Lakewood High School Students Yell ‘Heil Hitler’ At Frum Families

lakewood high schoolFrum families walking past the Lakewood High School on Yom Tov were in for quite a shocker. While walking on Somerset Avenue to friends for the Yom Tov meal, the families were shocked when during dismissal students screamed ‘Heil Hitler’ from the school bus windows, while giving the Nazi salute, one of the family members from New York relays to TLS.

“We were appalled by this”, the NY resident tells TLS. “I feel this should be brought to the attention of the authorities”. “The Mayor should be aware of it”, he says.

Additionally, “the school should have required studies about the Holocaust”, the man says.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time residents were harassed with such insensetive anti-Semitic slurs.

Neighbors TLS spoke to about this recent incident say they’ve heard similar such slurs in the past.

“It doesn’t shock me”, says a neighbor who lives in the vicinity of the High School, “I’ve heard it before from students”.

Another neighbor tells TLS, “I’ve heard quite a bit of trash-talk come out of some of the students there”, “something has to be done about it”.

The man tells TLS he has already reached out to several officials regarding the incident. TLS.

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    -I guess being politically correct, is more important than true education.

    Kids will be kids. I dont condone their actions, and think its disgusting. But the true fault that lies within the childrens ignorance, is the fault of mom & dad not taking the time at home to educate their children the respect every child should learn from mom & dad for ‘thy neighbors’. Also if teachers took more time to explain to students, the true horror that millions of people went through, the kids wouldn’t find it funny to harass anyone of the Jewish faith with such nasty remarks.

  2. I know when I was in school (different town) we did spend a lot of time on the holocaust. I know a lot of schools in NJ do, but I can’t speak for Lakewood. I think there is a much larger issue than just kids being ignorant (and heartless) here. There are a lot of kids who have no respect for anyone in this school system. Not to say what they did was not bad, but I think there are a lot worse things those kids do. Where do you think the gang members (and murderers) go to school before they drop out?

  3. A young black neighbor of ours recently said something about Hitler to my husband. He asked her – what do you think Hitler did to black people? She had no idea, and he proceeded to let her know..

  4. A young black neighbors of ours recently made a comment to my husband about Hitler. He asked her if she had any idea what Hitler did to black people. She did not, and he proceeded to let her know…

  5. Stupid people say and do stupid things. One fool starts says or does something and other fools think it’s cute and copy him. That said, hatred is not something you’re born with, it’s something you’re taught. The only way to combat hatred is to teach respect and acceptance of others. This has to start when kids are young so they grow up respecting others. If you don’t start when they’re young you end up having to, for lack of a better word, deprogram them from all the misconceptions and prejudices they’ve already learned which, unfortunately, is easier said than done.

  6. All the above is true, However we must not forget we r still in Galus. That was just a reminder. Complaining to authorities is not the answer, Davening to H-shem will.

  7. This should have not been published by the scoop. Perception is eveything, review who controls all the committee’s in town. The township committee, the planning and zoning boards, the BOE and every other committee that has a say of what is spent in Lakewood. This is a shame this was said but I have heard other comments from other students as well.

  8. The fact of the matter is that these children are being taught by their teachers and school officials to get their parents to go out and protest the Jews who are controlling Lakewood. Their parents who many times do not pay a penny in taxes will rant and rave about percieved inequities and etc. I send my kids to private school since I would never let my kids around some of the gangs and trash in the system. The Orthodox Jewish community has a prominent representation on Lakewood boards as they should reflect the populace. They are doing what many other townships have been doing and possibly they should be doing much more. In Lakewood this becomes an ethnic issue.

    I hope school officials take this seriously. Its not just heil Hitler they have no respect for anyone!

  9. Exactly! These kids are just parroting (in an obscene manner) what they hear from their parents, teachers, and other people in authority about how awful the Jews are and they ruin Lakewood and are selfish.

