Lakewood Daf Yomi Live on Zoom – Socially distant, virtually close

By C.E. So you’re stuck at home and want to make the most of your time.

Well, aside for lots of great quality time with family, the silver lining is you can now accomplish so much you may not have considered in ‘normal’ life.

Whether or not you’re learning Daf Yomi, you want to check out this shiur!

The shiur is listened to by many thousands of virtual members around the world via the highest-rated Torah app: The Lakewood Daf Yomi Chaburah app on Apple and Android apps, as well as podcast. (See ratings and comments in the app store)

For the first time, the Lakewood Daf Yomi Chaburah has introduced their shiur LIVE on Video via ZOOM.

You too can join the energy infused and engaging Daf Yomi Shuir. Delivered by Sruly Bornstein with commentaries and Halacha Lamaseh. Packed with a flavor of lumdos, halacha lamesah, machshava, hashkafa, general yedios, and the exclusive #TheRestOfTheStory related to the sugya.

A chaburah coordinator shared, “In the beginning of March, before our current reality hit and there were a select few who were not able to make it to the shiur. Ira Zlotowitz of Eastern Union & Klal Govoah was proactive and took the initiative for all the arrangements needed for a live-stream solution, with the assistance of Reuvain Moddel – a live chaburah atendee. At first, the shiur was broadcasted from the new live location at Rabbi Milsteins Ishay Yisroel on Miller Road. Once the travel restrictions were put in place, the shiur shifted to an all-virtual zoom shiur which is available on TorahAnytime. This isn’t the first time Ira has been proactive on behalf of Lakewood Daf Yomi. The successful Klal Govoah ‘Start The Daf’ initiative for daf beis of Mesechtos Brachos and Shabbos was also a ‘Ira project’. There were many thousands of attendes to those shiurim. When Ira has an idea, he jumps at it and runs with it to whatever length necessary to bring it over the finish line!”

Zev Fried, a live chaburah member, manages the daily zoom meetings. The virtual shiur not only enables members to learn at the shiur, but broadened the reach with the ‘pre/Post-shiur’ discussions and Q&A from around the world.

At Lakewood Daf Yomi, we believe it is our role during this time to prioritize two things: the health and well-being of our our live and virtual members, and do all we can to make all in isolation to remain connected to the shiur.”

“Since we play a supportive role with the strongest anti-virus known to man: Torah!

We thought it would be appropriate to take extra measures to connect with the members of our international Chaburah, making it easy for all to engage in the Energy Infused Daf Yomi Shiur regardless of their location!

The shiurim are delivered almost daily, but subject to change. Sunday-Thursday 8p, Friday afternoon and Motzai Shabbos.

The best way to get information is to subscribe to the Chaburah email updates:

You can also sign up to the WhatsApp or by sending an email to [email protected]. (below are more ways to connect).


Here’s some feedback on the shiur and zoom, that members just sent in this past Sunday:

The LDY ZOOM shiur by R’ Sruly Bornstein, has really enhanced my love for the Daf and has transformed my time at home to a Bais Medrash like experience, It is my sincere hope that the ZOOM shiur can continue permanently.”

Nochom Wolf, New York

“…It’s Epic , possibly the best all around daf yomi shiur in the world . His passion and clarity are one of a kind . The “ reid “ at the end of the shiur will make you dance , literally . It’s a game changer as well most importantly a life changer. The words והערב נא take on a whole different understanding after being exposed to his daily shiur .”

Chanania Pomerantz, Lakewood NJ

לא תהא שמיעה גדולה מראייה!”

Seeing Reb Sruly’s hilahavus in imparting the shiur is and should be an inspiration to all who watch the shiur.”

Rabbi Mordechai Kaminetzky, Woodmere NY

No words describe what a great Shiur Sruly Bornstein gives.

Energy, delivery and chiddushim that he brings. He has an excellent taste of what to bring.

Mordechai H., New York NY

I joined the last cycle of Daf Yomi… Coming from a strong yeshiva background I’ve been reluctant to join daf yomi assuming it’s a bland learning experience. Welcome to Sruly’s shiur :)The bekius and geshmak learning with Sruly’s shiur makes the entire daf yomi experience so much more meaningful and enjoyable. From learning of the daf through the trademark #Reid Thanks to R’ Sruly and all involved including yourself for all you do.”

Isaac Weiss, New York, NY

Sruly’s daf exceptional, I’ve given up my seven year chavrusa for the live zoom daf, on occasion when missed I love the online daf, always accessible u’vshachbacha u’vkumecha.”

