Lakewood Resident Gives Kiddush – For Getting Child into School

accepted“R’ Schwartz* invites all to a Kiddush in the Shul in honor of the big, big Simcha,” the Gabbai in a local Shul announced this past Shabbos after Davening. But it wasn’t in honor of a birth, or a Bar Mitzvah – it was in honor of the ‘Ba’al Simcha’ getting his child into a local Mosad.

Since Pesach, approximately eight months ago, the parents of this child have been given the run-around by several different Mosdos, the father – a businessman – relates to TLS.

The father says the child was told by several Mosdos and Askonim to ‘sit tight’, but it turns out, says the father, that his child was just used as a bargaining chip – at best.

But several weeks ago, the parents of the child tried one more school, a newer school, where the father says they were warmly welcomed with open arms.

The father at the Kiddush publicly thanked those Askonim who assisted thoughout their horrifying ordeal. [TLS]

(*name changed).

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  1. As my wife says “labor pains are nothing compared to the pain of waiting for acceptance to school”
    Unfortunately in this town – it is a big Simcha and should be celebrated accordingly
    mazel tov and much nachas!!

  2. I’m happy for the father and for the child. Excuse my ignorance, but I need to ask: Why didn’t the father try the new school right away?????

    Again, I’m asking out of sheer ignorance, not to spite ch”v.

  3. In out of town communities all children are welcomed warmly into schools regardless of balabatish/yeshivish standing. The fact that we’ve become so stereotypical of people and their status is a huge disservice to our community. Who pays full tuition if not for the more balabatish among us?! You’ll reject a child and then knock on his door for money! It’s time we rethink the well-roundedness of our community and make sure that Lakewood is a place for all Torah Jews!

  4. There are other kids who have not been accepted to schools. it would benefit everyone if we knew which “new school” this is, so perhaps others can get their children in, too!

  5. Because parents are worried how they will look which school their kids learn in. If you PARENTS step down from the throne you are sitting on and not get stuck on sending your kids to only one or two schools that are SOCIALLY ACCEPTED things will be a lot different! Period

  6. I think its unfair to judge school unless u urself have been in their shoes! Literally unless u own or run a school stop judging (it goes both ways)

    Why is it when a playgroup morah rejects a kid we completely understand she must have a good reason(although we don’t know it we assume she would take anyone because needs the money but I know many morahs who want a certain crowd or type and as its her school its also her prerogative!

    but when it comes to a mosed the reaction is -rishaim gimurim!!

  7. it is sad that the school make families suffer by not accepting children.
    I personally went through this for 13 months my child was home and many days cried since they wanted to go to school just like there siblings. finally my child go into school but this really affected our family.
    people think that the reason some families don’t get into school is because they are to picky about which schools to send their kids too.
    we were not picky we just wanted a good school for our kids.

  8. Out of Towner, In Lakewood everyone pays regardless of what your working or learning status is. And I have yet to get a knock on my door from one of the elementary mosdos on town. Also Lakewood is a place for all Torah Jews and we should work on going to schools that have openings after the ones we want but weren’t accepted to,reject us. Maybe out of town if they would have enough people to fill up more then one school they would also be picky. Basically don’t judge

  9. There are numerous people that would like to open Mosdos . If you would supply the funds then there would be no shortage of talented people who would make schools that accept anybody . Please let us know once you are willing to pay to build the schools and then pay every year to fund the shortfall .We will then put you in touch with many talented people who will gladly work for you and abide by your rules as to who to accept .

  10. I have no knowl;edge about this case . But I do know that if we as a community put together a large fund to build and support new schools and we also demanded that parents be required to accept a slot in ANY school ,then most of these issues would go away

  11. to #5 may you never experience the pain that these parents are going through…….but this is a real simcha so if they want to thank Hashem for this who are we to tell them not to do so.

  12. my heart goes out to the child who has his first day of school and all the other boys probably look at him, not in a bad way, just because he is the new kid. i hope there is nice boys in that class that include him right away. Wondering how the child feels about all this media attention. It is good to spread the news so other parents have hope but for the child it must be sooo hard and could have a life long impact this whole saga!

  13. to # 18 unfortunately I do not have the funds to support a mossad and bh have all my children in terrific schools. I don’t believe that every mossad opened in this town opens with allot of funds at hand, they start very small .

