Lakewood Traffic: List Your Improvement Suggestions

It’s no secret that Lakewood has been busting from its seems for years now.

Its frustrating, and we get it – we all sit it the traffic.

On a daily basis, TLS receives many emails suggesting traffic improvement ideas for the town – many which are asked and answered via our Ask The Mayor column.

However, in an effort to be able to present a list of improvement ideas to Township officials,  we’re giving you the opportunity to post your ideas in the comments section below. The link will then be sent to the Mayor and others in an effort to try and implement as many ideas as possible to help ease the congestion in town.

List away!

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    Lakewood has become an insane place to travel thru. Impossible to get anywhere any time of the day.

  2. convert the railroad tracks to a road (that can also be usable for train perhaps). The tracks goes straight through the town and can be as useful as the 9

  3. need left hand turn signal at eastbound corner off of Kennedy onto rt 9 north. Backup from exit from Gourmet Glatt plaza is very long and opposing traffic does not allow very many cars to make a left while the light is green

  4. No parking on Martin Luther from emmanuels til pine st so the cars going into the right turning lane don’t get stuck far back when they could be turning right.

    • small fix, Now there are 2 lanes going south on Cedarbridge by Main St. so make 2 left turning lanes from Main St. There are already 3 lanes, it only needs restriping

  5. The fact that the building of new homes, schools, and shuls in congested areas have not been stopped the past 5 years is borderline criminal in itself. The way new developments are constructed with thin roads and minimal parking is really dangerous. Obviously we cannot undo what is already done, but we must stop it now. Stop the construction of new homes developments etc… Also create as many through streets as possible. It’s ludicrous that we cant figure out how to widen the 9. If this was Israel the 9 would’ve been widened 15 years ago

  6. create a real public transportation system

    AND study the traffic patterns because they are all congested at certain points, at certain times, and at certain periods of the year and this can be alleviated by regulating the amount of traffic to those places at those times

  7. Simple! Stop with the col-de-sac and “road closed to traffic” gummic? They started this many years ago when they felt people would only buy houses in such settings, but this should Butel Le’Mafreya because the exact opposite is true. We need more roads to drive in this overcrowded town to say the least. But… go figure… since the town has been run by many big builders over the years, it ruined the whole geographic structure with every structure and street closing things off. Oy vavoy on their gehinom… selfish

  8. Turning lane (or at least shoulder space to bypass turning car) on cross and james.
    Rt9 South extend turning lane onto central so that cars can get out of the main lane earlier allowing more cars to make the light.
    Rt 88 South paint 2 lanes between Lex and Clifton Anyway its 2 lanes just make it an offical turning lane onto S clifton

    • all we can do is widen whichever road possible.
      The worst is yet to come: unlike everyone else who can move 20 miles away ,to a yid the nicest palace on 20 acres bought for cheap which is far out is not worth a cent if there are no decent yeshivas. its not just this town causing the traffic, its thousands of kids being driven in daily as the surrounding towns do not allow yeshivas to be built.

  9. The 9 needs to be widened. And any development which can impede the future ability to widen the 9 should be stopped. The last duplex that is currently being built in Oak and Vine is practically being built on the 9 itself, and will cause the nine to never be able to properly be widened due to some developers greed. Old mistakes and poor planning is now forgotten. However, we shouldn’t be making new mistakes.

  10. Widening streets turns them into highways, not places for people. Instead:

    Turn some intersections into roundabouts
    Lower speeds through street design
    Limit daily car use
    Offer alternative modes of transportation
    Narrow roads
    Build muti-use zoning
    Build bike lanes
    Pedestrian and cycling priority at intersections
    Plant native trees
    Reduce the need for long trips
    Create third places (places where different kinds of people can interact organically with one another)

    Or, I dunno, do the tried and true method of continuing to destroy homes in order to add just one more lane, bro.

