LCSW: Vehicle Stolen While Owner Dropped Off Package

lcsw lpdA resident dropping off a package at a home this evening had his vehicle stolen, LCSW Coordinators tell TLS. The resident called LCSW this evening shortly after the 8:30 PM incident, which occurred in the Arlington Avenue area.

The vehicle, which was reportedly left running for just a couple minutes, was stolen from in front of the home, LCSW says.

The vehicle is described as a 2006 gold Camry, with NJ plates of P78-CSB.

Anyone with information is asked to call LCSW at 732-367-1212. [TLS-24/TLS-94]

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  1. again why are people calling the lcsw to report a crime? Is the lcsw law enforcement? Can they do the necessary stolen vehicle paperwork and report? The answer is NO!! Stop calling them and contact the police especially when the circumstances of a crime apply..

  2. Again,why call LCSW? Isn’t that a police matter. Looks like some people don’t have faith in the police department. The police would be the first department I’d go to if that happened to me!!

  3. I call LCSW because I feel more comfortable with LCSW. perhaps because they reach out to the community and communicate with us. I just don’t feel that way with the LPD. Perhaps if the LPD communicated and interacted more with the community, we’d feel more comfortable with them too. Just my personal feeling.

  4. Perhaps he also called PD but TLS posted from LCSW because LCSW shared the info with them…perhaps. Don’t know, but I’d imagine if LPD was involved and gave over info to TLS they would have posted too.

  5. Hey LCSW fan,

    If LCSW is so much better than LPD, let them staff the town weekdays, weekends and holidays away from their families. And by “communicate” better with the “community” you mean bend over backwards to whatever you want? Or whatever ingenius perspective you have about what the police could or should do?

    Your sadly mistaken about the perception of the police department. You should think twice before posting ignorant, disrespectful and unappreciative comments which are insulting to the entire police department.

  6. Excuse me, but YOU ARE THE ONE being disrespectful to the dozens of lcsw members who VOLUNTEER their time to the town on not only weekends but every holiday too. UNLIKE the lpd, they DO NOT GET PAID! If you don’t like being a police officer, by all means quit!

  7. These comments are laughable, people calling Paul Blart mall cop because they feel more comfortable rapport with a neighborhood watch amateur than a trained law enforcement professional. People of the Lakewood community, please be advised that if the lcsw wants to be law enforcement officers, or out in the streets to fight crime request they go take the New Jersey civil service test and then complete the 28 weeks of paramilitary training that police in the state are certified by. You don’t ask a civilian, to represent you as a lawyer in court? you surely shouldn’t be calling a civilian to protect and serve you when subjected to a crime!!!

  8. I know I speak for 98% of this town when I say that we have tremendous appreciation and admiration for the LPD. The police department by and large are hardworking, professional and dedicated officers who go above and beyond their call of duty to serve and protect each one of us each and every day.
    Having said that, no one is minimizing in any way the contribution that the LCSW provides for this town and they have a superb relationship with the LPD. Given the fact that our officers simply cannot be everywhere all the time the LCSW serves as a great asset to both the police and to the people of this town. But I think the point being made here by some is that at times the first call should be to the police department if the nature of the call is to report a crime and I think most will agree with that.

  9. Look people lcsw isn’t going to go away!! Instead of asking why call them? Why this why that do something useful and help keep lcsw members safe who are responding on there own time to your emergency!! Maybe donate bullet proof vests, ,like they do in Boro park,, what’s the difference? ?


  11. I actually see more lcsw cars in our area than I do police. would be nice to see more cops around.
    that said I fully agree with all the folks who say the first place to call is the lpd. then call the lcsw. I don’t think the lcsw his want you calling them first either…

  12. No one even mentioned how the guy left his car unattended while running. Few minutes, five, ten or twenty? It could have all different if a little kid jumped in. Atleast there wasn’t a kid left in the back while he dropped off the package.

  13. Come on people… Let’s calm down! LCSW is called here because they will scramble around for hours combing the streets looking for the car. That’s it. The fellow just wanted his car back! What’s wrong with that? I am sure the cops were called to take a report and then investigate. Bottom line though, if u want people with time who will go up and down the streets looking for the car and the rascal who took it, that would be LCSW. The police are busy with more important matters. And I don’t mean just hiding on the corner of Central and 9 pulling over old ladies who make a right on red a second too late or things like that. 🙂

  14. There is never a replacement for your police force, I volunteer for Lcsw and I’m a military police officer so I’ve done my training for over 5 years so before you question qualifications make sure you have facts straight. And I’m not the only military member. Should Lpd be called first of course but there isn’t any reason why we can’t help Lpd.

