Lakewood Police Department to crack down on bus driver infractions

In response to numerous complaints regarding infractions by bus drivers, the Lakewood Police Department says it is cracking down.

The following statement was released by the Department.

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  1. Are school buses allowed by the law to take a right hand turn on a red light? I have witnessed many times buses turning on red especially onto Rt 9.

  2. About time! These guys are reckless. Each and every day they continuously risk thousands of lives around town with their bullied way of driving

  3. its about time they finally crack down on all the school busses that make an illegal and dangerous LEFT TURN(!!!) ON RED at the Route 9 and North Lake (Main St) intersection!! ( referring to buses making the left onto NOrth Lake)

  4. Yes sure. Let’s crack down on bus drivers. We do 8-10 runs a day and you gotta do up 50 stops per run. Spending countless hours on rt 9 , pine etc… traffic every day with screaming kids in your ear. No ac in the summer and most of us are on road at 6 am (takes 20 min for the bus to give heat in the winter). Yes , there are dangerous drivers but most of us just trying to pay our tuition on time ,working for a small but honest paycheck. And we don’t get no in-laws support. How about some curtesy on the road and may be some small token of appreciation on chanukah. You should try to do 10 hours of lakewood driving daily before you judge. There is a reason why Sta, Murphy, Durham… all left Lakewood years ago. I remember 2 years ago half of kids still didn’t have buses middle of the year due to shortage of drivers. And Lakewood is only getting bigger. So be careful what you wish for…

    • you sound like a safe driver, no one is targeting you. theres no doubt however that many drivers break the law too often prompting the LPD to do there job and keep our children and streets safe. It was not meant to be taken personal in any way. Thanks for an amazing job!

  5. Most bus drivers are amazing and take care to keep our children safe. Having said that I’ve seen horrible incidents involving bus drivers. One such example is when a bus driver closed the door ON A CHILD and began to drive off. If not for my beeping who knows what would have happened. I called the company and nothing was done. There is a shortage of drivers so I doubt anything substantial will be done to rectify the problem.

  6. I agree that there are SOME bus drivers who are reckless. Thank you to all of those wonderful, safe bus drivers!! But let’s ask ourselves, are we also at fault? Do we slow down to let a bus into our lane of traffic? Are we considerate in our own driving? Or are we forcing the drivers to do something dangerous since they are on a tight timetable?

  7. Put yourself in those bus driver’s shoes…. Driving a school-bus in overcrowded Lakewood streets at rush hour (all day) isn’t exactly a simple task… If anything cops should crack down on the reckless car drivers… stopping 2 meters after the stop signs and preventing the bus’s from turning….

  8. I’m very happy to see that there’s an effort to crack down on some of the bus drivers however on the flip side many drivers in Lakewood do precisely the same things that school buses do but I believe the reason that people are getting very upset about school bus drivers because they have number one many kids on the bus and number two we expect from a bus driver better and safer performances and number 3 when such a big vehicle act in a certain manner is seems like it’s more Reckless than a little car.

  9. I’m not sticking up for the driver, but we put tremendous pressure on the drivers to do many, many routes, and to be on time for all of them, so they take as many shortcuts as possible!!!!

  10. everyone who has children on a bus should also talk to them about behavior on the bus. Just yesterday on Cross Street a bus was pulling onto the street every window on the bus was open and the boys were hanging out of every window and yelling to each other out of the windows while the bus was moving

    • Yes RebRambo and Very important. We have to do our job well and lawfully but you don’t have to go after us and ask police to “crack down” on us . Its already very hard to be a bus driver in Lakewood , and if we start getting pulled over for every little thing , we will have to step out of the kitchen. Good luck carpooling your kids

  11. It’s about time.

    No, I won’t have sympathy. It’s their job. They’re paid for it. They need to do it well and lawfully.

    Not to mention they’re driving kids!

  12. Most drivers are competent and professional, however some are completely reckless and drive at speeds that give them no time to react in case needed and do whatever they want because they others will yield to them due to the size of the vehicle. It’s a serious problem.

  13. Maybe they should crack down on the new rule on car after the light turns red. The people that piggy back through stop signs. That don’t stop at stop signs. That make illegal left turns. That make right on red when clearly posted no turn on red. That pass school buses when reds are on. Or worse pass on the right. I nearly lost 3 kids that way.
    Start with that.

  14. And maybe you should pay for monitors so that kids aren’t hanging out of Windows and throwing out trash. Let me see you drive these streets and babysit 50 kids.

  15. I agree with Bus Driver 100%. There doesn’t need to be a crackdown. If a cop witnesses a bus driver doing something illegal he should be reprimanded and/or ticketed as any other driver would be if they broke the law. “Targeting” the bus drivers will not help the situation. I’ve had my own negative experiences and wasnt happy but I think it’s few and far between. Whether it’s cops,lawyers or bus drivers, There are bad apples in every bunch. Are we going to do a crack down on all the cops that put on their lights just to drive through a red light?

  16. I have 5 kids on buses and have very nice drivers this year. I have seen other bus drivers that are reckless. My problem is not with bus drivers but with car drivers who never stop when my kids are getting onto the bus. When they do stop very close to the bus they give me nasty looks. Its funny because these same people if it was their kids would be crying bloody murder that we didn’t stop for their kids bus.

  17. Time to go after these aggressive bus drivers who think that since cars have to stop for them “so THEY OWN THE ROAD”

    Since when does a car need to make a short stop just because the driver decided to put out his stop sign and cant wait a second for a passing car to go through and open the door when it’s safe?

  18. I would like to see you do our job in it not easy.we have to deal with people on the roads people double parked cutting in front of school bus just to get a head of the bus makeing uturns right in front of the bus and you say the police should crack down on bus drivers .

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