  11. It has to be someone’s responsibility to get the town, county, state to study the lights and sync them the way it is now simply makes no sense it’s not a fix but it’s a simple idea to lighten it a bit

  12. Caranetta drive should turn into a dead end.
    Hope and Miller if you don’t plan on putting a light at least make it a four way.
    Cross and White rd need some sort of light.
    Turning lane on Kennedy and the nine.


    • The fact that houses were built on the corner of route 88 and clover, a massive chokepoint, is one of the stupidest and most corrupt things that has ever happened in lakewood.

      • It is actually worse.

        They Built the Closest house to the intersection

        a year or so AFTER the other houses !

        Appears that they wanted to MAKE SURE that a turning lane can NOT be made.

    • Traveling on the 9 south band by the intersection of prospect there should be 2 lanes 1 to go straight and 1 lane should get a green arrow while Prospect has a green light cars should be able to turn right from the nine into prospect you could do the same green arrow by other intersection like by Central Ave while they have a turning lane won’t affect traffic similar idea to what pine has by Martin Luther thanks

  14. Every busy intersection, needs a lane for left turns, right turns and going straight.
    If no room, use eminent domain.
    We pay taxes like a proper city, now build the infrastructure to support that.

    • The root issue, is that all of this is not even included in the Twp Committee’s Job description !

      Officially, they have PART TIME jobs, sort of like Chaveirim-They answer [or don’t answer] to a problem that comes up.

      As long as there is no one Who’s JOB IT IS to BE ON TOP OF COMMON SENSE ISSUES, it will keep going, with the occasional [Part Time] ATTEMPT to consider the problems. Such is This measly one.

  15. 1. The Central Ave, Hurley and route 9 intersection needs to be converted into a massive traffic circle. Make Hurley, Clifton and the 9 into wide one way avenues like in Manhattan. Clifton will have all the northbound traffic. Route 9 all the southbound traffic and Hurley all the eastbound traffic. Connect Clifton to the nine with a new one way road accross from Kepshuto to complete the 3 lane massive traffic circle with no stop lights and proper yield patterns like they have Europe.

    2. Add a left turn lane and light on Oak St. and New Hampshire eastbound.

    3. Get rid of the traffic lights on route 70 from Brick until Manchester and build bridges like there is at the intersection of route 70 and route 9.

    4. Connect Massachusetts to Sunset Rd and an alternative route to the Nine besides for finishing the Vine and Vermont projects.

  16. Bla bla bla. We do this every year and… crickets. Stop putting your trust in politicians and either embrace the town or leave. But don’t expect change.

  17. I agree the building of so many houses is a big cause of the traffic but big problems are harder to solve so at least try to fix small problems-which is easier to solve to help the traffic a little bit.

    east end and county line needs a green arrow to make a left turn onto county line-only one or two cars could turn onto county line from east end at a time.
    get a crossing guard by linden and the 88
    traffic light by 7th and clifton
    longer turning arrow for lane turning left from main street onto clifton

    • Crossing guards create way more traffic. They constantly focus on clearing the smaller street that flows into the bigger street. For example, any time there is a crossing guard at Williams or Washington, they’ll focus on clearing Williams and Washington while James and Pine pile up miles past their line of vision. its a disaster.

  18. Strict enforcement of the traffic laws. No more looking the other way or giving warnings. There is no consideration or common sense on the roads here anymore and unless you hold people accountable for their actions the chaos will never change. You block the intersection, ticket. You blatantly go through a red light, ticket. You blast your horn as soon as the light turns green, ticket for noise pollution. Double park, park facing the wrong way, pick up/drop off hitchers, ticket.

    • You & everyone else don’t find it disturbing that the “Ihr Hatorah” needs the Non-Jewish government to fine us into acting Menschlich?
      Something ain’t Kosher & it isn’t the cheeseburgers on the grill.

