Lakewood Yungerman Niftar In Albany

levaya frost_wm(Levaya info below) BARUCH DAYAN HA’EMES: We regret to inform you of the Petira of R’ Dovid Frost, who was Niftar a short time ago in Albany. Sources tell TLS the Yungerman was involved in an MVA after an oncoming vehicle apparently spun out of control. As a result, R’ Dovid suffered a knee injury requiring surgery, which apparently went wrong and resulted in his death R’L. The Levaya details will be posted as soon as the information is confirmed. (Please note: The story was initially posted after we were advised that proper family notifications were made. However, after posting, we were advised that not all family members were notified and the story was pulled).

U/D 6:23 p.m. The Levaya will be taking place tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. at BMG. The Kevura will be taking place at the Woodridge Cemetery. Shivah details will be posted when it becomes available.

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  1. Dovid Frost from Negba Street (Harav Salamons nephew).

    Please note the children did not even know when TLC posted this. People should understand that other relatives may still not know. I am his neighbor and only found out when I opened the TLC website. It was not the way I would like to have found out.

    We are in total shock and we are crying. Hashem Please have rachmonus on his family and klal yisroel. Today you took back a Gem from us. A true yarei shamayim, baal middos, and ben torah. a neighbor we all loved.

  2. it is out right wrong to post news as such
    please learn this with your rebbi! it is assur to share sad news!!!!!!!!!!! as far as –
    if your brother didnt hear yet about a petira of a sibling – when he comes towards the house you should greet him outside without letting him know!
    look into it – its kedai!

  3. I knew hi m very well what a rachmunus on the family i know that he never liked arguing so why be busy with when who new talk about his malos such a real tadik

  4. A real tragedy. His accident wasn”t life threatening He neede a knee surgery something must have gon terribly wtrong. Hashem should have rachmonos on us all. Terrible news.

  5. Of course everything is Bashert but I’m wondeing why they decided to do knee surgery in some upstate hospital. Especially if the injuries weren’t life threatining. As someone who lost a family member due a botched surgery in a Brooklyn hospital I can relate to this sad situation. I think its a mitzva to go to the top hospital and doctors to avoid these type of situations.
    Of course nistarim darkei hashem and hashem has his cheshbonos.

    May he be a Kapara on Lakewood and the entire Klal Yisroel.

  6. never hurt a fly. sat quietly and learned neever needed a lot. so sad. esp. so sad that life moves on to all but these yisomim and almonos live in misery.

  7. att shloimele says:

    he was moved to Albany which is a very large medical center from another hospital so he could be in the same hospital as his family.

    att 15.lakewooder says: 100% true.

  8. He was a true baal midos and masmid. A noim and ahuv. We in the chabura who were zoiche to observe him on a regular basis are truly devistated my the magnitude of the loss. May the eibershter be menachem and give koach to the almona and yesomim.

  9. The reason this Holy soul left at such a young age is because of ALL the Vile ,senseless Hatred posted on all these sites. The epitome of Loshon Hara

  10. No, I don’t have the answers or the reasons. No one does! Only the Ribono Shel Oilam.
    When there’s nothing to say, we shouldn’t.
    May he be a Kaparah for all of Lakewood and all of Klal Yisroel.

  11. Holy says:
    December 21, 2009 at 8:44 pm
    The reason this Holy soul left at such a young age is because of ALL the Vile ,senseless Hatred posted on all these sites. The epitome of Loshon Hara
    i thought the reason is because there is no achdus in town . no take it back , its because of tzius issues that he was taken from us

  12. To Mr Holy, please refrain from browsing these “loshon hara” sites. Please stick to CNN and MSNBC.
    And to the anonymous poster who dislikes bad news. Close your eyes and plug your ears and smell the coffee. Life is full of unfortunate situations that require Klall to know in order to mobilize Koach Hatzibur.
    and to Ihr Hakodesh: great point!
    TLS: Keep up the great work. We love you!

  13. Not knowing darkei hashem I wonder if this is a wakeup call to remind us that there are still children in lakewood that are not in school. “V’dei l’chakima b’rimiza!

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