obviously, each book would differ based on their circumstances and perception. However, the structure of every single book would definitely have a common thread.

We all agree that these two years were bizarre, tragic, dark and full of uncertainty. However, the book is not finished. Things are getting more bizarre. The tragedies and uncertainty doesn’t seem to end. The darkness seems to intensify as we are attacked in Eretz Yisroel, and now in Lakewood.

When was the last time we heard of a terrorist attack in B’neiBrak? When was the last time that you heard of such an attack in Lakewood? In addition, the Israeli government (that seems to be collapsing) keeps making new regulations to destroy Yiddishkeit. Don’t think that it’s much better in America. We have many of our woes including inflation that’s crashing down on us. What about the wars of Ukraine and Russia that this country is heavily involved in? What about the many homeless fugitives from Ukraine?  How are we reacting to all this? Some people shrug their shoulders, while some people let out a groan.

While groaning is commendable, it’s not enough. Klal Yisroel is in sakana. We need to face reality and stop going into denial, to stop beating around the bush and pointing fingers. Some people blame our woes on smartphones, while others blame it on the Shaitels. We don’t really know. Every person has to take the messages personally, and try to fix their problems.

However, what we do know is that Hashem is telling us to WAKE UP! Focus on Geula! We need to have the desire to leave. The Chofetz Chaim would constantly reiterate, that if KlalYisroel would be waiting for the Geula, it would come immediately. This is brought down in the Midrashim as well. This is known as Tzipisa l’yeshua.

Let me give a Mashal that drives home this point. There was once a boat that was caught in a storm. The boat capsized and sank. Unfortunately, many people drowned, but many clung to planks, and they made it to a nearby island. These people realized that they needed to survive, and they started putting their lives together. They built cabins, trapped animals, caught fish and they actually started a school for the kids. However, many problems started surfacing based on the circumstance. Wild animals started attacking. Some of the crew were thieves and the school was losing control. So they made a meeting to discuss their difficult crisis.

One person gave ideas on how to structure the school. One person gave ideas on how to scare off the wild animals. The meeting was getting heated, until one wise person got up and said the following:

I don’t understand what this whole meeting is about. The simplest solution is for us to get together, build a ship and head back to civilization. Needless to say, he got a standing ovation.

The Nimshal is clear. However, the good news is that the ship is built, the stage is set. All we need to do is head back to the ship. We can hear the ship tooting its horn. This is the Shofar Gadolthat started over two years ago. I believe that most people are hearing it at this point, but what are we doing about it?

There is a chiyuv called לישועה צפית, which is a broad subject, and we obviously cannot cover the topic. Let us discus two types of people that have obstacles and how we can start working on לישועה צפית now. Hopefully, we can bring this avoda into our Seder. We are not being מחדש a new approach to the Seder. On the contrary, it’s there, you just have to be in tuned to it to notice.

Some people feel very far from the Bais Hamikdash and Hashem. Their hearts are numb like a stone. This obviously is one of the symptoms of Galus. Therefore, they find it very difficult to yearn for the geula, even though they understand that they are lacking so much. Another group of people have an opposite challenge. These people fill their lives with Torah and mitzvos, which gives them a close relationship with Hashem. They may Have great Rabbeim and great families as well. They may be very positive people as well. So they may get complacent.

While there are different ways to combat these challenges, I would like to present a novel approach to צפית לישועה in new light that is לכל שוה. (Disclaimer: this does not exempt a person from looking for ways to grow your thirst for the Bais Hamikdash.)  

Firstly, we must spend time internalizing the messages that Hashem sent us during Yetzias Mitrayim, when He showed us His החזקה יד . He showed us that He is all powerful and He can do anything. We must internalize that Hashem created everything, including–us. Yes, we are Hashem’s creations. We must review this and be conscious about this. Furthermore, we must constantly remind ourselves that He has been sustaining usall these years, and that includes the present moment. The only reason why we are breathing is because it is Hashem’s will. His ratzon is more powerful than all the nuclear missiles in theworld. מלבדו עוד אין. This should bring a person to tremendous awe —שמים יראת [On a side note, the Wars in the world are supposed to bring us to Yiras Shamayim].

We also have to remember constantly that Hashem loves us, and yes, we are His beloved children. This is by focusing on all the millions of חסדים that Hashem has been doing with us until now, especially in regards to the past seventy years. The goodness that Hashem has bestowed upon us is staggering. From theabundance of food (how can we forget the boxes we got last year) to our many luxuries, and everything in between. Thanking Hashem is the focal part of our day. We just need to tune in. However, the most profound chessed, the one that we are supposed to get drunk over on the night of Pesach, is thatHashem took us out of the quicksand — מצרים יציאת. As Chazal say ביצאת משובח זה הרי מצרים לספר המרבה כל .

