Lakewood Baalei Batim To Head To Eretz Yisroel For 3rd Annual Yarchei Kallah

In a few weeks, Lakewood Baalei Batim will once again be heading to Eretz Yisroel for the 3rd annual week-long Yarchei Kallah trip. The trip – led by esteemed Magid Shiur Harav Lazer Apter Shlita, was attended last year by approximately 25 Baalei Batim from Lakewood.

The week-long event features Shiurim, Divrei Chizuk and ‘Shmuezin’, given by leading Rosh Yeshivos, meetings with Gedolei Hador from Yerushalayim and Bnei Brak, visiting Kivrei Tzadikim and more.

The group this year will be departing Motzei Shabbos January 5 and returning on Erev Shabbos January 11 – though most of the group last year chose to remain in Eretz Yisroel over Shabbos. TLS.

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  1. I think that these type of “news stories” have no place on TLS. First of all, it is not “news”. Second of all, it just glorifies the idea that one must have $$$ in this world so one can be a “fineshmecker” and join the yarchei kallah that the “besser a mentschen” go on. Let them go, wonderful. Does TLS need to shove it in our faces? Better they should take the money and give it to hurricane Sandy relief. TLS should concentrate on stories important to the Jewish Community in Lakewood, including stories about Israel.

  2. Anon: take a really long drag on the nearest pipe cuz your freaken for no good reason. There are way more important stuff to get uptight about I assure you. No one considers themselves better people. Do you have a problem with someone using his own money to go to E.Y. on yarchei? Calm down.

  3. woah!! It sounds like you wish you can go and unfortunately can’t for whatever reason. Maybe you should fargin others and in that zechus may you be zoche yourself to go one day!!

  4. Anon #1 has either been outa a job too long or maybe lives in Westgate and is still grappeling w/his seventh power outage for this year. Either way its no excuse for letting off excessive steam focused on this article.
    Live and let live….

  5. Kol Hakavod to the Ba’alei Batim who take out time & money to go to EY to grow in Torah in Yiras Shomayim. (Anon- u are so misguided its really sad) hope u all have an uplifting, meaningful time. DB

  6. at anon #1

    why should these good people forego on their yarchei kallah because you cant afford it???? here is the thing. the yarchei kallah is for WORKING people who are entitled to spend some of their hard earned money on whatever they may wish.

  7. Annonymous 1…maybe u had a bad day today…plse don’t vent on a chaburah going to EY together to learn to be nischazek..what a wonderful idea it is…
    TLS keep publicizing these events…
    The Mir just had a wonderful one
    Aguda will have one too shortly
    More chaburas should do so.
    R Lezer this is Givaldik..your chaburah will learn with more gishmak…givaldik..pliyei ployim…
    U all should go Behatzlocho and Brocho and come back gezunterheit
    Btw, can u bring moshiach back with u…like this we can all go together..and will bring annonymous #1 with us aswell…

  8. #1 – needs a lot of help. I think the first thing he should do is come to R’ Lazer’s shul this Shabbos (Avi -if he comes give him Shlishi) and then go to R’ Lazers morning shiur for a few days – and then even if you dont go to E”Y you will more then understand why the oilam chooses to go to E”Y and what it does for them.

  9. Rabbosai, break away from your Blackberries and computers for a week and join this choshuver group. If you’d see this Shiur in action for one day you would be in awe. This Shiur gets together twice a day. In the morning for a Shiur beiyun on a very high level and at night for daf Hayomi. I was Zoche to attend for a few months before my job moved out of town. To say it was maein olam habah might be an understatement. When you walk in and see over 30 baalei batim shut the world out for an hour to bask in the glow and sea of Torah your heart skips a beat. Your mind sees an oasis in this crazy paced world full of shtusim and taavos. Every day. Every night. Shabbos included. Motzoei Shabbos included. Friday afternoon included. This is the group that goes to Eretz Yisroel. Oh yes, be jealous. Real kinas sofrim. But don’t knock them. Be mechazek a very special group of people that have their priorities straight! Don’t think that you can find too many Chaburos like this anywhere! It has turned many people’s lives around. It has changed families. They have started a shul too under their Rosh Chaburah and Rav Harav Leizer Apter Shlita who is a rising star in the Oilam Hatorah. I miss it so much that words can not describe.

  10. Wow! Unbelievable! These guys slend their own money and time to go learn/hear chizuk shmuzen.
    To. Anon, there are more important things to worry about; for example the messed up school system in lkwd.
    ‘Vehamayvin yavin’

  11. im thrilled my husband goes to kollel at night after a long long day of hard work. and kudos to almost every single guy of that kollel that dont have the blackberrys and are not busy with their phones the second they leave!!!!!! but they are def the ones worthy of mention on the scoop!!!!!! so i kinda agree with anon!!!!!!

  12. what happens to the real chasuvah ppl who want to join such a chashuvah kollel but cant afford such luxury trips? thats y i could hear y someone would say “feinshmekers” (not to say they dont deserve credit for their learning- they def do)

  13. I agree there is a messed up school system . But you forgot the reason . The real reason is that people do want to give money to open new schools and support existing schools . I fargin 1000 per cent anybody to spend their money as they please .Especially to go shteig in EY . But we as a society are deficient . There are many known cases where people spend thousands on trips to EY and other fine things , and then still haggle over tuition and dont pay the full amount that it costs to educate their kids . If everybody in Lakewood made it a priority to pay the full cost of their childrens education , BEFORE spending on anything else ,then we would have enough schools and we would not have a messed up school system . The system is messed up because WE as a Tzibur dont care enough to financially support the schools .

  14. to number 1 some people choose to work while others sit and learn all day. some people have money and some don’t. in life there are those who see the glass as half empty and others who see it as half full.

  15. I agree wholeheartedly with #1.
    The vast majority of the Lakewood Community – including hard working baale batim – do not have the means to pick up and go to EY. Those who can are certainly commended for using their hard earned money this way, but it’s a pity to allow a lofty trip such as this to stir jealousy among the many readers who will feel like “have nots”.

  16. th number 20 we are not suppose to be jealous of others and if someone really wants something then they will do whatever in there power to get what it is that they want. if you want to go to EY and you learn full time then get a part time job and save that money for your trip

  17. The vast majority of WORKINg balei batim ,including those who work 10 or more hours a day ,can not afford to go to EY . ( unless they dont pay full tuition and even then most cant afford it ) So this is not a learning vs working issue .

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