Law Limiting Handgun Purchases Unfair To Retailers, Says Task Force Chief

B1GUN_FR_C_^_FRIDAYA N.J. gun law needs exceptions for various groups — including retailers who will only be able to buy one handgun a month from suppliers — members of a task force reviewing the legislation said. The law, intended to restrict the flow of weapons to criminals, has riled gun advocates who say it penalizes law-abiding citizens like target shooters and collectors. The task force’s central proposal would make it easier for gun store owners to stock their shelves while still limiting customers to buying one handgun every 30 days.

“As it stands now, retailers would be prohibited from purchasing guns from their suppliers,” said Burlington County Prosecutor Robert Bernardi, who leads the task force. “I think that was an oversight when the legislation was passed.”

The law, which goes into effect Jan. 1, exempts sales between licensed gun dealers, but not purchases from distributors or manufacturers, which are classified differently under New Jersey law.

The proposed changes are part of a report expected to be issued this week. Robert Corrales, a spokesman for Gov. Jon Corzine, said the governor — who strongly backed the one-handgun-a-month law — supports the recommendations.

State Police Lt. Col. Christopher Andreychak, a task force member, said the law is currently too tough on retailers.

“You couldn’t run a used car business if you can only buy and sell one used car a month,” he said. “They have to have an exemption or we’ll put them out of business.”

Assemblyman Gordon Johnson (D-Bergen) said another exception is needed for people in target shooting competitions that require more than one handgun.

“These are not folks who are robbing banks or holding up people,” he said. “These are law-abiding folks who are trying to enjoy their sport or hobby, and I don’t want to be an obstacle to that.”

He said other proposals in the report include exceptions for historical re-enactors and people seeking to sell off inherited guns.

Sen. Sandra Cunningham (D-Hudson) said some collectors also could receive an exemption when purchasing handguns.

Jake McGuigan, government relations director for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, said the task force’s recommendation on retail stores is a “step in the right direction.”

“It’s tremendous for the task force to recognize that error in the legislation,” he said.

McGuigan was among 40 lobbyists, gun owners and firearms instructors who attended a public hearing Bernardi’s panel held in September.

Corzine created the nine-member task force to recommend changes to the law if gun collectors and recreational gun users would be adversely affected by it.

The legislation passed the state Senate in June by a vote of 21-15, the slimmest of margins, and the Assembly approved it 47-28, with four abstentions.

The law exempts purchases by law enforcement officers and antique collectors. Three other states preceded New Jersey in passing similar legislation.

Cunningham, who sponsored the law, said the proposals should pass easily.

“It does not impact the original intent, which is to try to prohibit ‘straw’ purchasing of guns,” she said. “We want to be respectful of everyone’s rights while we try to solve this problem.” Star Ledger.

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  1. i cant stand this liberal phyco bable sports or “target shooting” nonsense you know why i have a gun its to kill people yes i have a gun to kill people i happen to go target shooting and i enjoy it but the only reason i go target shooting is to get really good at it so when i have to shoot someone i can take him out with one shot. the 2nd amendment was not given for sport or recreation it was given so people can protect themselves their family’s and their properties, for the task force to say it unfair to retailers is arrogant chutzpa, what about the people i many times buy more than one gun a month now i cant its not effecting me unfair? and remember guns are for killing people not recreation hear that you phyco liberal task force! i have a carry permit its called the second amendment

  2. I’m trying to figure out why one would need to purchase more than one gun per month. You can accumulate twelve per year, how many do you need for self defense?

  3. to the last 2 comments 1)as i said my carry permit is the second amendment so i carry in all 50 states
    2) you are a product of the liberal indoctrination its nobody’s business how many guns i need or want am i telling you how much pizza you can eat in a month? then mind your own business about my guns and how many i want, and no guns and pizza are not different you want pizza i want guns! for you 12 guns is enough for me to have maybe your friend will think that 1 per year is enough for me you get my drift keep out of my guns!

  4. Mark- with all due respect, the 2nd amendment provides you the right to OWN the guns not to CARRY. You either dont know much about the law or perhaps dont even own a gun. It would be real sad if you were to carry a gun in NYC or anywhere in NJ. Even if you would be a police officer, the 2nd amendment will not automatically allow you to carry in 50 states. Learn the law and then you can play the game!

    FYI- I have a carry permit for 39 states. Legally I can CARRY in 39 states. Beat that!!!

  5. Mark,
    To add some more power to my punch, read below. You better understand the law before you get in trouble with it.

    “U.S. Supreme Court ruled in District of Columbia v. Heller (2008), No. 07-290, that “[t]he Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home.”

  6. 1)no, i read the whole heller decision it defines bear arms to mean carry the weapons i think it was somewhere between page 20-25
    2)i also have the florida permit no biggy but i dont need it to carry i have the 2nd A.
    3) i’ll worry about the legal ramifications when and if they happen at least i’ll be alive to stand trial, where as the guy who is listening to the illegal law and doesnt carry because it illegal will not be incarcerated true, but he’ll also be dead

  7. the LCSW is deff not. The people that do carry dont brag or tell people. You would never think that i had deadly weapon on my waist or ankle. Just know one thing- I ALWAYS have a gun on me and i know several others that do the same. Yes, we dress like ur average lkwd guy but g-d forbid some knuckle head starts up with me……

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