Lakewood Zoning Board to Consider Variances for Controversial Cell Tower Today [UPDATED]

The Lakewood Zoning Board will convene Monday evening to consider whether variances will be granted to make permanent the controversial cell phone tower that was set up at 655 Squankum Road on an emergency basis 15 months ago, sparking an outcry from nearby residents.

The tower is in the midst of a number of residential communities, including Whispering Pines, the Villas, Whispering Woods, Brook Hill, Kew Gardens, Squankum Road communities, as well as several schools. At least 450 residential units are within the statutory radius of 1,500 feet from the tower.

Numerous residents have voiced their concerns that radiation from the cell phone tower could be damaging to their health, and have demanded that it be relocated to an area away from their homes.

At at a virtually held meeting several months ago, the Zoning Board tabled the vote on granting variances to make the tower permanent, choosing to delay it until they hold a live meeting, which will now take place Monday evening at the Municipal Building.

Residents 0f neighborhoods near the controversial tower are expected to attend en masse to voice their concerns and displeasure over the tower’s placement, and will urge the Board not to grant the variances being sought.

UPDATE: Due to time constraints, only half the application was heard tonight. The hearing was tabled until September

Approximately 20 areas residents appeared in front of the board to oppose the tower.

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  1. I will be there and hope everyone will make the effort to come to. This is very important and the more people they see don’t want the tower the more likely they will feel the pressure to remove it.

  2. Looking forward to telling the Zoning Board what we think of this hideous tower. It was put up without our consent, in violation of the statutes of the township, approved with a single signature by the board secretary. Now they are trying to leverage the 15 months of ‘emergency’ to force it on us permanently. Everybody please come down tonight and let’s take back our town, and be rid of this violation of our rights as homeowners.

  3. This cell tower was the best thing that ever happened to the neighborhood. This is a basic necessity in today’s day when everyone uses cellphones. The use of cell phones include medical emergencies and other important duties that are done via cellphone. The area had terrible service prior to this tower going up. The people that oppose this have no basis for their arguments and are merely acting based on their own feelings. Do these people not use cell phones hours upon hours a day while holding the phone to the ear? If it was truly a health issue then all the local doctors would sign a letter opposing it as they do for any local health crisis. I hope the zoning board members will act intelligently and not just cave in to pressure.

  4. As local resident I truly hope that the zoning board does not cave to the pressure of a few individuals at the expense of the entire neighborhood. There is no medical basis for this claim of danger caused by cellphone towers. This area was a dead zone before the tower went up. Cellphone are relied upon for medical emergencies and other important day to day tasks by people in the community. This includes online education, tele medicine, therapy sessions and much more. If this was truly a danger then all the medical professionals would issue a statement as they do during any medical crisis such as a virus break out in the play groups of wearing reflectors at night. Board members, please don’t cave in to the pressure of a few uneducated individuals at the expense of an entire community.

  5. As a resident of one of these neighborhoods, I believe that an informal poll would reveal that most residents are quite happy having a strong cell phone signal and have no problems with the tower.
    Unfortunately, its the few that have an issue that make all the noise and go through all the trouble to fight it.
    If these people are so concerned about an eyesore, I suggest that they start by removing their kids’ bikes from the sidewalk in front of my house.

  6. Putting all theories of health risk (thermal effects) and even mind control aside, in order for 5G to be an effective high-speed communications network, towers will have to be placed more closely together in spread out population areas.

    This is necessary for the technology to work because of the higher frequency spectrum required travels less distances than older cellular technology which can operate at longer distances between towers but at much lower speeds.

    5G is expected to reach completion of roll-out by early 2022.

    Many, if not most existing phones will have to be upgraded. Some smartphones will not.

    Don’t be fooled by up-sells by your provider. If you ask, they must tell you the truth about whether your current phone is compatible. Older, text screen only flip-phones will most likely have to be replaced because the market for them is so small that it is highly un-likely for that to happen. Flip-phones will have video screens. The current MSRP a Motorola Razr 5G flip phone is $1399 without service. Discounted is $999.

  7. For all those who want this I would recommend having them put it on or near your property and you will all of a sudden be against it. This does not belong so close to residential properties. I have observed that whenever a township tries to force something on residents – it is the people closer that are most against it and the people who don’t have to deal with it as it is far from them are very much for it. Don’t forget if you don’t fight for your neighbors – when they come for you there will be no one left to fight.

    • Simply get a cellular detector from Cornet or the such and test the radiations level near the tower. This way you could show the “Evidence” if there is any.

  8. It’s amazing how little people know about cell phone towers. They are everywhere you go but most people don’t recognize them. They are usually placed on top of tall buildings or water towers so they can give maximum coverage.

    Take a look at the top of the water tower at Cedar Bridge and New Hampshire. That’s what cell phone antennas look like. I suspect that there are antennas on top of many other buildings too. They usually try to hide them behind partitions so you can’t see them.

    There are no tall buildings in the northeast corner of Lakewood so they had to put up a tower. If there was a taller building there, they would have installed these antennas and nobody would have known about it.

  9. It will create a hardship if the tower is removed and like Loops said those that need it are not being vocal, probably because they are too busy. Contrary to labeling it ” hideous”, I think it’s appealing and very welcome.

  10. Is this the same as “I want the technology for better cell phone connections – but not in my back yard?”
    If the tower is removed – do not complain about interruptions in cell phone service.
    The town is trying to keep up with a huge increase and demand for services and utilities.

  11. We need Moshiach. I am so frustrated by these health creeps. People believe and spread lies that everything is a cancer risk. Also, I’m so tired of the anti Vaxers convincing people not to get the covid vaccine…….

    • In general, many in the frum community have been influenced by alternative medicine, chiropracters and all kinds of hocus pocus science. The anti COVID vaxxers are just the latest in this absurd trend. Yes, there are many others besides the frum community who believe these things, but arent we supposed to be an am navon vechacham?

      • Honestly….. how many hours did you objectively spend researching anything that you just so ignorantly labeled? I was also against all these hocus pocus people for over 20 years……until I start reading and opening my mind. Now I have seen cures first hand for many people that have been suffering for years with no help from the medical establishment. Am navon vechacham goes both ways! Open your eyes.

        • I might be able to concede to you a little regarding chiropracters. I do believe they can help in certain situations when people are in pain. But to use them for illnesses or to use and believe other alternative medicine prcedures is just ignorant and primitive. I can’t fathom why so many fall prey to these ridiculous ideas.

      • I lived under a cell tower for a few years. the only problem I had was that you needed the cell tower provder for a cell phone other wise you would nt get recption. If we ever had a black out we got our power right back on because a cell tower is priority one.

  12. A Lakewood Classic-

    The board tables it to decrease the public opinion and opposition at the meetings. After all, most people have lives, so, how many times can you attend the meeting?

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