  19. 1. Stop all building for 4 years – including commercial.
    2 Do a proper traffic study for whole town.
    3. Raise the money to fix the roads by installing red light cameras that automatically issue tickets. Every red light in Lakewood – well someone is always going through it….
    4. Raise all taxes if need be. Our quality of life is important…
    5. Get scooters and e bikes off the road. They cause accidents.
    6. Work with schools to stagger start times.



  21. 1)Enforced the law like your legally obligated to do. That means that where there is no parking you enforce it. not that day after day multiple vehicles can park on illegal parking side of streets, corners interfering traffic AND ITS DANGEROUS! what on earth is going on?! that police deliberately don’t enforce parking laws in several areas?
    2)be a man as they say . stop blaming everyone else, stop always saying county state .Figure out methods to at least elevate the insanity.


    1)implement delay turning lanes at east end and county line so east end can turn
    2)county line and kennedy
    3)county line and forest
    4)have lights work together that are back to back .not one turns green as other turns red causing disaster .




  22. Add turning lights and lanes at oak and new Hampshire. I know, I know it’s not Township owned, need to get the county/state to do it… it seems to be the answer to every thing that needs to be done in this town.

    • Think about how much you would like that suggestion if you lived on this block (same could be said for lots of the suggestions here). Most of the people came before the ridiculous traffic. Now go make someone’s block a four lane highway with no parking because you wanted to build a development off of James with “no left turns”?

  23. ONE WAY STREETS!! It is really very dangerous and frustrating driving on a narrow street with cars & school
    buses (!!) going in both directions. Parking spots are needed so it does not make sense to make one side of the street “no parking.”

    • By Yeshiva definitely.
      6th street and 7th street by yeshiva (in between forest and Lakewood avenues) should be one way streets in the opposite direction. Traffic would flow much better plus there will be much needed LEGAL parking near yeshiva saving the Adirei Torah from parking tickets due to a lack of legal parking spots

  24. 1.Pine needs two lanes all way down headed towards route 9( lose the shoulder and make it no parking on that side except Friday 2 hours before sundown till 2 2hours after shabbos)
    2. Albert all way until NH on pine street that shoulder should be turned into right turning lane ( not sure why Ems leaves their garbage cans on st entire week to block shoulder)
    3. can not allow hotel to have left turn onto PINE without making that left turn lane from PINE onto NH much longer( not the light the actual lane)
    4.OPEN ARLINGTON to PINE and make parking only on one side ( we pay taxes for that street and zero reason why it shouldn’t be open/ its quick max $250,000 fix)
    5.OAK street needs be two lanes both ways with turning lanes into the schools ( basically we have to knock out all shoulders we can)
    6.ZER0 school bus stops on route 9 PERIOD
    7. right tuning lane from spruce onto route 9 ( the space is there)
    9.take out bais Kayla and make vine run all way two lanes until cedarbridge (its our legal right)
    10.making road along side of train tracks is expensive but is good idea and will give another option besides route 9

  25. We should pay Kollel men to stand at every intersection reciting Tehillim that there should be no accidents.
    To ensure proper Kavana they should be paid a bonus based on how many fewer accidents there were in a month compared to last year.

      • Lol! And that’s another issue – HITCHHIKING!!!!!!!!!! They stand on the shoulder, usually too close to the road causing a major chillul Hashem. Everyone forgets that we don’t own Lakewood! To all those who say these bachurim need this to get around, think about the fact that you don’t see high school girls begging for rides. They figure it out because hitchhiking is not an option for them. If we stop allowing hitchhiking, it’d make the roads a lot safer and the bachurim would get back some dignity!

  26. The persistant, never-ending building on Propect street and on Cross street, which only a few years ago were pleasant drives, is a crime and a disaster. What kind of insane township officials allowed this travesty?! I thinking of home-schooling my kids; they spent over 3 hours on busses on their first day of school today. It’s a shame and an extreme disservice to a taxpayer such as myself that my little chiildren need to be subjected to this insanity all because of a handful of greedballs.