David H

It makes the Daf come alive. Not only is R Yisroel a great Magid Shiur, he is a performer too. It keeps me on my toes.

Moshe Waldman

Definitely the worlds greatest Daf Yomi Shiur. Although The Lakewood Daf Yomi isn’t the only reason why I’m up to date with the Daf, Sruli and the Lakewood Chaburah is the reason why I look foward to listening to the Daf. I have attempted to keep up within the Daf many times and failed. As a matter fact I was so inspired to do the Daf after the Siyum Hashas but sadly failed. Close to a month in to this cycle some how (miracle sent by Hashem) I came across the Lakewood Daf Yomi and the mouth watering Raid bytes. Shortly after I was inspired and caught up with the Daf. I can go on and on but am the to keep my review short…”

Moshe Aziz., Israel

Sruly’s shiur is clear, concise, exciting, and very inspiring. I particularly enjoy the historical backgrounds and his insights. This is my first Daf cycle.

Steve – Plainview NY

I joined the shiur at the beginning of this cycle and it has added such chiyus to my day, I have gotten so many yedios in different topics.

During this period where we are locked in our homes, the fact the shiur is ongoing its brought a sense of normalcy and something to look forward to each and every day.”

Yoel Matyas, Lakewood NJ

The shiur has become so lifelike to me, I’m requesting Sruly is on Zoom permanently!”

Moshe – Montreal, Canada

Sruli’s daf is amazing!

keeping me up to date and engaged!

daf app is totally user friendly and interactive”

Simcha Katz

This shiur is for people who would otherwise learn full fledge beiyun Yeshivish style . If that’s the way you like to learn and you don’t have the time , sruly is the way to go! You get a Clear blatt shiur with all the basic meforshim plus all the juicy Reid. I can go on and on and on of how much I enjoy this chabura. In addition I generally cannot commit to the lifetimes but I can always get-it On the app at my own convenience with the ability to hear it faster or slower or rewind.

WARNING. This shiur Is addictive and you will not go to sleep at night without hearing the full episode”

Y.S. – Monsey, NY Talmid Of Paterson, brisk, bmg

Zoom is the most recent example of שהכל ברא לכבודו!!

To be able to learn the Daf by Sruly in the confines of your home /study during times of crisis and have the feeling of “being there live” is the best food for the נשמה and makes the Daf experience so much more uplifting and personal for me and everyone!!

The emotional “reid” by Reb Sruly “jumps” out at you from the screen as you enjoy the “ride” to the max !!

A truly remarkable experience להגדיל תורה ולאדירה

Dovid Presser, Lakewood NJ

I used to think Daf Shiurim were boring. Not here, Reb Sruly keeps things exciting!”

Sruli Gross, Toronto

Brings the Daf to life, I find myself looking forward to it all day.”

Nosson Katz – Yerushalayim

Surly’s clarity in explaining the Daf, along with his enthusiasm for learning, has enabled me to keep up with the Daf Yomi. After listening to more than 100 shiurim, I have improved in my own learning by paying better attention to the flow of the Gemara. The Reid bites always leave me off on a high.”

Yosef Berman, New York

This is a close group of people that share their knowledge in a very friendly atmosphere. I do not feel like an outsider even though I am new to my Jewish faith. I have tried other groups, but this group gives me the most information about the Talmud.”


Being able to join the Daf Live via Zoom has changed my life. It gives me something to look forward to each day, a calm part of the ocean in the current Sea of Chaos. Though I have never met most of the people and don’t even know their real names (just their zoom handles) I mamesh feel a sense of belonging to a wonderful chabura of people from all over the world.”

Michael (Dovi) Weiser, New York

Since the zoom presentation began, I finally feel I am part of the best daf yomi shiur ever. I look forward to the live presentation anytime, morning, noon or night.

More so, I am able to transcribe the ha’arahs in real time as I feel Sruly is talking to me personally.”

Judah Herzog 

Having the constant of the Daf by R’ Sruly and especially with the ability to see and follow him by zoom has been amazing. It is a real constant source of inspiration and strength especially in these times.  I have also liked the app features very much and it has been working great for me. 

Thanks again for all of your incredible dedication and work on behalf of the Klal. The shiur continuing uninterrupted and actually stronger than ever has been amazing for myself and I know all of my Clifton friends.”

Yosef Lanzkron

Most amazing shiur ever It changed my day I look forward for the shiur every single day.”

Mark Weinberger



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Kol Haloshon. Dial 718-521-5231 then *7-7026.



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  1. Fantastic shiur! Rav Sruly’s love for learning is electric, and has accordingly whetted my appetite to learn an additional meseschte be’iyun.

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