Lakewood resident pens letter to Governor Christie

To the Honorable Governor Chris Christie, A grave injustice is spreading across the state of New Jersey, making its way into the nooks and crannies of this great state, hardly opposed in any way. A delusion is being projected, uttered again and again by mouths on the street, challenging the legacy of a diligent and devoted public servant. As a religious Jew, I have been raised to always acknowledge the good in others and to never fail to bestow proper credit where credit is due. I therefore considered it my moral obligation to speak out and give a voice to the thoughts that dwell in the hearts’ of every upstanding man.

New Jersey is a curious thing. She grew sick of the unchecked corruption and turned to you as her savior. You stepped in and took her reins, you swept out her trash, you bettered her life, you fulfilled her every whim. When dreary times came blowing along, you stood up to the storm, and led her through it with courage and strength. You threw your own aspirations to the wind for the sake of her prosperity. You welcomed and embraced her president, thus firmly securing her road to recovery, possibly at the cost of the opportunity to become our country’s next president. But you did it all the same, just for her sake. And now, as that aloofness that accompanies the passing of time creeps up upon her, she closes her eyes and seeks to forget. She focuses on the unimportant, on mere trivialities, and no less, on ones that the greatest judicial system on our planet has vindicated. She grows bored of the bliss, tired and fed up with all the responsible living, weary of contentment. When the pollsters come ringing on her phone, she speaks of disapproval without the batting of an eyelash. This is the picture of Jersey today. A tragic scene indeed.

It is with this backdrop that I pen this letter. I speak above the drone of those unabashed tones to expose the truth. There can be no mistaking it, no matter what lens the scrutinizer shall choose to look through. We are in a far better New Jersey than we were a few short years ago. We have quelled corruption, spent our money where it counts the most, and are well along the road of fiscal responsibility. Our government has become more effective and efficient, running seamlessly in an unprecedented well-oiled manner. Our men in blue can adequately protect us, knowing that the people in charge will always have their backs’. We listen every month as you go on public radio to answer the questions and address the concerns of the denizens, many times getting personally involved in resolving their issues. 609-292-6000 has become the number to turn to if all else ever fails.

Mr. Governor, I want you to know that we have not forgotten, and we shall never ever forget.

The pollsters rarely reach out to us, but if they would, we would tell them. The critics may speak louder, but we speak truer, and we will continue to say it well after the others forget.

I know that most of your correspondence is dealt with by your staff, and that this letter will most probably never get passed on to you. I hope and pray that somehow this letter reaches your hands. Because you deserve to read it. You deserve to know the truth. Your wife and children, while they surely feel it in their bones, deserve to read the truth in black and white. You deserve, more than anyone else, to sleep comfortably at night with the knowledge that New Jersey will forever be a better place because of your dedication. In your professional life you have never been fazed by the naysayers. I implore you, Mr. Governor, please don’t allow the slander to seep into your personal life and cause you to ever feel dejection.

Your support of Mr. Donald Trump helped him win the presidential election. The media projects that you may still be offered a position in his government, but whatever the case, term limits prevent you from seeking reelection as our governor next term. It will be a true loss for us here in New Jersey, but we will nevertheless continue to root for you, as a private citizen, or as you continue to use your talents and convictions to better the lives of a wider population. We are glad that Lt. Governor Guadagno had the chance to stand by your side and glean from you a perspective, so that New Jersey can continue along your path to posterity. We wish you well wherever your destiny takes you, and we will perpetually be grateful that you have touched ours. May G-d be with you, and may He continue to lead you and your family along the path of the righteous towards a long and fulfilling life.

Lakewood, New Jersey

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  1. What utter non sense this is. New Jersey is ranked #50 in balancing the budget and just had it’s credit rating cut for 11th time under Christie. Christie ran as a conservative and fooled us all. He is a liberal republican who stands for nothing.

  2. Christie destroyed our credit rating and illegally borrowed money for a vanity project — the state house restoration — so he will have some sort of legacy which will end up costing NJ tax payers over $700 million when all the bonds are payed off. He billed the state millions in legal fees to defend his vindictive and corrupt dealings with the bridgegate scandal. During the primary season, he spent more time in New Hampshire than he did New Jersey.

  3. it’s a lovely letter – much more than he deserves – but hey – what’s wrong with making him feel good and thinking of lakewood nj with fondness – i think this might qualify as chanifa – or maybe it is a kiddush hashem – what do the talmidei chachomim say –

  4. It is a well written letter, unfortunately is falls in the fiction category.

    Christie spent almost 3 years not doing his job, first running for governer, than traveling the country campaigning for the President.

    He was more concerned about his image then about actual accomplishments. One example has been particularly painful for Lakewood.

    In an effort to look good he froze all funding to municipalities, shifting the burden from the state to municipalities without dealing with the underlying issues.

    This has had devestating consequences to the Lakewood School District and many others.

    Not only that, but this freeze was done in the worst way possible. As school districts that shrunk, actually gained, as their funding was “frozen” at a higher level.

    This is just one example of Christie padding his stats, while accomplishing nothing, and in fact making things worse.

    I voted for Christie twice, I was optimistic when he was elected, unfortunately he was all hat, no cattle.

  5. Beautiful Letter, This writer is unbelievable, I wonder if he learned in NJ schools.

    Let’s give credit where credit is due!

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