  27. Start with busing. Its like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone. It will probably fix everything to the point that traffic lights, left turn lights, stop signs, widening streets, etc would be unnecessary. It will fix the hitching problem. It will fix the aggressive driving, crashes, flipped cars, and everything else we read on the scoop. It will bring more revenue to the city. It would save money for many households that need to have 2 cars. It will put less cars on the roads and less cars parked on the streets. What’s the issue. The fact that it gets busy at certain times in the day proves that transportation would work. Buses can be taken to BMG, to other yeshivas on cross, oak, and vine. It can be taken to work. People will be happier. People would start letting other cars pass them like in Monmouth county instead of the way they stick their nose in now. The state police won’t have to come anymore. Please please. What does it take to understand what works in other places can work here.

      • I was just there 3 weeks ago and the light rail got through all the traffic. I was sad to leave Yerushalayim…. …..and come back to this traffic nightmare that looks down on public transit.

  28. Everyone should stop voting for the same people who are on the builders/Real estate persons payroll!!
    Time for change!
    Vote for someone who actually cares about Lakewood and the future, not temporary money from NY.

  29. What a fruitless exercise!
    We do this year after year and nothing gets done.
    Township you know what to do.
    Drive in the tough spots and do what we do each day and come up with a solution block by block and if ur mind is blocked what to do pull over and all the neighbors will let u know good and well what to do.
    Nobody cares and nothing will get done

  30. Pass a law or executive action to create an agency or office where state county town etc all work in one office to Expedite the approval process. It seems to take forever to get anything done. No one wants to pay for anything so when you have an intersection where to 2 different agencies have authority one is waiting for the other to blink and pay for it

  31. Pass a law or executive action to create an agency or office where state county town etc all work in one office to Expedite the approval process. It seems to take forever to get anything done. No one wants to pay for anything so when you have an intersection where to 2 different agencies have authority one is waiting for the other to blink and pay for it

  32. Most towns cities etc have a master plan for building that goes on in the area. Lakewood plan is just build no matter how crowded an area is, how many schools there are, how many schools encroach on residential areas.
    Just keep squeezing them in to any area available no matter the consequences

  33. On Oberlin ave at cedarbridge the middle lane should be straight and left option since it is going into 2 lanes. The right lane should be right tirn and straight. Having the middle lane going straight only is crazy

  34. Restrict parking at the end of 14th Street- corner of Hope Road. It gets conjested and creates unnecessary traffic as cars can’t squeeze by to make the right turn on to Hope Road.

  35. Basically, let’s reset the entire town and start over.

    Every comment is correct – which is a problem because this ain’t NEVER going to happen.

    Alas! We are doomed! Run! Head for the hills!

    Wait – the builders took away our hills as well!


  36. IDEA #1: AN EASY FIX TO A HUGE PROBLEM – Technically there is just enough space to squeeze another lane onto the bridge (or widen it a small bit) at the Rt 9 and Central junction (the Lake). Doing so would enable the creation of a DEDICATED RIGH TURN LANE FROM CENTRAL ON TO RT 9 WHICH COULD BECOME A MERGE LANE ON TO RT 9 SOUTH (it should be separated by those thin poles and cars should be allowed to turn even on red in this dedicated lane. THIS WOULD REDUCE THE TRAFFIC BY 1/3 BY UNOFFICIAL SURVEY. IDEA #2: Coming from Rt 9 down central, at the junction to new central, the left side (now useless yellow lines) should be made into a dedicated “going straight” lane, and the current lane made into a “right turn lane”). No reason to have only one lane. IDEA #3 continuing on central toward new egypt rd – shoulder should be a second lane or similar.

  37. Many of the complaints here are for three main roads: cross st, route 9 and route 88.
    All of them have been promised to be widened years ago.
    Many developments, schools and businesses were conditional on them being widened. That never happened but the houses were built anyway.
    Then the blame just gets shifted around from the developers to the zoning board to the planning board to the county to the state.