  10. The kids in this school and others do and say worse then this. There is a saying, sticks and stones…. Ignore them, kids have mean and derogatory comments to make to all kinds of people, fat ones skinny ones, white one black ones tan ones, jewish ones chiristian ones and the list goes on. Is everyone in this world so thin skinned that every word that comes from someones mouth offends you. Move on with your life. Just so you know also, the lakewood schools do teach the holocaust and about Hitler, not just about black history, that was a rather racist comment to make. Mr. Conservative, you are right though, it does begin at home. You cant blame the educators for a childs upbrining. I raised my children in Lakewood, they are white and of Jewish decent…my dads family is Jewish and my grandfather a rabbi and all of my dads family were killed in Aushawitz minus my grandparents who ecaped. I taught my kids to be accepting of all people and to not badmouth people, because it just shows how ignorant you are and reflects the way your life is at home. I dont condone those words and that name is not mentioned in my house unless it is in an educational matter, but with that being said the words people say are just that words, why take it to heart. They did not do anything to you other then speak. Just walk on and walk tall and proud. The fact that you ignore this from them makes them stop, they do not get the power from your hurt, which is what a bully seeks.

  11. as a former driver,while not condoning this behavior,a few things need to s as said. there were many times students [over 15 yrs. old]yelled either racial or insulting words out the windows. what was also inapropriate were the nasty things screamed at the residents ofvthe “home” at 7th and lexington.and…how many times do all e f us call our worker “the goy”?name calling is destructive and insulting. and most of it comes from a leval of stupidity.

  12. In my neighborhood, I say hi to all the black and hispanic kids on a constant basis. I teach my children to say hello and smile at every single child that we meet. We wave at every neighbor we meet, and we’re on a first-name basis with all our neighbors, including those who are not Jewish.

    I believe I am bringing up my children to appreciate all people, and to tolerate those who are not like us. My children never say anything derogatory about anyone else.

    I teach my children that we must keep the 613 commandments, because our G-d commanded us to. My children will sometimes ask me if the non-Jews will also merit the World-to-Come, since they don’t keep the 613 commandments. I tell them that they will also merit the World-to-Come because they are good people and they are not doing anything wrong; this is what G-d wants from them.

    It’s a very fine line to bring up your children according to your religious beliefs, and at the same time teach them to respect all other people as well. However, it can be done.

    With a little more effort, we can all foster respect for each other.

  13. To #22 (Yid says): Well said. I have always taught my children the same. They have never been disrespectful to anyone, and have become wonderful adults, and now they are also parents. I know they will teach their children the same. You can’t judge a whole group because of one “bad apple.” There’s still hope. As far as these kids. Kids that age, not all, yell at everyone when on the bus. They probably don’t even know what they’re talking about. I doubt their parents had anything to do with it.

  14. To 22, I don’t believe the problem is with our children. What you are doing is nice but you’d be better of teaching them how to fire an automatic weapon.

  15. I was walking on the second day of Shavuos about 9:15-9:30 am on Ridge. As I passed the middle school I heard coming from a classroom someone screaming “JEW”.

  16. what would happen if someone yelled the N word back at them? They would have every right to be angry so why don’t we have the same right?

  17. To 24.

    You are wrong. I believe that our neighbors wouldn’t say to us Heil Hitler (except maybe for a joke) because they see us as nice people and have nothing against us.

    The more we go out of our way to be nice and friendly, the less hate there will be.

    (By the way, I am a staunch conservative, and I believe that everyone should own a gun, because very soon the liberals will run our great country to the ground and there will be chaos and riots. But this has nothing to do with our topic.)

  18. Occasions such as this is when parents need to counsel their children on behavior. If that does not work, the next step is to wash out their mouth with soap. That get their attention.

  19. Thank you Yid! People like you are the ones who help change misconceptions about your community. Tolerance and friendliness can bring a lot of mutual understanding. The more people can see a community as a group of individuals, the more they can understand them and respect them- instead of stereotyping and breeding more ignorance.

