Lakewood Police Chief Greg Meyer answers your ‘Ask The Chief’ questions: Speeding

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Greetings Chief Greg Meyer,

I have lived at (moderated) for over 27 years now.

We are requesting enforcement of posted speed limit 25mph on my short block of Gudz Road between Miller Road and New Central. We have vehicles traveling at least double the posted speed limit. The block has become a death zone.

Please contact me at you earliest convenience.

Thank you.



The Chief’s response:

We have placed the radar board out on Gudz Road and traffic and safety along with the patrol division has begun strict enforcement.

Since Wednesday, we have issues 17 warnings for speeding violations as well as several summons for speeding. We will be out there morning noon and evening in a coordinated effort to educate the motorists who traverse this portion of the roads in the township. This is one of many areas we will begin to do targeted enforcement.

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  1. slept for 27 years when the area was a drug trafficking haven and now that the neighborhood improved and is full of normal mature adults rushing to work and other gainful occupations he woke up and complained

    go back to sleep and let the good people who want to live a productive life do so

    • “full of normal mature adults rushing to work and other gainful occupations”

      Is the commentator suggesting that going to work is an excuse for “driving recklessly”. I’ve almost got into a couple of accidents in that area because of some drivers in a hurry. But hey, maybe that’s ok because they were in a rush. Who knows?

      • I really hope that your comment is a joke. Otherwise you must never go out of the bubble that you live in. If there was no speeding in this town then maybe there would not be so many accidents. Almost everyday there is between 2-4 accidents that are posted about. No telling how many more there are that are not written about.

      • wow never heard such a untrue comment
        Esther where do you live?
        under a rock by any chance
        there are tons of accidents in this town everyday
        maybe if people wouldn’t speed and always be in a rush then there would
        not be so many accidents.

  2. Good! It’s about time. I visit my relatives whom live on Gudz Road;
    about 18 years ago a young Yeshiva family sold their home on Gudz road and moved to a cul-de-sac because of the speeding, (they had a special needs child whom constantly wandered on to the road); Since then the speeding constantly got worse, and especially now they had paved most of it a few weeks ago of which all the potholes have disappeared and they’ve been speeding even worse. I signal and try to turn left into the driveway on Gudz Road and I’m constantly being cut off from the left, they can’t wait a split second till I turn in; it’s an “issur d’oraysa” (very big sin) the way some people have been driving on Gudz Road. Thank G-D sidewalks were put in.
    Thank You Chief Meyer

  3. I really appreciate that the township is enforcing speed limits in these areas. I truly hope they will increase enforcing traffic laws throughout the entire town because it is a death trap on many of our roads due to the fact that the population has increased so significantly and the infrastructure cannot handle the overload of cars. When police write Tickets, lives are saved and sanity is restored

  4. While I’m all for traffic safety, the LPD’s primary concern should always be crime. People should feel safe to walk down their own blocks. It starts with petty crime & soon turns deadly.
    Please keep us safe!
    Thank you

    • They are both super important issues.
      What is the difference if a person gets hurt through an accident or through a criminal. They can both be deadly. They are both of primary concern.

  5. Central Ave is also a very dangerous road to cross by foot. Cars drive way over the speed limit and hunk if I cross the street walking normally and cause them to slow down (to 45 PMH). . Should be police stationed throughout central Ave giving tickets for speeding and for not stopping for pedestrians crossing.

  6. I certainly understand the need for targeted enforcement for particularly dangerous areas, and based on the description of this area, it does seem to fit the bill. The people driving double the limit must be stopped.

    That being said, I would posit that 99% of Lakewood residents would oppose the kind of enforcement done in some surrounding townships such as Howell.

    In recent years, I’ve been pulled over and ticketed in Howell for:
    1) Driving too slow – I was ‘caught’ driving 38 MPH in a 50 MPH zone in the right lane on Rt 9 at around 12:00AM!
    2) Driving with a flickering left rear tail-light. No warning given.
    3) Turned right out of Ford Rd from behind a cop waiting to turn left with ample space because the cop was already well into the roadway. This is clearly legal when there is enough space and b”H I had a dash cam running, but it was a great hassle as they make you wait around 4-5 hrs on court day until they’re done with everyone else if you have the temerity to refuse their plea offer.
    4) I was also ticketed in Brick for driving with a one day expired registration. He threatened to impound the vehicle, but since I was listening to Ben Shapiro, he got friendly because he’s “a big fan” and let me off with just a ticket. So benevolent, no?
    Let’s get them their vending machines back and perhaps suggest they also open a donut shop with extra overnight staffing there in Howell. That way, maybe they’ll focus on enforcing the laws their residents want enforced.

    I would add that I do lots of driving in many areas and states, and these are the only violations I’ve received in the past 8 years. It’s not about my driving habits.

    Most of us really appreciate the sanity in the LPD and how they go about their enforcement. Please, please don’t turn us into Howell.
    Thank you!

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