    We can implement thousands of small changes but until we get oversight for zoning conditions nothing will change.
    We need to prevent COs until all conditions are met. If they violate them, we need very large fines.
    Most importantly, we need a zoning and planning board willing to hold their feet to the fire.

  38. Much traffic generated by BMG students. The BMG should open a campus where they own property south of Route 70. a line should be drawn and anyone living on the south side of that line should attend the southern campus. The rabbis should split their time at the new location. Instead of all cars heading north in the morning it could be split in half. Of course the playgroup situation would take time to meld into this arrangement, but the laws of supply and demand should work. In addition, as stated above, there are many intersections that could benefit from turning lanes, and or traffic lights, and or adding left, turn signals, every intersection that backs up for more than a minute or two should be evaluated and corrected. And again, as stated above, why do people insist on making left turns onto route nine where there is no light during the times that it is posted not to? Just go to a light or go make a right turn and go around the block. Cross street is being widened by the county Route 88 is a State Road same challenges as route nine. County Line Rd., East of Route nine should be two lanes in each direction all the way to Lanes Mills .
    Shana tova to all!

  39. Less people less traffic, it’s simple when the answer is starring you in the face. Traffic is so bad on New Hampshire the smell of exhaust is 24/7. Should I have a respiratory illness and pass away I have instructed my heirs to sue the largest community here.

  40. There is enough room to widen Route 9 by one lane;
    then having 3 lanes on R. 9 , the traffic direction of middle lane can be switched at appropriate hours.
    Many bridges/tunnels use this option;
    Someone mentioned BMG can open a study hall south of R.70 , that is also a good idea

  41. Build a bridge over the lake connecting North Lake and South Lake. Then connect it with Sunset. Then build a road from James straight up to Massachusetts (Williams gets backed up).
    Don’t allow any more housing projects even with proposed traffic suggestions until the traffic eases up in the area (may never happen) as the proposals that developers have brought up don’t always come to fruition.

  42. How about building several overpass bridges for pedestrians over busy streets? I don’t live in Lakewood, but I visit often and seeing small children near busy intersections on scooters or a ten year old pushing a stroller makes me nervous.
    Obviously, new complexes should have rear exit roads where possible.
    People need to learn how to drive better, I see the most dangerous driving there. And I live in a major city.

  43. Does anyone know why oak has so many cars parked on the street? Coming out of any lot is extremely dangerous. No visibility.

    Schools need to have enough off street parking.

  44. Lakewood Mayor Warns Lakewood Scoop: “Slow Down With All Those Suggestions, Or I Will No Longer Participate in Your ‘Ask The Mayor’ Forum”
    Inundated with tons of suggestions from TLS commenters on how to ease traffic congestion around town, a clearly frustrated Lakewood Mayor, Ray Coles, sent an urgent message to the editors of TLS warning them to “stop with all the suggestions already, or I will never again partcipate in your ‘Ask The Mayor’ forum!”
    “Enough is enough already!” the Mayor wrote to TLS. “I don’t mind taking some suggestions from your commenters, and helping them resolve some issues around town, but this is getting ridiculous already!”
    “I can’t possibly address the millions of issues that your commenters mentioned in your recent Traffic Improvement post!” the Mayor wrote. “Do I look like a Supercomputer to you?! I’m human like everyone else. I’m sorry, but I can only deal with one problem at a time!”
    “I didn’t eat anything the whole day yesterday,” the Mayor continued, “and I had to cancel several important meetings because I was busy reading through all of the suggestions on your website! What’s more, it will take me at least 3 more months to finish reading through the entire list of suggestions!”
    “So here’s my suggestion to YOU,” the Mayor wrote to TLS, “stop inundating me with tons of suggestions each and every hour of the day, or I will no longer participate in your ‘Ask The Mayor’ forum’! Okay? Period! End of story!”
    However, sources at Lakewood Township’s Municipal office say that, despite the Mayor’s compaints to TLS, he added dozens of new members to his staff on Wednesday to help him sift through all of the TLS commenters’ suggestions, and to help him address all the issues at hand.
    Municipal office sources also say that the Mayor has set up dozens of meetings with various manufacturers and wholesalers, who, he hopes, will offer him some good deals on bulk purchases of traffic lights, turning signals, stop signs and road concrete.
    “The Mayor will voice his displeasure every now and then with the seemingly endless suggestions that he receives,” a key member of his staff told the ‘Ludricous Times’ newspaper on Wednesday, “but privately he is making every effort to burnish our beautiful town with the the most efficient and elegant traffic lights, and road concrete, that life has to offer.”
    “I know for a fact,” the staffer added, “that the Mayor does not go bed at night until all of the suggestions he receives via TLS are accounted for.”