Rav Ahron Walkin ztl would often say that the Avoda of the Seder night is subjugating ourselves to Hashem. We can see this in the kittel, in the matza and other things as well. He emphasized that one of the main goals of the excessive מצריםיציאת סיפור , is to humble the person in recognizing how much we owe Hashem — our loving father.

Let’s bring a Mashal how to bring this to be mitzpe l’yeshua.There was a young man who we will refer to as Shimon. Shimon had a devoted father who supported him throughout his years, and when he got married, his father continued supporting him. Whenever he made a
simcha, whether it was a bris, kiddush and “even a wedding” his father footed the bill.
One day Shimon got a phone call from his father. His father said, “I’m starting to feel old and cannot manage alone. I’m begging you to move into my house to look after me. I know this may be difficult for you, but please consider it. I cannot come to you for many reasons.”

Shimon was shaken by this request. His first thoughts were, How can I move so far away? My children are in great yeshivosand who knows if they will do well in a new yeshiva. I have a great kollel here, and who knows if I’ll be content in the kollelthere. My children have their friends here...and the list goes on.

Then he realized. How can I not do this? All these forty years, my father looked after me with care and love. He gave me everything I needed from A to Z, and now that he needs me, I shouldn’t be there for him?

With this thought, he called the moving company to schedule the move. The nimshal is clear.

I heard from Reb Kalman Krohn zt”l, who heard these words from the Mashgiach Rav Nosson Wachtfogel zt”l. He said that “one who goes to sleep the night of the seder is an achzar“. He has no mercy. Rav Kalman zt”l explained , that since this night a person can elevate himself to such heights in kedusha, it’s אכזריות on ones neshama to go to into a bed on a night like this. I would add on with the knowledge of how Rav Nosson breathed Moshiach, he went to sleep with hope and he awoke with anticipation for the redemption. Whenever he saw a group of people tumulting he would run over to see if the good news has arrived. Therefore, I would like to suggest the following.

There are many sources that say that the Geula is going to come on the night of Pesach. There is the famous words of the Baal Haturim on the words שימורים ליל ע״ש. We know and understand as many Seforim teach us that the light of Geulas Mitzrayim is shining ever so brightly on this night, more than any other time of the year. Therefore, it’s so much easier to bring Moshiach . In addition, this year Pesach night falls out on Shabbos, which is an opportune time to Bring the Geula, like it says in Chazal. Furthermore, during these days we are reading from the Parshaof Yom Kippurim, which brings down the light of Yom Kippur as well.

What about all the world wars that are going on right now?

Therefore, we can now understand that one who goes to sleep on the seder night is an achzor. Especially this year תשפ״ב. How can one go to sleep on such a night when the opportunity for theGeula is knocking on our door. We have to storm the heavens to bring us back to Yerushalayim. The Yidden were only redeemed after they screamed out to Hashem, like the Baal Haggadah says. ה אל ונצעק. After that it says that Hashem heard their cries, and that’s when the Geula process started.

There is a famous Segula, that when one says the words ונצעקand he gives a scream from the bottom of his heart, he can have Yeshuos. The way it’s told is, that one can be helped for a Shidduch, health, children, Parnassa and much more. However, they missed the main segula. This word of ונצעק is referring to the Yidden crying out for their ultimate redemption, not just their own personal problems.

Therefore, this year when we get to the words ונצעק we have to start thinking big. Let out a scream for all the tzaros of KlalYisroel that they are enduring, whether it’s physical pain or spiritual pain. Let out a scream for the recent loss of Reb Chaim Kannievsky Sar Hatorah . Last but not least, let out a scream forour father in Heaven who doesn’t have a home in this world, and is in pain over His children.

When it comes to Shefoch Chamoscha, cry out for all the terror attacks that were carried out in the past few years. You can think about the other massacres that resulted from our Galus. Beg Eliyahu Hanavi to stay and not leave us. Then we should daven for this by the Matza that we want the Chairus back which is symbolic in the Matza.

When we eat the Maror we can daven that Hashem should take away the bitterness of Galus. While we eat the Afikoman it’s a tremendous eis ratzon for Tefilla as well. Korach is a למקדש זכרas well.
At Chasal sidur Pesach we beseech Hashem for the Bais Hamikdash. We then end off with the famous Tefilla Leshanahabaa BYerushalayim. However, we are not done yet. We then sing a heart rending Pizmon of Keil Binei Beischa Bikarov. As you can see the pattern here, that this is the ultimate Avodah of the night.

My tefilla is that Klal Yisroel wakes up and grabs the opportunity that is coming and not squander such an eis Ratzon, and may we all merit to Daven with all our heart that Hashem should bring the Geula because this what Hashem wants and therefore this is our Ratzon

הפסחים מן הזבחים ומן ונאכל מכונו על מקדשך וכונן כבתחילה ביתך בני

ושמח כשר חג
דאפפעלט הלוי פינחס

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