LCSW Locates Wanted Out Of State ‘Meshulach’

lcsw car logo tlsLCSW last night located a man being sought by an out-of-state Bais Din, and had him leave town. The ‘Meshulach’, is reportedly wanted for being a danger to children in another Country, from where he suddenly fled after residing there for 25 years. He made his way to the States, and ultimately to Lakewood.

LCSW received information that he was in Lakewood, and while patrolling last night, one of the members recognized the man, after matching him up to a picture.

Multiple members cornered the man and asked him for his Ishur.

The man produced an Ishur from his hometown, which had expired in April.

After retrieving information from the man, he was told to stop collecting in Lakewood and leave town.

The Tomchei Tzedaka of Lakewood and other organizations were notified of his visit to Lakewood.

In light of the incident, Lakewood’s Tomchei Tzedakah is asking that residents look out for valid Ishurs and take note of Ishurs expired for several weeks. TLS-MK.

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  1. if wanted for being a danger to children shouldn’t he have been turned in to police, now he’s out there and still a danger.

  2. After retrieving information from the man, he was told to stop collecting in Lakewood and leave town.

    imagine if that all the government did when they catch predators. Tell them to stop…..

  3. This is nuts … what do you mean told to leave town? If it is true that he is a predator he needs to be put in a cage away from our children. Stop hiding this type of person give him to the Police.

  4. ……Leave town to where? Is the blood of your fellow non Lakewood brother not as red as your own? This is what always occurs. Ship him off to the next town where he can (moderated). There needs to be a centralized organization that broadcasts and communictes these evil doers to every shtetel on the globe, so that this ill individual not have access to our children. Actually look at it as your child. Because it could be, if the tables were turned and he came to Lakewood after being kicked out of another town!!

  5. This is just terrible. I thought we, as a community, have grown up and finally realized how harmful these type of people are. This is how it used to be with dangerous people. Noone wanted to turn them in so they were shipped off to other towns until they harmed someone there. I remember a violent man who “was sent” to Lakewood from NY, and eventually left Lakewood for who knows where and is now in jail for murdering his wife. This is 100% true. We must turn these people in–not sent them off to another town!

  6. There is always more to the story, nd just because someone said hes a danger to children- it doesnt mean he is.

    It was probably wrong to send him away, although he should have a current ishur.

    It would be Asur Mikir Hadin to post his name or picture-unless a Bais Din does. And Torah Law guides how we deal with one and all- including the way we react with our children.

  7. ishur shmishur! who is “toimche Tzdaka” who is behind them? which rabonim take the achrais (not the haskama)of the TT? Toimche Tzedaka is an advisory commity.if you want to listen to their advise who to give,go right ahead, but the have no righy to baalabateve this town.PS an expired or valid Ishur isn’t gonna stop child molesters

  8. I THINK according to hilchos lashon hara, it would be okay to say his name/ description that he is a suspected whatever, but not a confirmed whatever,, and you need to watch out for him. You should not be mekabel this as fact, but you should definitely take precautions against him.
    did anyone escort him out, so we actually know he is gone?

  9. Dont “THINK” KNOW- and know this.

    The Chofetz Chaim says that unless you know for fact that the man will be treated properly (not vilified) it is ASSUR to do anything at all.

    Check – – Hilchos Loshon Hora Klal vov, Halacha Yud Aleph and Ber Mayim Chayim Lamud- thats 6, 11, 30.

    Be careful- you are playing with your entire Nitzchiyos in the world to come.

  10. Its amazing how people jump to conclusions and then pontificate as if it was gospel.What should have been done with him? We can’t call PD because he never did anything wrong nor charged elsewhere. There was a suspicion, is that enough to call the cops. The beauty of a community is that we can sometimes protect our families based on a network of information etc. All u bashers of everything Lakewood continue on!!!!

  11. If the guy is a Matzir Larabim it is permitted to turn him over to the authorities even if the result would be incarceration or physical beatings by the police. Shulchan Orech Choshen Mishpat 388.

