Law ‘Enforcement’ Or ‘Harassment’?

TLS Investigative Report. The Lakewood Scoop has received numerous requests from citizens, to publish an article regarding a specific Lakewood Police Officer, whose name will not be published and is accused of being ‘harassing’ and ‘anti Semitic’. Well, after many complaints, we decided to do our own investigation into the matter. The Lakewood Scoop spoke with many officials regarding the officer, including Chief Rob Lawson, who personally did an investigation on the matter including reviewing summonses which were given over an extended period of time. “Nobody likes getting tickets, but this guy is doing his job” the Chief told us. “According to the internal report, he has been courteous, professional and given summonses within the law” he said. He added, ”There have been people who came into my office to complain, who were cited for going between 25-35 miles above the speed limit and still have the nerve to complain!” . “When you speed through a neighborhood and put children’s lives at risk, how should the officer make sure you don’t repeat the crime?”. “Don’t break the law and you won’t get a ticket, period”. The Chief also pointed out, that this specific officer did not give summonses for 5, 6, 7, 8 or even nine miles over the limit, which if he would have, would also be legitimate. However, if you legitimately feel that an officer was abusive, harassing, rude or unprofessional, go into the Township building and request an IA (Internal Affairs) Form. These forms are read and are taken seriously.

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  1. lakewood police officers are genarealy really nice to the jewish community this specific one is a rooten apple in a batch of good ones..

  2. the internal review should be done by a separte team not from in the police department because then it will for sure be biased as we see here

  3. if you are talking about the cop with the jewish name i heard alot of people complain about him why can't he be reasigned to desk duty

  4. His name is david silverstien yes he is jewish and he feels out of place be.we are all frum and he is not but if you were cought speeding you desver what you get and dont call menshe miller to help because it is a chill hashem stop speeding and making up exuses

  5. there was a cop that pulled over a lady a few days ago for some thing minor seeing he lady was very distraught and was inmiddle of picking up some one for a emergency he explained her what she did wrong and then went to help her turn around her vehicle .. not just summons and punish her ..we see a example of a real nice cop going out of his way to help a local PRESON … the cop involved in this harrasment comlaints would never do such a thing. just ticket and punish …LIKE THE CHEIF SAID A WHILE AGO TO A GROUP OF PEOPLE WE ARE HERE TO SERVE YOU WE GET PAID FROM YOU THE PEOPLE ..SOME TIMES THATS FORGOTEN..

  6. I'm just curious how come we dont have any frum cops we have frum EMS and firefighters, i would think it would be an attractive job you can acually help fight crime for the people you love etc..? any good answer to this

  7. How can they possibly check if he was courteous? They can't verify that. I have no problem with the ticket I receive when I'm speeding. However its nothing personal against a cop. They have no business yelling at me or lecturing me. their not my daddy. Its unproffessional and uncalled for. (I've had nothing but positive experiences with the lakewood cops. This was an incident with a state trooper)

  8. If it is David Silberstein this article is referring to then I would tend to agree with the complainants regarsdless of an INTERNAL INVESTIGATION. I was in the car with my wife driving when she got into an accident. We had 3!!! witnesses saying that the other driver changed lanes and was driving wildly and speeding which caused the accident to happen. Silberstein listened to all three of them, said thank you…and goodbye. When I showed up to get my police report I was shocked to see that he TOTALLY omitted any mention of the witnesses. I asked to speak to him,it took me weeks just to speak to him…He came up with all sorts of reasons,excuses…oh and all WITH A BIG SMILE as if he's with you while he's stabbing you from behind. He is a total jerk. An investigation even by the chief will not admit that he's Anti-Semitic. That will not look very good for the department. The chief is the best guy around but if there's a conflict of interest how can you expect even him to judge fairly?

  9. I am sick & tired of people in our community speeding or committing other violations and then screaming anti-semite when they get caught. I've seen it time and time again. Not everyone who does something you don't like is anti-semitic. I agree with the previous post about not doing the crime if you won't do the time. IT'S TIME WE STOPPED THINKING WE'RE ABOVE THE LAW.

  10. Get off the phone. Stop speeding. Buckle UP. DON'T LEAVE YOU KIDS IN THE CAR. Don't double park. Don't park on the wrong side of the street(westgate). Don't go through stop signs or red lights. Don't make right turns on red when the sign says you can't.

    If you do get pulled over turn off your engine, be polite, don't make sudden moves, maybe they will go easy on you.

    If you give them a hard time….

    Like they said above, don't do the crime if you can't pay the fine or do the time.

    Our representatives in town do not have to waste their time because YOU received a ticket for doing something WRONG.

    One last thing, Police officers read this blog.

