LCSW Director: Jewelry Totaling $100k Allegedly Stolen by Cleaning Ladies In Past 6 Months

About $100,000 worth of jewelry allegedly stolen by cleaning ladies, was reported stolen to LCSW in the past six months, Lakewood Civilian Safety Patrol’s Director Shrage Pinter tells TLS.

“Leaving it in a drawer or on your counter, is just saying ‘here, take my jewelry'”, says Pinter.

Pinter says he encourages resident to be proactive and purchase a safe, even a cheap one.

“We ask that people purchase a small safe at Walmart or Lowes for under $50 that can be secured in the floor or wall, and can store all your jewelry”, Pinter said.

Last week, a reader submitted to TLS an article about a similar incident allegedly involving cleaning help.

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  1. We should be grateful its just jewely, and not kidnapped babys since many people in this town like to run out for quick errands and leave their sleeping babys alone with the cleaning lady. That is a MUCH bigger problem than missing jewelry

  2. There are so many reasons not to hire cleaning people that are not working for a licensed cleaning service. This is just one of them. People have to start to take responsibility for their lack of common sense. If you do not hire them and allow them in your homes, they can not steal from you.

  3. to comment 5.. the LPD can do as much as LCSW about it.. the point: there is nothing to do they will never admit they take it and disapear into thin air with the braclet gold watch etc.. what is the point in calling the police??

  4. It was a total of 100k. . . Not just one house. . .

    I take a picture of any hired help in my home, if they dont have a license or something else I can make a copy of. This Friday the lady that came to help did not want to conform to my rules. I very nicely showed her the door and told her to never come back.

    I have a picture of anyone that works in my home. If a sock goes missing the entire Lakewood will see a picture of the prime suspect.

  5. To #8 and you want a lot of proof and a good lawyer before you slander someone’s name and publish their picture on a public forum.
    Gee, all those valuables missing and not reported to lawful authorities so an arrest can be made and articles recovered. Can you say insurance scam maybe ??!!

  6. To Oldmansfury says:
    you raise an interesting point,first of all any theft that you report to your insurance you better have a police report . I do have to ask why you would report this to the LCSW who have no legal authority and not the police?

  7. “We should be grateful its just jewelry, and not kidnapped babies since many people in this town like to run out for quick errands and leave their sleeping babies alone with the cleaning lady. That is a MUCH bigger problem than missing jewelry”

    What would cleaning help do with your baby?!?! Which is why you hear of other things being stolen, but not babies!

  8. to Baal Secheil, what rock have you been hiding under?? The Mexicans are the ones that are running the majority of the human trafficking rings in the US. It all ties bag to the drug cartels and gangs. If you are too blind to see or think that these gangs don’t operate in Lakewood you’re sorely mistaken. The illegals that are hired as cleaning help can have boyfriends, brothers, fathers, and sons in gangs that have ties back to the cartels in Mexico. Believe me, your baby will fetch alot more money than your jewelery and possessions. It happens everyday across the US, I have seen it. To think it can’t and won’t happen in Lakewood is naive.

  9. To”what is the point in calling the police??”
    if you file a claim with insurance you better have a police report to back it up or you are wasting your time! (and no reporting to lcsw means nothing to insurance Co)

  10. P.S. Remember this next time you want to underpay someone, and hire an illegal,instead of paying for great honest service. Getting your house cleaned you can really do yourself,so it’s not really a right, or mandatory it’s a privlage and luxury.How much do you pay for the luxury items in and outside your home? Overall people will eventually start pulling business out,and the community is gonna have to start their own company from within.

  11. #16
    i am happy to see someone in this town agrees with me !
    people wake up already
    lock your doors at home and at all the schools at all times
    ty lcsw for your hard work

  12. I believe LCSW should have a picture data base of all the cleaning ladies. Everyone who hires a cleaning lady in town, should take a picture and email it to LCSW. Too many of them change their name and go from one part of town to another. This would be a great service. It is probably something LPD wont do ( even though they probably have the facial recognition software, but it might be infringing on their rights), LCSW can do it as a ” private ” service for the community. IF LCSW wont do it, someone else with the know how should do it as a community service.

    I know of a few stories of known thieves changing neighborhoods and names. A lady visited a neighbor of mine and saw the cleaning lady and said..oh there is Claudia..the homeowner said, no her name is Maria..she answered, she was my cleaning lady for 2 years as Claudia and left after getting caught stealing .

    If we had a picture database it would be a big deterrent..
    1-it would show the workers that we are wary of what they might do
    2- it will get rid of the bad apples, and allow the honest ones to shine
    3- in the case of one of them committing a crime, it will allow you to identify her by going to the police with her picture.

    If LCSW doesn’t do it..someone can start a Background Check company..for a nomiinal fee, they will come down to your house and photograph the worker ( this way it isn’t the homeowner put in this awkward situation) they can also interview the lady and photograph her documents , and in turn they can “certify” her….Just a thought.

  13. why do people hire illegals to clean their house? yard? do construction? deliver? package goods? stock shelves? sales? rent out a house to several families? watch kids? prepare,serve food? It’s called being CHEAP!! You get what you deserve. Use your heads. Don’t leave windows, doors unlocked, don’t leave cash or jewelry lying around,don’t invite someone with no real credentials into your home, don’t leave your cars unlocked. Don’t hire illegals & don’t complain if you do! it doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out the problem & solution!

  14. To #10, Although many people in the shtetlach were poor, many people had help around the house. You always read stories of the girls who were maids in the homes of Yidden. And this was full time help.My mother grew up in a large family in Poland and there was full time help.They weren’t rich either. I think it was more common to have household help back in Europe than it is here! Maybe it was cheaper.

  15. Never take the chance of allowing a person of unknown intentions into your home. Your home is a sanctuary hat needs to be safe at all times.

    If you expose your soft underbelly to an unknown, do not be surprised if there is a bad outcome. They know that you and yours are vulnerable, merely because you failed to determine who they are and what they may have done in the past.

    If household help is needed, only go to a reliable, licensed service where employees have had a background check and are certified and bonded with appropriate photo ID.

    ALSO, it is imperative to report all thefts to Lakewood PD, so that an official police report is made.

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