Lakewood Baalei Batim to Head To Eretz Yisroel Next Week for 3rd Annual Yarchei Kallah

Lakewood Baalei Batim will be heading to Eretz Yisroel next Motzei Shabbos for the 3rd annual week-long Yarchei Kallah trip. The trip – led by esteemed Magid Shiur Harav Lazer Apter Shlita, is being joined by many new participants this year, following last year’s successfull trip with approximately 25 Baalei Batim.

The week-long event features Shiurim, Divrei Chizuk and ‘Shmuezin’, given by leading Rosh Yeshivos, meetings with Gedolei Hador from Yerushalayim and Bnei Brak, visiting Kivrei Tzadikim and more.

The group this year will be departing Motzei Shabbos January 5 and returning on Erev Shabbos January 11 – though most of the group last year chose to remain in Eretz Yisroel over Shabbos.

(You can view the itinerary here and here).

For more information about the trip or reservations, contact 732 806 1008 or [email protected].

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  1. wow! wow! wow! this yarchai kallah really seems like they know what they are doing!!!! The itinerary is beyond amazing, it includes shuirim and divrei chizuk from gedolim and chasuva rabannim who i never would have imagined ever having the zechus of hearing them speak to me personally! How i wish i can somehow organize my time to be able to join this not stam event! lucky those who have the zechus of participating! Please give us feedback when you return to give us all a glimpse of the inspiration that you gained. Enjoy every moment and have us all in mind!

  2. orrr maybe well give give tzedakah and join this amazing yarchai kallah- who says you cant do both??????????? i for one think you can!!!!!! this yarchai kallah is the way to do it!!!! have fun!

  3. ye smarty, you have a smart point! i don’t feel like prying into other people lives and deciding how they should spend their money i think we should all be happy for them and ask them to learn in our zechus since many of us dont have the zechus of going!

  4. #3 I think the 300 people that go to the aguda Yarchei Kallah should use their money instead to help out all the people effected by sandy or better no one should lease any cars, just buy 1960″s station wagons, get suits from gemachim, brush their teeth once a week, travel only by car pool, buy fruit for shabbos party instead of laffy taffy, chol hamoed trip should be to shop rite, and use the extra monies to give to the poor !! KOL HAKOVOD to this choshiva oilam that care to spend their money wisely to sit in learn in eretz hakdosha and to be mechuzik from gedolei yisroel . KOL HAKOVOD to their wifes who understand the importance and encourage them to go. Go enjoy and keep us all in mind!! Neseah tova !

  5. #3:
    The people going are probably hard working people that give plenty of tzedaka. You have no business telling anyone how to spend their $. There are many tzedaka and government programs that provide the needy with assistance. Shame on you!

  6. jealousy plan and simple
    if you don’t like that others can do things that you can’t then change something in your life to make it happen.
    if there’s a will there’s a way. if you work hard you can achieve anything

    we should be happy for these people who work hard all year and this is a treat for them from there everyday life.

  7. to #7

    Very well said. I would add the $2500 sheitels and the weekly manicures to the list as well.

    Everyone calm down. Let people do as they please.

  8. I will not be joining the yarchei kallah. I have not been to Eretz Yisroel in over a decade. However I feel so lucky to be able to learn every day interacting with so many choshuve people around the beis hamedrash, and hearing shiurim from phenominal talmidei chachomim.. Boruch hashem these Baalei Batim get the chance for a week to experience the full day of Torah and learning that thousands of yungerleit are able to experience every day here in Lakewood! Lihagdil Torah U’lihaadirah

  9. This is a great idea by a great bunch of guys, led by R’ Avi Braude & R’ Yakov Buchler , Shlit”a. May you be zoche to shteig in torah & yirah & be inspired by all the gedolim ur scheduled to meet. Dudi B.

  10. Why every time this topic comes up do people freak? Its not that big a deal. Some people use their own money to fly to Israel. Ok. Even if it was not for Torah what does it have to do with you?

    Oh I forgot its those evil wealthy types who fill their mattresses with evil money that they should be giving to the starving people. Oh how unlucky they are that they never enjoy all day learning like I do – aside from when I am checking the blogs – right here in my backyard. I am totally not green with envy since I get it when I want it right here in Lakewood but those strange folk must travel so far….

  11. #3
    Every year there is always 1 person with your brilliant idea. Its probably the same guy every time. These participants asked a shailah before they decided on it. I went on the 1st one & every Godol we met with said what a great thing wedid. MOT ONE TOLD US THAT WE SHOULD HAVE STAYED HOME & GIVEN THE $$$ TO TZEDAKAH INSTEAD!!!!


    NICE SARCASIM, these are balei batim & retired people who spend actual “working time” & learn a shiur iyun every morn. 915am – 1015!!!
    Sometimes I wonder whos learning is done with more mesiras nefesh.

    Actually I dont!!

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