  11. To the one who wrote about the accident report, you know what you wrote is bull. There is now way an officer can make up who is at fault in an accident. The facts at the scene do all the speaking that necessary and I'm sure you did cause the accident if the report says you did. How many times have we seen community members give false accounts of an accident when the other driver is not Jewish. Stop being a baby, if you had a legitimate claim you could have taken it up with a sergeant but you probably did not!!!!

  12. Hi I know david silverstein personally I think he's a great guy and understandable guy and when he pulls u over 4 speeding or any other kind of moving violation he's doing his job he doesn't have 2 let u off if u don't keep to the law

  13. Wow. Now this relly feels like Iran. First were told how to dress our wives and now were being told what opinions we can have. To the previous post, who the hell are you to minimize someone elses negative experience. Maybe he did file a complaint and maybe he didn't. That is not the point. The question was if david silberstien is a jerk or not. Nothing to do with that cute little poem about crime and wine either. Also after 17 posts I haven't seen anyone complain about a fine from this officer. Its all about basic human courtesy. It also seems that the overwhelming opinion is a positive one about the LPD. Again the question was about this particular individual.

  14. All officers give tickets and uphold the law. Yet only David Silberstein has the name on the street as being a bad apple. It has nothing to do with his giving tickets it has to do with his bad attitude. I've seen this guy in action. He has a bad attitude. He could use a little pep talk on how to be a good public servent and be more community friendly.

  15. if the cop pulls you over it might be a shaila of daled minim however if it is at a public place and you can run in to a chillul hashem it might be cholov stam

  16. this officer is a good guy trying to protect us from ourselves.we should slow down and obey the laws if we want to be good citizens.

  17. As an American Jew (I feel the need to point this out in fear that there may be cries of anti-semite after I post this), I have to say that I am more than disgusted with with the antics, charades, and sheer audacity that runs rampant in this community. Posting up an officer of the law's name as if you were forming a lynching mob, it's absolutely disgusting. The LPD is here to protect us from ourselves, and it is quite obvious from some of the responses I have seen on this blog, that some people in this town need that exact protection.
    You should also realize that the orthodox community makes up a large portion of this town, and playing the minority card can no longer disguise your actions. Take responsibility. Maybe go get yourself a refresher course from the DMV, and turn that pointed finger around right at yourselves.
    But most importantly I wanted to say this…Someone on this blog had the absolute audacity to ask why there are no "frum police." Well, let me tell you why. Besides for the fact that private police forces are the trademark of a anarcho-capitalistic state, a police force based upon religion is immoral and impossible, and also a clear violation of the separation of church and state. When you employ your "frum police" someone will employ their "christo police" or their "muslim police" and when you get a ticket from one of them you will really be crying "anti-semite." In addition, 39 lashes doesn't seem like something I would want to replace with a speeding ticket. Also to the person who proposed this idea…let me quote one of your brilliant statements. You want police who "fight crime for the people you love." Now let me put this clear and simple, quotes like this are what lead to hate crime. The orthodox community around the country and around the world needs to realize above all they are humans. Before they are Jewish, before they are American, they are part of the human race. And when you separate yourself from that body by forming your own firefighting services, ambulance services, schools, and housing developments, you bring the hungry eyes of the rest of the population down upon yourselves. "Love" people, not Jews, not Christians, not Muslims, "love" people.
    If this community continues to separate itself, and think that safety in numbers can protect itself from its own crimes, I can only see bad things ahead.
    I say to myself in this order, and I would suggest the rest of you do the same:
    I am a human
    I am an American
    I am a Jew

  18. To anonymous 5:57
    Everything I wrote (about the accident) and that happened is 100% true. FYI I actually even spoke to the liutenant at the time about it. Why assume before you know the facts?? I guarantee had you been there you would have agreed with the others.There were three cars at the red light that watched it happen. Stop with the sticking up for "frume" crap. I myself witnessed an accident and the guy thought i'd back him becuase he was "fun unzere",but I did not deviate from the facts. Again do not accuse without knowing what you're talking about.

  19. To 3:04 A:M
    It's obvious you were tired when you went on your tirade. I agree with a number of your statements but stop hating yourself so much. You're going to start taking shots at our private schools,ambulance services,developments…??Would you rather your child being chased by a knife wielding 16 year old that just "graduated"?!! If you wish you can go live in Golfview or Woodlake Manor. You may want to learn to fire a semi-automatic first.Our "private"ambulance service is just here to supplement and auid the Lakewood EMS. Do you know how many times the Lakewood PD call upon their help for the general population? How many lives have they saved and not from our community? You've got nerve to take potshots at such organizations. Do you know how often Chaveirim is called by PD and NOT for one of ours?! Stop spewing forth your venom and try to catch up on your sleep.

  20. Lakewood PD does not call chaveirim for help…..get your facts straight. Maybe if people in the community learned how to obey the law instead of trying to find ways to wiggle their way out of it there wouldn't be these issues!

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