  14. Oi gevald what’s the Peshat here? A Kiidush for being able to get accepted? Is this harward law? Yale? What level of degree do this principles have ? Are the decisions these menhalim or menehalis make based on Torah ways or deeds? Way no, it’s pitifully stuff they look at, atnd that has to cease, If my father was an ardent litvak or a chassidisha vassa zukken farfrumta Neshama should have no bearing in the credentials of accepting a child into school period, No child left behind should be the motto, Reb Akivas father was not a rabbi, our zeida Abraham was the son of terach the idol worshipper , what non sense is this? The only criteria for children to get accepted should be, That the child wants to go to school period end of story,keep it up chèvre now go back learning the daf meshectas yuma is not an easy one

  15. To the contrary .If you feel together you can run a Midas with little funds then by all means why don’t you open a school and makopen e itopen to anybody that applies .we need more school desperately .

  16. To #24 Like I said I am not looking to send my children to a new mossad I am very happy where they are now, I am just broken hearted when I see parents having problems getting their children into schools. I think all the parents that are having a hard time getting their children into school should have a forum (maybe Lakewood scoop would be the right forum) where they can strategize together and plan for a new mosad and be mechazek each other . I would be more than happy to help in any way.

  17. People out there:

    There are actually normal people out in Lakewood, their comments just never make it onto TLS. The truth cannot be said in Lakewood.

  18. I think your comment underscores the problem . We have a tremendous shortage of schools as we are growing much faster than we can create new schools . The problem is that the people who have their kids in schools feel that they are ok and let the others help start schools . That is not going to work . We need the entire Tzibur to feel the responsibility to costantly make new schools even if you have no kids in the system or you have kids in good schools . We need many millions of dollars to accomplish this and until we change our priorities and everybody pays full tuition before sending kids to camp , or making a nice bar mitzvah etc we will never solve this problem .

  19. most of us look at paying tuition as a nuisance and try to bargain with the schools for the lowest rate and biggest subsidy . If we treated tuition equal with groceries and before everything else , then more schools would open . The stress of covering the budget with the shortfalls caused by very few full tuitions in most schools , is just too great for most people. Order should be food ,rent full tuition and then everything else.

  20. to Asken, the answer might be opening more schools, however forcing people into them isnt the right answer and no the issues would not go away as you suggest

  21. Are these ppl normal? Really? What has this world come to? The ppl who don’t accept these kids I wonder how they would feel if u would do this to them this is just soooo ridiculous shame on u ppl who are proud of ur school that have these guidelines

  22. Lets put it simple , in order for a school to have success and try to cover their budget need full classes , when you take in everyone just because they want to learn you might have the best Rebes and the best curriculum you will not have full classes , and these ppl who get rejected dont either want to send to a school that the parent body is much below their standard . In Monsey there are schools who accept everyone they are not full and they are really struggling . So once the parents are picky the school has to be picky as well period . So stop blaming the schools !!!!!!

  23. in lakewood the issue is not the full classes neither is it covering the budget. some schools “charge” to get in. and as far as monsey goes, being from there, i am not really sure which schools you are reffering to.

  24. I don’t understand all the complaints . Why don’t a few people just agree to pool their money and open one boys and one girls school that will take anybody who is shomer Shabbos.Then there will breathing more to complain about.

  25. Here’s a novel idea: no school is allowed to start the school year unless EVERY child in the city is enrolled somewhere.

    If even 1 parent comes and says, “My child doesn’t have a school”, no one opens.
    (Maybe if a panel of Rabbonim aka a Beis Din pasken that this child doesn’t need to be accepted, the schools can open.)

    Problem solved.

  26. Anybody can open a school . There are a vast number of complainers about the pickiness of schools . why is it so hard for at least one of those complainers to open a new school that will not be picky and then problem is solved forever .

  27. NO child should ever be left behind. NO school should be allowed to open if there is even one child left behind! Shame on this community for rejecting innocent children! Causing pain and anguish to sweet children and their families! Shame on the schools who don’t open their arms and embrace these kids with love!

  28. Your Novel idea is great provided that the Rabonim you refer to all undertake to provide the funds to open enough new schools . You cannot just have the power to keep schools closed if you dont undertake the responsibilry to financially keep them open .

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