Lakewood Police Chief Greg Meyer: We Are Continuing to Conduct Daily Traffic Enforcement

If heading out, be sure to follow the traffic laws, or you may wind up with a ticket.

“We are continuing to conduct daily traffic enforcement, specifically focusing on cell phone violations,” the Chief told TLS.

The continued crackdown was announced by Mayor Coles yesterday in response to an Ask The Mayor question.

The extra enforcement detail was first announced at the end of 2022, and last several weeks.

“We have seen an uptick in motor vehicle crashes, and we are taking additional steps to ensure our roads are safe for our residents and those passing through,” Chief Greg Meyer said at the time. “I have recently called for additional enforcement throughout the town by both patrol division and Traffic Safety division.”

During the first 48 hours of the earlier crackdown, approximately 70 tickets were issued, compared to just four tickets in the 24 hour period prior.


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  1. How about some real facts? Have collisions dropped since enforcement has started? If not, why not? will additional enforcement do the trick or possibly another form of enforcement or police presence? or maybe enforcement is not the way to go?
    Some real analysis is due here, people are getting hurt and possibly killed. How long has this enforcement lasted? A week 2 weeks?.

  2. There seems to be a total disregard for people signaling to make a turn. I don’t know why it is such a difficult thing to do. Can that also be enforced? At first, it was a failure to signal when making a right turn, which is bad enough. Now people are not signaling when they want to make a left turn. The car just stops in the middle of the street (doesn’t even move over to the left side of the lane), and waits.

    • Yes. You actually have a chiyuv bec of lo saamod Al dam reicha . All the more so your own. Also consider a chiyuv of vnishmartem meod linafsoseichem. Also a din chayecha kodmin. Also a chiyuv derech Eretz to obey traffic laws. There’s certainly no din moser to ask for police presence. Ask your lor. But don’t think it’s righteous to sit by and watch as literally every single day people are having life altering car crashes bec of reckless drivers.
      R Avigdor Miller ztl was once Menachem Aveo by a family whose member died in a car crash. People there were speculating about which aveira his death is there to help us rectify. R Miller said that perhaps the reason he died is because he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. End of speculation. End of mussar.
      Be smart.
      Realize that a vehicle operates at high speeds and one can seriously harm oneself and others while driving, if not treating driving with the respect it deserves.
      This, my friend, is the Torah Hashkafah. That’s why I took the time to comment. Know the truth. Have a good Shabbos Tzaddik

    • You think your than everyone else? There’s no reason why there are so many accidents in Lakewood DAILY so if drive like an animal I think someone else has the right to report you!

  3. The question should be not why we need “extra enforcement”, it should be why wasn’t there enforcement all along. How is it that only 4 tickets are issued in a 48 hour period in Lakewood?

  4. @Megaaskan if you follow the laws you wouldn’t have an issue it’s pretty simple to explain all the comments all the people complaining about it obviously break the law speed, no turn signal, won’t stop, cellphone…… and want to continue having fun but those that are pro like me actually care about your safety so you don’t die in an accident or worse as a pedestrian because some crazy dude doing illegal things

  5. Gut Voch to everyone.
    Good health also
    All of you people NOT requesting more Police presence:
    Did you ever think that you might have a Din of a person who doesn’t really care if the next guy’s child gets injured in a crash.
    When we hear stories in Lakewood and other places that people are actually getting hurt, it should really bother us and we should try together as one unit to think of ways how can these accidents get partially reduced.
    But then again we have people who really don’t give a HOOT and their wallet is the main deciding factor for all decisions- The bottom line: If I am well, my friends are OK, my siblings and their children are OK- Everything is all good—-
    If the other guy got hurt: TOUGH LUCK
    Just recently a toddler got hurt in the driveway because a guy turned into the driveway very fast.

  6. @Rodeif Please don’t humiliate yourself by calling me stupid.So you are saying if someone gets a ticket because he did not register his card in the past year he is called a rodeif????If someone gets a ticket because his windows are tinted he is called a rodeif???If someone gets a ticket because his left blinker isn’t working he is called a rodeif???Do you even know what a rodeif is???Do you know what the halacha is for a rodeif???Again,I think you might wanna think again before you call another yid stupid.

  7. Maybe that guy called you a not nice name because his relative or friend was in an accident and he had to be in the hospital for a few days with the injured person.
    Nowadays, if someone is in the hospital all alone, we all know what that leads to.
    Maybe this is the reason why he is upset and he called you a name. He was not trying to hurt your feelings. He did not realize that you would get so offended.
    Sitting in a hospital is no fun at all (for all the parties involved) no income- small amount of food-no working-no learning-no Chavrusa-you have to remember to bring a recharger for your phone-the list goes on and on.
    Please let us all drive in a defensive manner and we will be safe and healthy with Hashem’s help.
    Hashem will send you a livelihood Parnassa-Do not worry.
    Thank you

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