Lakewood Mayor Ray Coles responds to your ‘Ask The Mayor’ questions: Not the True Traffic Picture

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Hi Mayor, this is more a statement then a question. I past corner of chestnut and New Hampshire and I saw like 10 traffic experts there doing a traffic study to see how to set up a traffic light I guess. It’s “bein hazmanim” (school recess now for our high schools and BMG) and the many hundreds of kids usually traveling to yeshiva and kollel isn’t taking place, many young families already went out of town for pesach. The traffic this morning was so not the real picture! This morning the Traffic was only half of what it usually is, (I drive around all day, I have a service business) there needs to be some education and collaboration between the different departments, these things happen to often. They need to be properly educated about the schedules of the Lakewood community. I also saw some guy studding the pattern by Williams and James this morning, there as well, traffic is usually much worse!

Thanks for all your help Mayor!

David K

Response from Mayor Coles:

Good morning,

Thanks for writing.

We do our best to limit road closures and distractions like this during certain times of the day. Occasionally a group will take it upon themselves to do something without our permission & knowledge.

I can only hope that their presence at this location means we are one step closer to the traffic light & realignment of that intersection finally getting done.




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  1. I believe the Mayor misunderstood the question/statement. It’s not about road closure, it’s about doing road studies/surveys during non busy times which is not getting the real pic of the traffic issues in those areas. I see this problem all year round as well that they are done during non busy times of the day

  2. I think this is this is best featured column on the Lakewood Scoop.

    i am sure many more than one question is sent to the Mayor weekly.

    Wish: Instead of most of the time responding to one email per week, I wish you would respond to a few emails per week.

    • Honestly I think this column should be renamed to “Ask the Mayor Traffic Questions” or maybe “Rant to the Mayor”

      Does anybody realize anymore that the mayor does more than deal with traffic lights?

      Thanks for all you do Mr. Mayor!

  3. i dont believe the mayor answer the concerned comment/question. i believe the mayor just said in short “”OH” good point. what can i do?? if this was a convenient time for them to do a study traffic report-so be it”!! who cares half the residence are out of town (In Israel or in Miami…)
    But Mayor-this happens EVERY YEAR!! IF NOT PESACH, THEN SUKKOS! if not sukkos then summer break…THE TOWNSHIP GETS LOOKED AT WHEN THE JEWS AND TRAFFIC IS SLEEPING!! And actullay…The study of traffic with these guys DOESNT cause traffic build ups. So why cant they do their study traffic in two weeks when the town is back to normal?? its like studying the traffic of the Lincoln or Holland tunnels of New York City on a Sunday January 1st at 5:00AM-Do you think they’re gonna get an accurate pic??

  4. Questions, answers and replies are apparently strictly censored not to ever shed any negative light on anything the township does. A real open forum is whats needed but that will never happen.

  5. Traffic in Lakewood has become unbearable!

    Something has to be done, it’s not helpful to put the blame on the county.

    If the county or state doesn’t want to fix the problems, money should be withheld and rules should be made in this town that we can do things to make our town safer!!!

    Expand route 9 all the way to Toms River and make new turning lanes and turning lights (the turning lanes should be separate lanes besides the 2 other lanes)

    Lights should be synced (it takes at least 15 seconds for cars to start moving at lights, so green should be longer, and synched with other green lights, so less stop and go)

    Expand Cross and make turning lanes and lights as above

    New roads to cross town (both from East to west and from north to south)

  6. I agree most of the time when they did a traffic study oak and New Hampshire was when all the school and workers were not in the area anymore making it look like we did not need any help in these areas they should come out about seven or eight and just observe until four or five in the afternoon to see the true picture

  7. Bain Hazmanim is one thing; people are still driving There was once a cutsy story that they came to make a traffic study, and concluded there is no issue at all. The perplexed askanim finally realized the issue; the date they had come was Yom Kippur!

    (But I agree with the writer – it’s still not the full picture as when so many are driving in one direction at one time. I’m just writing this for the story.)

  8. I think we need a bot that will constantly complain about how bad the traffic is in Lakewood. Maybe Asinine and Goose have some friends?

    • I just happen to have a robot friend who works part time as a bot. In fact, I once tried to ask him if he would agree to be hired to do exactly as you suggested: constantly complain about the traffic. But I couldn’t get him to listen to my request because everytime I tried to open my mouth, he started to complain about the traffic. And whenever I try to meet him at his house to discuss the matter, his robot wife tells me he’s stuck in traffic, and she doesn’t know when, or if he’ll ever make it back home.

  9. I believe that this is purposely done on the holiday to speed through any permits, to bring in more traffic.
    Meanwhile, Mr. Letterwriter, if you are writing to the mayor and the whole world will see it, you may want to use something called, ” Spellcheck”, first! It’s a great invention!

  10. The writer of this letter mentioned that there needs to be some proper education as to the schedules of Lakewood traffic. May I venture to add that this letter writer needs some proper education about spelling and grammar before posting a letter in public. His letter made a good point but is an embarrassment as far as spelling and grammar are concerned.

  11. Maybe perhaps stop building all the duplexes and basement apartments and schools to cut down on the population to alleviate the traffic problems!!!!

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