    This goes for the hispanics, the blacks, the Jews, the non-Jews, all of us. I’m sure these kids would yell slurs at the hispanics too. This town is so fractured it’s sad. No one wants to understand the other group- just blame them for something.

  20. Teenagers do provocative things. Why do you suppose they walk with their pants down? It’s because authority figures, adults and people with better sense disapprove. If the schools made rules that everyone should “sag” their pants, all of those kids would have their pants up and belts on the next day.

    What was yelled was utterly inexcusable, but you must consider the source. I assure you that children being raised to be responsible and productive members of society would never consider behaving this way, which means that the unfortunate losers in this situation are not the ones who were yelled at, but rather those who were doing the yelling.

    And to #24, if you decided to call names back, then you must be the type of person who believes that 2 wrongs make a right.

  21. #33. I do not know of what poem you speak. I am the child of a holocaust survivor. I’ts a hate crime to harras people with such language. “merley a bia incident? “I don’t think so. Incitement to do harm, and that’s what that battle cry is, is a crime. What do you want, that we should wait till someone gets hurt? This type of thing needs to be vigourusly put down with full force.

  22. Never Again!,

    For all of us that are interested in buying and training in the use of pistols for self defense, can you please suggest how do we start? Where do we go for a license? Where should we go for training and what kind of gun do you suggest we consider buying? any other suggestions could be helpful as well.


  23. I can’t even read this without feeling so sorry for the bloggers. While I do not condone the behavior of these children they were just being that children. maybe some of you who think that you should get a weapon should dress in plain clothes for a day and walk past a jewish boys highschool and hear the names you are called. My mother has a neighbor with a six year old boy who goes around yelling stupud goyium. Is that appropriate. I guess they must have learned that at home and will prob grow to continue to think the same way and when he’s in highschool will prob yell and shout things even worse then that……yes lkwd does offer an entire period to teachings of the holocaust and children are even taught as early as grade school.

  24. Anyone who says “kids are kids”….has forgotten that most of the SS murderers that actually carried out the Holocaust were indocrinated from when they were kids. There was the Nazi Youth movements. You had the brownshirts…..
    I surely hope the school system(if we can call it that)will take this seriously.

  25. I’m in agreement with #22..
    While some of you should be ashamed of the way you are talking. This is how one incident gets blown out of proportion because it’s another negative against the public school system. Some of you are talking about teaching about the Holocaust in the public schools, are they teaching about African or Hispanic Heritage in the private/religious schools.
    There has been incidents involving the private/religious school kids that gets swept under the carpet and was never mentioned again because I guess the unruliness of some kids should be overlooked..…
    Instead of bashing these “KIDS” why don’t we try to organize something that will unify us as a people/community so we can all live civilly in this Historic Town of ours…

  26. While number 41 is correct that its near impossible to get a carry liscense in nj, it is still very important to get a fid which is a permit to purchase and own firearms in your house and place of business. To inquire how to get a FID search online and follow the simple steps. As regards to what kind of gun I would suggest due to ammo costs and ease of training and handling that you get a 9mm pistol. They go for 350 550 for a basic non upgraded gun which is perfect for home/property defense and if you get more experienced/more money go with a .45 pistol which has much stronger stopping power

  27. # 22 you are so right, # 24 you are so wrong , buy your gun and see what happens, never heard so much hate, you live in america how about teaching your childern about ww 2 and what all those american men died for. thank you

  28. There is no crime here. It is just a display of disrespect. The Frum community should take this as a call to teach. They should volunteer to speak at the grammer and high schools to explain their religion, their lifestyle and their history. Knowledge is strength. Their recent treatment of GCU also does not endear them to the Christian community.

  29. In response to number 8 – This has nothing to do with education. The school system does not condone behavior like this. This has to do with the upbringing of these children. A child’s action is a reflection of their upbringing.

  30. Unfortunately, at times people of all different nationalities and/or religious beliefs have been ridiculed. How about the Italians? Haven’t they been ridiculed? We are all in America and should act like Americans.