  12. in lakewood , which has the highest percent of kollel yungeliet in the world , there is not enough money to go around. if we would stick to the halacha of aniyai Irchai kodem we wouldn’t have this problem

  13. Be careful for the children and for yourselves. I had a meshulach come right through the side door and walked right in without anyone answering it. It happened to be left opened while I was cleaning things out. What kind of frum man will walk right into someone’s house without knocking or waiting for someone to answer? A sick one. I am an almanah and he had no business walking in. I kicked him out real fast, but you can see he was trouble. Watch out and don’t let them in. Send a drink outside if you are alone and you have pity that’s it’s so hot.

  14. I was a supporter of the LCSW but this time you have crossed the line… if this person hurts someone it will be on your hands and maybe you will be criminally libel for HIS actions for letting him go. You are supposed to watch and report NOT act.

  15. The Torah Law must always be followed.
    No one is a “suspect” unless the Torah prescribed way of suspecting him is followed. i.e. Bais Din.
    No one is a Matir Rabim which is a Torah theme, unless the Torah says so. i.e. Bais Din.
    Nothing should be done without a Bais Din (and there are plenty of them in this town) establishing the law in each individual situation.

  16. Everyone agrees that if there is **Raglayim ledavar** then its ok to call the copsa and i guarentee that if this meshuluch tried to mess with the lcsw coordinators kids he would have called the cops right away . so the question remains. whos decision waas it NOT to call the cops.

  17. there is a law in new jersey that if you are a mandated reporter you are obligated to report such incidents to law enforcment. not doing so can result in jail time.

  18. To # 19 & #29.
    The Torah says Loi Samoid al dam reiyecha.
    A person like that is at least a sofek rodef nitan lehtzilo benafshoi.
    There is no time to go to beis din with a rodef,[even a sofek rodef see lechem mishna] you kill him B4 he kills.
    There is a tshuvah in the Shoiel umaishiv about [if I remember a melamed] who was suspect. He paskened get the children out of harms way first, if is proven innocent later, you may have to pay him damages.
    In a roidef case, all Loshon Hora rules change, & loi saamoid al dam reiecha take front seat.
    Of course you may have to seyttle up later, but what nonsense you can’t tell people to keep their children out of harms way. The chofetz Chaim never said that, you don’t understand him. People who go around like you may have blood on their hands.

  19. #21….your response is crazy. There was suspicion? You might be racist. Just my gut telling me this. Why not follow up on this as a community if that is what you want to do. Getting the cops involved is better then the “beauty of the community!” Then he could actually be charged with something other than suspicion.

  20. yea like hello. if he’s a danger to children, he should be reported to police immediately and not just sent away. lcsw, if ur goal is to protect our town then ur goal is to do ur job.

  21. #32
    You are mistaken.

    Sofik Lo Samoid cannot be established based on rumor. The Shol Umashiv NEVER said anything should be done at all to the one rumors are about. Simply be wary on your own- if you want.

    My suggestion is for you to learn through the segment of Shmiras Halsohon. (6, 11, 30) and perhaps review it with a posik who can help you understand the Din, as it is complicated, and you seemingly are posting rampantly and might cause someone inadvertently to sacrifice his world to come, if not your own.

    Without a Psak Bais Din, it is Asur.

  22. why in the world was the Lakewood Police not called, this guy could have warrents ,and to say the least what right does the LCSW the to stop anybody and even worst force them to leave town,

  23. #35
    I sofek roidef not sofek loi saamoid, if you already got that mixed up, you are dangerous.
    When another Jew enters your home holding a gun you call the police even if turns out to be a toy gun.
    If they enter your neighbours house you call the police.
    If you look at the Chofetz Chaim, or try to call the beis din you or your neighbour may not be able to call the police anymore, the phone call may be chesed shel emes,not to have an autopsy.
    Get that in to your head, the Chofetz Chaim himself would have called the police.
    By a rodef a sofek is treated as a vadai.
    You get it, don’t be frum on the cheshbon of yiddishe kids.