  15. someone is Going to say it….so it will be me. Imagine u left ur little baby in the backseat for just TWO minutes and chas vshalom this happened. be smart people! (this is a side point, hope they catch the creep soon)

  16. This America… The fellow has a right to call whoever he wants. LCSW is the same communitty funded orginization as LPD is (though with diffrent powers). And as a previous commentor wrote LCSW is commited to helping each indivual with all their resources available to them as opposed to LPD who will just take a report and go on their merry way

  17. Look i see how this turned into an lcsw bashing forum, lakewood equal backwards,, every other city’s shomrim is supported and respected it’s just in lakewood you are all against it,, makes sense?? ‘that being said bottom line is police come take a report do a quick once around and done that’s it!! I want my stuff back,, lcsw responds and actually puts in a long effort in resolving you’re issues,

  18. “again why are people calling the lcsw to report a crime?” – because people are just THAT sheltered.

    “I call LCSW because I feel more comfortable with LCSW” – did your mom/dad not teach you socialization skills? whats wrong with you? im not saying invite the cops over for dinner – but to simply have a chat, regarding what crimes you witnessed or became a victim of, is not asking a lot of you.

    “I actually see more lcsw cars in our area than I do police.” – thats because the LCSW doesnt patrol the whole town. they patrol “certain” area’s.

    “Should Lpd be called first of course but there isn’t any reason why we can’t help Lpd.” – you gotta understand the typical union mentality. here you are working for free, while cops are making $100,000/base salary. its the same reason paid firemen and volunteers are always going neck & neck.

  19. The individual who posted a full comment in CAPS-LOCK does not represent the rest of Lakewood, as you can tell most of Lakewood are kind soft spoken people.

  20. To me conservative, I don’t see any reason why money has anything to do with it. They are the police we are here in a manner only to help. It may be hard to believe but there are people that get satisfaction out of helping someone, making someone’s day.

  21. I remember several years ago Lakewood had an auxiliary police force just like this. They shut it down because of some of the people on the force thought they were real police. Funny I see this happening with this new group.

  22. re #25: Saul -you are so right!”‘that being said bottom line is police come take a report do a quick once around and done that’s it!! I want my stuff back,, lcsw responds and actually puts in a long effort in resolving you’re issues,” a family member had a recent major theft and immediately called LPD. Officer came, took report, and asked for documentation to be faxed in. faxng was done. when victim went to get police report 10 days later, she was told – -oh, there’s no report and faxes are lost. START OVER! welcome to lakewood. she shud’ve call LCSW! [ perhaps Pinter was right]

  23. i want to know why we never see lcsw patrolling non frum areas ? they were given money from uez to buy a new car., shouldn’t they patrol all of Lakewood ? just wondering

  24. The car was found parked on Albert Ave. and reported by a resident as being the missing car recognized by the description and license plate noted on the lakewood scoop. Had anyone driven down the block and done a license plate scan they could have noticed it themselves. Hence ppl call LCSW as they drive around areas and look out for out of place items such as these.

  25. Lcsw patrols alot in unmarked Street crimes capacity,, you don’t always see them in the two marked cars they have, ,alot more members are out unmarked

  26. The LCSW serve as a help to the PD, and are just good Americans helping out the WHOLE Lakewood community. all the LCSW bashes can take a deep breath and stop worrying about your conspiracies! Maybe ask yourselves what you can do on YOUR spare time to make the world a better place.

  27. i honestly believe lakewood doesnt deserve to have an lcsw they seem content with making reports with no results waiting ten minutes for responders when lcsw units arrive multiple cars two minutes from call to at least secure saftey and property,, till lpd could finalize an arrest,, this is a totally ridiculous concept to have more then one organization helping,, lakewood doesnt deserve lcsw

  28. I don’t understand why lcsw buys cars but doesn’t buy basic safety equipment for there members like bullet resistant vests? I know there not supposed to confront criminals but who’s to say criminals won’t confront them on one of there calls??? Someone explain

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