Lakewood Police Chief Calls for Additional Enforcement Around Town

If you drive unsafely in Lakewood, get ready to be ticketed.

In response to the numerous accidents recently, many residents reached out to TLS asking what is being done about it.

TLS today reached out to Police Chief Greg Meyer for comment.

“We have seen an uptick in motor vehicle crashes, and we are taking additional steps to ensure our roads are safe for our residents and those passing through,” Chief Greg Meyer said. “I have recently called for additional enforcement throughout the town by both patrol division and Traffic Safety division.”

The extra enforcement detail will remain in effect until further notice.

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  1. This is basically yidden snitching on yidden. when cops pull them over for a minor infraction some of these ppl cld be are living paycheck to paycheck so the ppl tht pushed for more police presence around lkwd shld be ashamed of themselves!!!!

    • Yea no. It’s yidden putting other yiddens lives in danger. If you can’t afford a ticket don’t do anything to warrant receiving one, it’s that simple. This is very very very welcome news and I really hope they give out tons of tickets and Lakewood becomes semi normal again.

    • Let me see if I understand: being too poor to pay traffic tickets gives you a free pass to break traffic laws and drive dangerously. Got it.

    • You’re joking right????!!!!
      Because you drive like a maniac, and can’t afford paying for your reckless driving others should be at risk???

      Reckless driving includes using your phone, speeding, pushing through yellows (and for sure reds)….

  2. So now the people that went ahead and complained and made this happen whats goona happen when they get pulled over ???!?!
    And what about every 3rd guy that knows someone who’s knows someone so they won’t get a ticket but a guy who learns legitimately and does some minor infraction should be the one to get the ticket ?? It just makes no sense.
    P.s. I will add alot of people are on their phones driving and distracted while driving but if their not ticketed what does it help ?,
    A warning doesn’t doesn’t mean much in my opinion.

  3. To Paycheck to Paycheck – if you’re living Paycheck to Paycheck these days you’re from the ‘besserer mentchen’ and doing better than most. Many these days are amassing credit card debt and other type of debt as a result of inflation and those in real estate type of business are affected terribly from the market uncertainty and the hike in mortgage rates….

    • The fact there are so many accidents in Lakewood raises the insurance premiums for all of us to all of us since they are determined based on based on where you typically drive, And the amount of accidents and insurance claims in the area. So even if you did not have the misfortune of having an accident you are still paying more because of all the reckless driving in town.
      No one is asking for the cops to get nitty gritty and ticket for every light which is out Rather people are demanding please take a ticket those who drive recklessly. Pretty fair I think

  4. Please, Hope and County Line. Every change of the traffic light multiple people run the red light. Another multi vehicle accident tonight because out here yellow and red lights mean nothing. How about giving out some tickets to the people who think 55-60mph is ok from Hope Rd to the Jackson border on County Line. Jackson and even Howell are here handing out tickets, why not Lakewood.

    • Not the way it works.

      Once they are out on patrol they will ticket for every infraction observed. While those who normally drive erratically will shape up when they see the cop.

  5. Its a shame we can’t have cameras on traffic lights and speed cameras here.
    That would solve much of the issue much more effectively and without the negative feelings that will develop towards the cops for doing their jobs by giving the tickets.

    • Wow, at this point I merely hope that the ones requesting these cameras and police presence suffer from the repercussions firsthand.
      Maybe that will slightly atone for the damage their causing to the entire town.
      And for the ones that need everything spelled out in its entirety or they’ll go into hysterics, I am not promoting dangerous driving but mesirah is next level shocking.

  6. The Lakewood scoop should be ashamed of themselves. Did you ever ask a shaila if you can rat to the police on the entire town and ensure that they take some more money from us? Did you ever learn the definition of mesirah? What town are you even representing if you don’t know the basic halachos?
    And for all those requesting a higher police presence, feel free to post your exact address here. We can politely request from the police that they have a patrol right at the edge of your driveway- your seatbelt not fully on as your backing out? $250. Your back light just went out and your on the way to fix it? $640 plus 2 points. You went on yellow after waiting 6 lights of red and green and only one car passed by each green so you figured it’s ok to go on yellow now so that 2 cars can go very 15 minutes instead of 1? $1567 and your driving privileges revoked.
    You have only yourselves to blame

    • Correction:
      You only have YOURself to blame.

      ALL of these things are wrong AND against the law! You should be ticketed for them. If you don’t want to get ticketed, then dont do it.
      And by the way, you don’t get points for a light out.
      Accept responsibility for your own actions and accept your consequences instead of whining and trying to get away with it.

  7. How about the developers and Planning board/zoning board that created the lakewood traffic mess pay for the tickets?.why is it our problem that lakewood traffic is impossible and poeple are just extremely frustrated?.

  8. Can the Lakewood police be in contact with township about how they are equally responsible for this mess?
    How do you expect 200,000 people to safely move through a few county roads daily while the local streets are blocked off by massive developments?
    Can something be done?
    Yes. Use the federal law of eminent domain to open new roads through private developements.

  9. my question is: what’s gonna happen to the money collected from tickets? If it will go towards improving infrastructure in Lakewood, that would be great – the reckless drivers would essentially be paying to make this town safer.

  10. I really don’t understand all the people criticizing the other people who want safer roads in Lakewood, essentially a pikuach nefesh issue. How can you place anything before pikuach nefesh (preserving life)? It’s Yiddishkeit 101 that pikuach nefesh trumps everything but the “Big Three”.

    It also bothers me ethically that you are defending the “rights” of people to drive badly and dangerously. Where is your basic decency and basic sense of being a law-abiding citizen?

  11. Mesirah? Really? Can someone please explain to me how requesting that the LPD enforce EXISTING traffic laws, which come under the inyan of dina d’malchusa dina, is mesirah. It seems to me that mesirah would be if you flag down a police car and point out a yid yapping on the phone while driving, or you take down the plate number of a red light runner and call in on them. I don’t believe that anyone is advocating for these things. But a general expectation that police should enforce existing traffic laws in order to make driving safer for EVERYONE…is mesirah? I think not.

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