  24. Hey Mr. # 39.

    Now Now. You are wrong. Thats why you should sit down with a learned individual.

    See the Chofetz Chaim 6, 11,30. Go it over with someone. how about it. you continuous posts dreaming up whatever you wish to say without any knowledge of the Halacha is sad and misleading.

    Shmiras Haloshon is a challange, which you seem to be having.

    In your mind you have established a confirmed murder suspect- just based on an unconfirmed rumor of a different title- which mind you- you have not established according to any basis other then your own.

    So please- before you post again, be able to post serious Mara Makomos for what you are saying: A: Your Sofik is a Sofik Rodef (Im not arguing that you have a s’foro- but plese base it on something other than yourself that all readers can benefit from.) B: That your Sofik Rodef is no longer subject to Dinim of Shmiras Haloshson.

    The Chofetz Chaim, in Klal 6, Halacha 11, Be’er Mayim Chayim 30, addresses this exact scenario – which you keep on changing to Rodef. So check the Halacha.

    The Chofetz Chaim disagrees with you 100%.

    However- your disinformation- according to the Chofetz Chaim, would make you into someone who purpously misleads Klal Yisroel into Avairos, which the Chofetz Chaim says, such a person as yourself- is not subject to the laws of Shmiras Halashon – Klal 8 Halacha 5.

    So do us all a favor and post your name- so we can know whom to stay away from in regard to wrong Torah information.

  25. Chaim look at the Lechem mishna on the Rambam about Rodef.
    Chas veshalom when someone listens to your advice & it is your child that is in danger.
    You are bad at reading I told you the Lechem Mishna in my first post.
    You also quote Shmiras haloshon Klal 8 Halacha 5.
    I hope you know that sShmiras Haloshon isn’t Klollim & Halachos, it is Shorim & prokim.
    This is dangerous wanted person in another country, you don’t take chances with children.
    If you quote a Chofetz Chaim, which says even a dangerous person who is wanted in other countries, one shouldn’t be mekabel any Loshon Hora on him, & allow him to babysit your kids, because he has a chezkas Kashrus.
    You don’t seem to quote places in the Chofetz Chaim which talk about this.
    How about looking in Klal 6,10 [L”H ] Ve al kein kosvu haposkim demutar lochush hainu heicho sheyuchal lovoi lidei heizek loi oi leacheirim.
    Please don’t pasken hilchos nefoshios from a few mixed up ideas you learned in the Chofetz Chaim.
    BTW I respect those who learn & keep the chofetz Chaim, but there is a fifth Shulchan Aruch, & enough places in The Chofetz Chaim & poskim,who tell you to watch out for somone danggerous.
    I personaly would keep my kids away from you.

  26. #41
    The chofetz chaim that you posted- sends the reader to where I originally stated- Beer mayim Chayim 30 (klal 6, Halacha 11, BM”C 30)

    Quote: “Im ani Roeh, Shehaim Yikablu Es Hadovor L’Emes, V’Yageeah Meezeh Hezek L’Haneedon, B’Vaday EIN L’Galoso- D’chi heychi D’ani M’Tzaveh L’Ehov es zeh, Kach ani M’tzuveh Lehov es shekenegdo…”

    Read Beer Mayim Chaim 30 carefully. Very carefully my friend.

  27. and what about the non-jewish children and their parents who have no idea this predator is stalking around? is it only fair for the warning to be put out for only frum children? is not every child precious and should be protected as so?

  28. TO Chaim?
    Need I say more. Look at today’s story & weep.
    You really think that the Chofetz Chaim says you don’t know so you can’t say, so let him kill a kid.
    I guess you say there are no eidim so no one can cooperate with the police, & anyone who says over the story is saying Loshon Hora.
    Do such terrible stories need to happen, to stop you idiots paskening dinei nefoshos from the Chofetz Chaim.

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