  45. Clover/Ocean Ave intersection.
    The Ocean Avenue traffic light at the intersection of Clover should alternate green lights between eastbound and westbound. Eastbound is green for x amount of time allowing left, right and forward traffic to pass unencumbered. Followed by westbound green for x amount of time allowing left, right and forward traffic to pass unencumbered. This will alleviate the mile long line of cars backing up due to turning traffic.

  46. 1) Widen streets (or remove parking lane) to make TWO travel lanes, NOT a shoulder and a turning lane as was posted regarding the new improvements to Cross St. Such roads include:
    Central Ave, Sunset Rd, James St, Cross St, Williams St, Prospect St, Hope Chapel Rd.
    Take a look at Madison Ave which used to be a DISASTER before it was widened. Now traffic flows AT ALL TIMES OF THE DAY INCLUDING RUSH HOUR. It may be slower, but it flows, it isn’t a gridlock like other roads which are throughways that only have one lane. Take County Line Rd, too, for example. Plenty of through-traffic from Jackson to Lakewood and vice versa, but never a backup like the rest of town.

    2) Adjust most turning lanes in Lakewood to AFTER the straight traffic instead of BEFORE. Many time cars going straight wait for no reason as 2 or 3 cars in the other direction make a left first. The straight direction traffic ALWAYS has cars and the turning lane SOMETIMES has cars, so why not give them the right of way after the light turns red as in Brooklyn on Ocean Parkway and as in the light Northbound on Madison Ave turning left onto County line – This is set up perfectly!
    Examples: Hurley ave turning left onto southbound Rt 9; Hope Chapel southbound turning left onto eastbound 14th, North Lake and South Lake; Rt 9 North turning left onto Prospect; any others?

    • Make 2 travel lanes also on Massechusets, Pine, Oak, Vine
      Adjust turning light from W County Lin westbound turning onto Hope Chapel that the light should turn green at the END of the cycle instead of at the beginning, and make it RED at other times! SO many accidents and near accidents happen there, and sometimes they block the intersection causing unnecessary increased backup
      Do the same for the Cedarbridge/New Hampshire intersection – many many accidents at that infamous intersection and cars go so fast it is a real danger to life! If we had a red turning light like we have at rt 9 southbound turning onto Kennedy east, I think it would be safer

  47. Build more parallel roads to each major street all throughout Lakewood even if it’s 1 block at a time still helps. Also enforce distracted driving and stopping in middle of streets it causes unnecessary traffic and accidents.

  48. 1. County Line’s 2 lanes should be extended a tenth of a mile to cross the 9.
    2. Rt. 9’s 2 lanes should be extended just a bit, to go over central both directions .
    3. Make Clifton Ave. S 2 lanes northbound, similar to what was just done southbound.
    These 3 small feasible steps will ease 75 percent of the issues.

  49. Change the timing on the lights especially at Rt9 and Central leaving them green for a much longer duration in both directions. By the time anyone is moving at more then a crawl the lights change back to red. Allowing more time for traffic to flow through each green light

  50. Add an additional right turn lane on Kennedy Blvd. for cars turning onto Squankum towards County line road. This will alleviate the backup caused by cars who are turning into the left Squankum lane to make a left onto county line towards East, and allow those who want to turn onto Squankum and continue on Squankum past county line. Far right on Kennedy would be only for Squankum South to continue straight on Squankum; middle lane on Kennedy for left lane on Squankum South to turn left onto County; left lane on Kennedy for straight ahead or left turn onto Squankum North.


    schools must accept a certain percentage of their student body from families living within a certain radius, say one mile.

