Sunday: Lakewood Trump supporters to take part in National Trump Day rally

With just days to the elections, Lakewood Trump supporters are planning a support rally for the President.

According to the plans released, the drivers will meet up at the Blue Claws stadium at 9:30 a.m. Sunday, leaving Lakewood at 10:00 a.m., and heading up the Garden State Parkway where they will meet up with a rally at Monmouth rest area.

Following the rally, they will head further North, where they will be meeting up with other groups for one large rally.

Police will be on scene in Lakewood.

Trump merchandise will reportedly be on sale at the staging area in Lakewood.

“For security purposes we will not be divulging exact routes,” organizers said. “We have a fun day scheduled.”

“Since we will be joining other groups, our big time to shine and make a statement will be on our first leg from Blue Claws to Monmouth. Please come out on time and show our neighbors that we stand together and united as a community, even if you won’t be joining us for the entire day.”

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  1. I’m taken back that the Lakewood scoop would promote this rally.

    My comment has nothing to do with the candidates, I’m actually very pro Trump.

    Us yidden throughout this very long golus were told by all the chachomim to keep a low profile so we don’t stick out. We do our hishtadlus by voting and we follow daas torah for whom to vote for.

    By the way..the fine print on the bottom of the page says that’s it’s sponsored by chovevei Zion… An organization that supports Zionism which goes against our holy Torah and hashkafa.

    Besuros tovos

    • Moish can keep a low profile and crawl into his basement and sympathize with Reb Yosef Biden, but we will stand tall and proud and show our support to the President who threatened to override any governor who would not allow our shuls to open

      • No need to sympathize with either side. You can stay home and vote whomever you want. Moish actually wrote that he is pro-Trump.

        Standing tall and proud is just not a Yiddishe middah. That comes from outside sources.

    • We all must remember that Vice President Biden is planning to defund all the Police departments in the USA.
      In other words, in case of an emergency and you call 911 for immediate help, a computer will answer your call.

  2. This is not a smart idea we all saw what happened in New York last week.
    As jews we can and should support President Trump as he has been a friend to the jews but not in this way.

  3. didnt you all see what was done in arad? wearing masks and socially distanced, hundreds of chareidi men and bnai torah stood in the street and were m’kabel ol malchus shamayim. THAT is the way frum people express their feelings

  4. its ok to make a respectful parade, but please drive safely, use blinkers and dont intimidate other drivers, remember we need to act like good Branovich trump supporters, but g-d forbid to act like those wild BLM looters

  5. This is a disgrace.

    This is not a man who should be celebrated. He is a vulgar boorish person who is threatening to tear apart the fabric of this country.

    If I feel like he’s the best candidate…I’ll go hold my nose and vote for him….not go around loudly parading…with the lowest elements of society that feel a deep affinity to him.

    • With this comment, you are only confirming what David is saying. Wishing death upon people, name calling and tantrums are exactly your way of dealing with everything wrong with our country.

  6. Gd bless Donald Trump
    He is the best friend Klal YISRAEL has had in a very long time .
    The poor man gave up his life
    Money family and everything he has for this country
    We owe tremendous hakaras hativ to him
    He is A good man
    May the Almighty guard him and protect him from his wicked enemies
    See ya tomorrow

  7. Sunday is a day off work for many of us. We can spend a day in the Beis Hamedrash learning, increasing our knowledge and understanding of our jobs in the world.
    Or we can waste time celebrating nothing, fighting nothing, and filling our heads with insipid nonsense

  8. DON’T FORGET RUBASHKIN, hakoras hatov. No one knows the final destination of the parade, due to security. You will only learn where the meet up point is from all locations at blue claws in the morning. From what I have heard, this will be a great big event and very safe. Security was arranged. Let’s go and show Hakoras hatov for someone who has lost over a billion dollars being president.

  9. I’m definitely pro-Trump and I’m definitely NOT going to this rally.

    I’ll show my Hakoras HaTov by davening and voting for him.
    Are we even sure he’s told about this ?
    Was he told about the one in Brooklyn, last week ?
    If yes, what was his reaction ??!!!

    • One has nothing to do with the other. Hakoras Hatov does not mean he is the best man for the job.
      Vote what is best for you, not Hakoras HaTov!

  10. The President was told about the one in Brooklyn last week and of course he expressed appreciation for our support and condemned the violence against us. Why are you shouting out your question? If you’re not going you’ll be missed but nobody said that you need to go. It’s just a notice. Everyone knows there’s many people for going and many people against going but we can all respect each other’s opinion on this because each has what to rely on.

  11. Will there be a free gas pump there? I’m broke because of the China Virus and need to save gas for shopping and my kids. My flag is on my house.

  12. Incredible how many of you think he is awful, but will still vote for this lunatic because the VAD told you to. He is incompetent and could care less about you, what are you gojng to do when he cuts all your benefits so his millionaires could get another tax cut

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