  31. I have heard people compare ion the past that lakewood si even more ir hakodesh than Yeruslayim… you might went to take that back… and remember that you in gulus and ppl and know that people felt at home in Germany before the Holocaust too… it’s time to think Israel everyone

  32. Thanks for what you wrote. Its true, also the school system can only do what the Board allows them to do. The teachers can only do what the board tells them to do. They are told what to do with the children. Try going to a board meeting and see . There is some rude people for you. See for yourself. Also many other people were killed under Hitler.
    I feel bad for the teachers of Lakewood, I know many of them.
    It will come, the state will step in and we will have charter schools.
    Everyone needs to know this is not a good thing. It will hurt all schools. There is also no Board. I think everyone should look up what happens to a whole district when charter schools come in.
    Learn for yourselves.

  33. This site is a joke, you let people see only what you want them to see.
    This is Germany all over again and your people allow it
    You tell them who to vote for and let them read only what you want to.
    no one lakewood is failing

  34. As a former employee in the public school I have known many of these students. I believe they know “heil Hitler” is antisemitic, but little else about what he did and what he stands for. I also believe that the students are mimicking what they have heard repeatedly from their parents. I’ve had elementary school students saying horrible antisemitic things to me, not even realizing that I am frum and not understanding what it is they are saying.
    The main problem is definitely their ignorant and hateful parents, because they have been having antisemitism ingrained in them from their homes from such a young age that they think it is normal.

  35. To #40

    How can you compare the Holocaust to African or Hispanic HERITAGE?!! That would be tantamount to asking that students be educated on Judaism,Islam…..Noone asked that your kids know about the origins of the Passover holiday….. After having such a incident, it’s not crazy to suggest that a school teach their students about possibly the worst crime against humanity in world history. This is taught in schools the world over so it would make sense that in a district where these “KIDS” meet Jews every day, it should be taught.

    Secondly, I’m not sure if you realize but private schools are funded PRIVATELY whereas the PS system is funded by taxpayer dollars-BIG difference.

    Thirdly; can you please post some incidents IDENTICAL to this one that occured with Jewish students which “got swept under the rug” as you say?? Please post specific incidents.

    Lastly; how can you say that yelling “Heil Hitler” is just an “incident” that is being “blown out of proportion”. Although I agree people are overdoing it,let us not forget that the Holocaust started with HATE not with guns. It took many years to poison an entire nation but it did happen and it all began with the teaching of hate.There is plenty of hate in Lakewood,regardless of the reason behind it.

    For the record;I too educate my children to be kind to neighbors,Jewish and Non-Jewish alike. I have a Non-Jewish neighbor who approached me for help in his marriage since I am always very kind and helpful to him. I used to drive him around when he was drinking to much because he was under alot of stress when his sons were fighting in Iraq and Afhganistan..Noone in the entire neighborhood could care less about him-and I was his only Jewish neighbor! I wonder how many families sending their children to the PS system can say the same.

  36. For the record, the word goy just means nation. The Jewish people are a got also. Please don’t get offended if you are called a goy. FYI, they do have holocaust studies there, just look at the lobby and the intimate plaques. I don’t think that education can erase antisemitisim. Just look at the Germans. And to the one who claimed,just be nice, well its true that we must be nice to all, but it still doesn’t eradicate antisemetic feelings.

