Lakewood Neighborhood Retains Attorney To Help Fight Planned Child Day Care Center

Included in Tuesday night’s agenda for the Lakewood Township Planning Board is a controversial day care center, which is proposed for Spruce Street between Washington and Vine Avenue’s.

Per the submitted application document, the two-story building, with a finished basement, will be licensed for 350 children and 54 teachers and will contain approximately 70 parking spots.

In their document, the applicants note that they expect roughly 25% of their staff to carpool and each vehicle dropping off and picking up to transport two children.

The plans have drawn fierce opposition from many in the neighborhood, who say they already deal with an “out-of-control” traffic situation, and have retained the law office of Jan Meyer Esq, to represent them.

Several neighbors who spoke to TLS called into question the validity of the traffic study and said they will highlight “many issues” with the study at the hearing.

The Planning Board will meet Tuesday evening at 6pm.


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    • You obviously aren’t in traffic there in the morning and in the afternoon.
      One can sit there for a long time.
      Unfortunately in the town where everything gets approved even if there is fierce opposition, I don’t know how much of a chance they have

    • What will happen if a developer would make a day care on your corner you will throw a fit at the developer. these neighbors are 100% correct for fighting it to stop the building this attorney jan Meyer already won for a couple of other law suits in town so I have faith in him #stopthebuilding #stopthe corruption

    • …until you live there. I don’t live there but happen to be driving in that area today. It was not even during carpool/busing hours, but the traffic was completely backed up -the entire Washington from Pine to spruce and even on spruce between Washington and vine. The cars were waiting to turn onto Washington. It’s a disaster there. So yes, a daycare wud be pretty bad!!

  1. @ shragi rubelow
    I think people are just tired of watching their neighborhoods disintegrate because of overbuilding and traffic, they’re finally pushing back.

  2. Same developer that got approved for a yeshiva on ridge by saying he had 200 students where he really had 800. With no Simcha hall, where there is a Simcha hall

  3. Wow!
    You people? And who is on the other side? Some special bing?
    Why do you think that you are different than anyone else?
    if this would be next-door to you, would you say the same thing or you’re one of those people that are insulated because you have a 20 acre property surrounded by a big fence with two entrances to some quite private street. Who couldn’t care less about anybody else in the world but you’re selfish self

  4. Besides for the terrible traffic, how is a commercial building even allowed on a residential street? The disregard for Lakewood residents’ rights to a peaceful, quiet place to live, is over the top. And people who don’t want commercial buildings on their streets are called anti semites! This is not Boro Park and even though much damage has been done already, there are people who are trying to stop Lakewood from turning into Boro Park! (which was once considered a beautiful place to live too) Ditto to Anonymous 4:22 PM, #stop the building, #stop the corruption

    • Is a Shul or Yeshiva a commercial building? Is a daycare which is in essence a large playgroup for our little Kinderlach a Comercial building? If they are being built then its because there is a demand and need for more such buildings, where exactly should they be built, five or ten miles out of lakewood??? Maybe they should all be in the industrial park???
      The frum community was built on Yungerliet who want to be able to learn full time in Kollel and is growing evey year by leaps and bounds so lets stop anyone living in lakewood including your children and grandchildren and lets fight with all the Yeshivos, Shuls and Schools from coming anywhere near our block, area or town!!!

      • Is a grocery wear our children get food to eat a commercial building? Is a shoe store where our children get shoes for their fisselach a commercial building?

  5. As someone who lives in the spruce neighborhood I could most definitely vouch it’s a super busy intersection but if it’s not a daycare someone would build 50 townhomes and the traffic would be crazier.

  6. I once asked someone: “If they open up a child day care center in your neighborhood, would you give a care?”
    He told me: “Of course I wouldn’t! Let someone else care for them!”

    • Because he will be taking away from the neighbors and they will lose money it will take them at least another hour to get to work every day, house value will drop extremely in the neighborhood, property values will drop so tell me why the developers should be making money on someone else’s חשבן???? STOP THE Corruption in this town

  7. So the Lakewood community is fu ally feeling the way the neighboring towns do about so much building and traffic caused by one town. I wonder how this is will all be handled.

  8. I would not trust any application this developer submits. I don’t care what he claims it’s for. He has a chazakah to fudge the numbers in order to get approved and then he pulls out the real numbers and goes on to destroy neighborhoods.

    Besides, who would believe his baloni claim that at least 25 percent of the employees will either carpool or walk. Since, it is impossible to enforce and the current workforce can quickly switch to different workers which won’t carpool or walk – who in his right mind would ever approve his proposal based on something so ridiculous?!

  9. in Lakewood it does not matter if you live in a residential neighborhood or not we have many schools being built in our neighborhood our Quality of life has been sucked right out of our brains because the town fathers do not care about us they just want to build build and build they don’t care about all the traffic its just a big joke to them.

  10. Fact: Lakewood’s rapid population growth requires and will continue to need more and more Schools more Yeshivos (ten or more per year) more daycares and more Shuls. If you don’t like that fact then your best option is to move to another quiet town elsewhere.

    • In the last generation babies were cared for in small groups by Moros in their own homes and picked up at 2:00. Now due to the skyrocketing cost of living triggered in part by Lakewood’s overdevelopment, mothers are forced to work full time being separated from their tiny babies by full time child care which requires our tiny babies to spend their days in these warehouses. How sad

  11. That’s what we did, we got OUT. Could not be happier!!! Good luck to those who stay, it will be interesting to see what happens in the next few years.

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