    Jackson schools, for example, should be primarily populated with Jackson students. Not students from Toms River. Areas with no schools must build them.

    This will significantly ease cross-city traffic, incentivize carpooling, alleviate a good amount of the trouble of “getting kids into school”, foster a healthy sense of community in individual neighborhoods.

    dai l’chakima b’remiza.

    • Adina – As a non-Orthodox, I respect the need for a frum infrastructure. But your leadership needs to plan long term for sustainability of infrastructure of the roads and neighborhoods. Jackson is expected to have 20 Orthodox schools built in the next 4-5 years. How can our rural roads accommodated the hundreds of buses needed to transport thousands of kids? You have a good point. You guys need to hold the rabbanim, askanim and other leadership accountable for promoting environmental and infrastructure sustainability as you develop communities beyond Lakewood.

    • That only helps if families don’t move. Most families move a few years after their oldest goes to school. Then what? What about when families move mid year? It only works if we can switch schools.
      Also, as someone who lives 1.5 miles from my kid’s school, it doesn’t help since the road in between is new Hampshire so my kids can’t walk or bike…

    • Yes ! I’ve been saying this for years! It’s ridiculous that we have a bus driver shortage, traffic nightmares, and school acceptance issues all because of this ridiculous system of shipping kids to distant schools!

  52. 1) make a turning lane on cross st to turn left on to james
    2)put up a light by prospect and cross (or a traffic guard during busy hours)
    3) legalize the left turn out of sunset grove/majestic (by the railroad) onto James by incorporating it into the new traffic light (EVERYONE is turning left there so it may as well become legal and safe!!!)
    5) the new light by James and Williams is ridiculous- you can sit on James/Sunset for 45 minutes during busy times. Something needs to be done…

  53. It’s too late for any solutions. Over development created this nightmare. Sad what has become of Lakewood. Need to stop development – roads can’t handle anymore traffic.

  54. Build more Makom Torahs & the housing that goes with it. In the zchus of the increased Torah learning the traffic problems will be taken care of by Hashem.

  55. Install traffic light on County Line Road at the entrance to Lakewood golf course/Maggies/Pine Park. It’s very dangerous trying to get in and out of there.

  56. This is a quick fix that just needs some restriping.
    There are currently 2 lanes turning on to Cedarbridge from Clover, one for right turns and one for left. The fact is that the right turn lane is usually empty, why not just allow left turns from both lanes, as Cedarbridge is a 2 lane street?

  57. Make a left turning arrow on the corner of Pine and Route 9/James.

    it is needed in both places:
    1. Coming from Route 9/River Ave going onto Pine
    2. Coming from Pine St. going onto River Ave/Route 9

  58. Does anyone know what changes are to be made on Rt. 70 (both east and west) due to the overwhelming new building of homes? Has anyone put any thought or even thought of a plan?
    I sit in stopped traffic or very slow moving traffic everyday now. I can not imagine the grid lock once people occupy the homes.
    Thank you

  59. when you’re on Pine going to Route 9, the left turning lane is very small but there is a wide yellow path leading to the left turning lane. Suggestion: convert the yellow wide path and make it part of the left turning yellow lane.

  60. Suggestion to the Lakewood Scoop: Till you close this section for comment, please keep this post on the top. This way, we dont have to scroll down till we find to add more comments. Plus, new readers, will see it right away and add ideas.

  61. The lights in lakewood need to stay green for longer. Most lights in lakewood only let thru 5 or 6 cars at a time. You lose the most time in the process of stopping and starting fo go. If the light would stay green for an extra 45 seconds, you would be able to clear up all the traffic.

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