  37. Inumerable attacks have been perpetrated on Jews by non-Jews in Lakewood; Rabbi M was on his way to the synagogue when he was bludgoned over the head by a non-Jew. Remember the Girl Scout leader in Lakewood who was seen by police giving pennies to her children in the car to throw at Jewish mothers with babies in carraiges?
    There was never a Jewish blog at Georgian Court University that was shut down and it’s members forced to undergo sensitivity training … that was a non-Jewish group that was posting anti-semitic messages regarding the rude things they were doing to Jewish people in Lakewood.
    The Jewish community came out in great numbers to pay respects to fallen police officers. Was Officer M. killed by a Jew? No, he was not.
    There are many fine and respectable non-Jews in Lakewood. Bear in mind, however, that it is not the Jews who are causing problems in Lakewood. Why have Jews, lately, started getting more involved in the goings on in Lakewood. The BOE? A few years ago, before Jews got involved, there was a story about 7 and a half million dollars that went missing … Jews were not involved. If nearly 90 % of the taxpayers in Lakewood are Jews then Jews should start taking more control. Jews are being blamed for cutting taxes and making the good-ole-boy systems of yesterday more transparent and honest.
    Let’s focus our attention where the problems really lie … and it’s not with bussing … it’s with hate crimes and other illegal and criminal activities.

  38. To #53, you are part of the problem. Creating divisions on religious grounds is causing the issue to begin with. Every resident of Lakewood falls into one category: PERSON, not two categories: Jew or non-Jew.
    I would be very interested to know the source of your data on nearly 90% of taxpayers in Lakewood being Jews. I don’t recall seeing any boxes to check on the tax bill to specify religion.

  39. to #53 some very misleading and unsubstantiated remarks that will ony inflame the already tense feelings between those who live in this town.

  40. I am appalled but not surprised that in this day and age anyone would yell out anything about hitler. This past week was the anniversary of D Day. Our soldiers fought bravely and gave their lives so that hitler would be stopped. Christians and Jews fought side by side. Our schools do teach the Holocaust, it is not swept under the table. This type of hatred does not come as a result of a teacher, a curriculum, a school system.
    It comes as a result of the lack of parenting, of ignorance, and of hatred that is allowed to happen. No amount of Holocaust classes will change the students family values. It can only hope to plant the seeds for tolerance.
    Buying guns will not change ideas, it will inflame and kill.Is that the society you want to raise your children in. Germany could only control their citizens using hate ,do we want to ?

  41. What the children said was very wrong and yes i agree is completly the parents fault as racism is learned. but also i have heard frum yid students yelling out of school buses goy or goyum to no jews so is that ok? No it is is not so what we need to do is raise our children to love and respect all as there is good and bad in all people & religons!!!

  42. With what I’m reading here, sounds as though you have now become what you started out fighting for. You know promote violence and weapons, wow! Great example!!

    Let me just say, when the shoe is on the other foot, oh boy, what a different story. I live near a non-public boys school, and the disrespect and property destruction from these boys is unacceptable. When you ask these boys nicely to please keep off the lawn, or mailbox, and to please no throw garbage everywhere, very bad things get said, that I will not repeat.

    Tolerance and respect needs to be taught on both sides. What all fail to realize is ALL the children are following the hate and intolerance from both sides. You all cry about hatred on Jews, well Christians have had to deal with that from day one. The key word is …DEAL with it, fix it, make it better for ALL! What you are doing here is a real shame, and ends up taken this to a whole new level. THEN WHAT?? BEFORE YOU JUDGE OTHERS, JUDGE YOURSELVES. there is so much wrong doing and disrespect going on in Lakewood, both sides are responsible. If you wanit people to have a better option of you, give them a reason to. What you don’t realize is that by you pushing everyone out of this community and everything it, is promoting hate. It is very bias. So please practice what you preach., then maybe we could all get along.

  43. For every action, there need not be a reaction. There needs to be a well thought out teaching agenda. The bus was identified. Why was the bus not rerouted back to the school, where community leaders could have a teaching session with the students.

    Sometimes, when confronted with realism, people of all ages and religions, have a deeper understanding of the pain that they inflict on others.

  44. Hitler was a psychopath who had no brain. If these students are following him, what do you think this says about them? If you read (moderated) (witch I hope you don’t) you will notice that it makes no sense whatsoever. This incident just goes to show how brainless they are.

  45. #16 I agree with you and plus it is a matter of time before the thugs turn their hatered onto the jewish community. We need more police on these streets to protect us.

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