LAC Endorses Menashe And Meir

miller lichtenstien vote small_wm(The following is solely the view of the LAC (Lakewood Association Coalition). TLS does not necessarily endorse or agree with the political views of the association). THE LAC IS ASKING EVERYONE TO PLEASE COME OUT IN ONE STRONG VOICE TO VOTE FOR OUR STRONGEST SUPPORTERS ON THE COMMITTEE: MEIR LICHTENSTIEN AND MENASHE MILLER. The LAC is here to help the taxpayers of Lakewood get their voices heard. While we have been vocal in making some small but serious changes over the past year, it will take some more time to remove the waste from Lakewood’s spending. We have spent a lot of time researching all of the candidates for Township Committee and have come out strongly against the independent candidate.

    Mr. Cunliffe (the independent candidate), throughout his many years as a township committeeman had a poor record on taxes and spending. He has diverted money from our roads and important infrastructure to pay for his pet projects. However, after extensive research into all of the current candidates, we feel that none of them will be able to significantly lower taxes on their own. Either it is because their philosophy is opposed to it as shown by their votes over the years, or by the fact that they are out-voted by the controlling factions in the administration. So this has turned into a matter of who will hurt the community and who will help us by continuing to try to work for the taxpayers.  

   Our Shluchim on the committee have come through for our Kehillah in many ways. They carry themselves with dignity and are Mekadesh Shem Shomayim every day. Nobody is perfect but they are committed to continuing to help us reach the point where taxes will be lowered and downtown is returned to its former glory.

 There is serious opposition this year and we need to show that our kehillah will not just defeat them, but we will do it with a resounding majority. We need you to come out with one voice to protect YOUR interests and our right to live in peace without negative interference.  


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  1. Gee, why doesn’t one or the other switch parties so they can both be on the same ticket if that’s the case. Why have a Democratic or Republican TEAM if the TEAM does not get endorsed? The team doesn’t even campaign together!

    As costly as the projects that were completed while Cunliffe was a committeeman were (and let’s not forget folks, there were 4 others who voted with him so don’t put all the blame on him) at least they were to benefit the ENTIRE township and surrounding towns, and were planned out in the open, unlike the back room deals that benefit only those who create them.

  2. THE LAC endorse Meir Lichtenstein and Menashe Miller because they will lower taxes!!!! Those two have been a great asset to the Orthodox community, but they haven’t lowered taxes in the past three years. Why does the LAC believe they will lower taxes in the next three years? I thought the LAC was suppose to counter the VAAD. It seems the LAC and the VAAD are on the same page and endorse the same candidates.

  3. Why did you delete the portion of my comment that included specific points about Lichtenstein that countered those arguments in the article? They were all truthful.

  4. Frankly, the LAC are a bunch of inexperieced carpetbaggers.. still trying to create a name for themselves but at the same time also fearful of actually putting down their names for all to know exactly who is behind their directives. We still haven’t forgotten their first mess-up.

  5. what concerns me is that the candidates did not set up “town hall” meetings to speak in various neighborhoods to get a feel for the issues that concern the ordinary person in town who is not “connected”.

    There is still time….

  6. Sure, deny the comment that gave the web address for ************* which just posted a very interesting article related to the election and taxes, and Smart Growth. Sure, keep your readers ignorant of the facts that would make them informed voters.

  7. Why would I care about who the LAC dictates I should vote for.. Let them keep their 2 cents to themselves.. As far as my vote goes I will see who the RH”Y’s advise to vote for.. After all, we’re all here because of the Ir Hatorah that Lakewood has become and don’t need to be persuaded to instead listen to some wanabees…

  8. Ok, so you accept a comment that calls people names, but would not accept part of my comment that asked people to consider Lichtenstein’s pet projects that went array, or on the record factual actions he took while Mayor? Why have a comment section at all if we cannot be allowed to debate in a civil manner?

  9. Don’t you think Hanah Havens & Medina should be given a chance to prove themselves?
    C’mon, Cunliffe isn’t running-He’s only protecting his daughters job at LPD (smacking up the police vehicles).

    I don’t choose doctors, lawyers, candidates by religion.

  10. Thank you LAC for putting out this endorsement. Many people who I spoke to, have no idea how dangerous Cunnlife is. They will not trust the VAAD when they make an endorsement and we will have another recall Cunnlife saga. Now that the LAC has made the endorsement FIRST, everyone wil realize the danger. We all know the LAC guys and that they have absolutely no agenda. Anyone who does not know someone on the LAC, is out of touch with what goes on.

  11. Wow. Since when did the LAC gang feel empowered to start issuing public proclamations ltelling us who to vote for? sure looks like there’s a lot of hot air in their heads..

  12. Protecting his daughter’s job? What are you kidding me? How about asking what the other candidates are protecting? Or what will benefit them? I’d say, but then the truth would only be moderated.

  13. Don’t post in Steve Langerts name; he did not post that, because he would have written his name differently. So before you try to post in someone else’s name, make sure you know how he spells his name.

    TLS: why would you allow someone to use Steve’s name but when I try to post under Aaron kutlers name you don’t allow that?

  14. The LAC represents many developments in town. The people who live in the developments should speak to their homeowner association boards. Usualy the board has a representstive on the LAC.

  15. Cunliffe is a disaster for Lakewood. He would need to start his life over to get another chance. His views are so corrupted,they can no longer be modified.

  16. Rabbosai. Let’s forget for a minute about tho the LAC is and what they did or did not do. Let’s keep focus. We need to make sure Charlie loses big. Otherwise he will be causing us problems for many years to come. We can argue about the LAC a different time.
    I am shocked at the comments here in support of Charlie. He is a politician. Do you think he will really lower taxes??? He had 12 years on the committee with nothing to show for it. Taxes is a hard issue that will not be helped by any of the candidates. it needs the current members to do more. However Meir and Menashe are there in many other ways that while less important than taxes, nonetheless are important. let’s be real

  17. You should be ashamed of youreself. Either you put in the whole comment or you just don’t put it in at all.
    The LAC endorced candidates put the interests of some yechidim before the interests of the Klal.

  18. Can the LAC please post on TLS where the next scheduled board meeting will be so we can all attend and observe their discussions and see exactly who is running the show overthere.. It’s simply not right to have to go through some system of neighborhood rep.. Why the secrecy? Why can’t we just speak directly with the LAC board members??

    TLS, will you post this?

  19. I think the issue is very much the LAC. Ver hot gebeten for them to issue a koil koireh?? What’s the tachlis of being a yehudah v’oild lekra?? Who are their secret political strategists that they expect us to be soimech on?? C’mmon.. they should get a life!!

  20. Mr. seitler,

    What are you talking about!? I haven’t seen anyone here advocate voting for cunliffe. In fact, I haven’t heard from ANYONE in lakewood that contemplates voting for him. (Though, to his credit, his quality of life initiative did clean up some parts of town.) He’s clearly not a serious candidate and never again will be.

    Are you just trying to score some make-believe points for the LAC when cunliffe will lose?? Why don’t you guys come up with a real chiddush next time!!

  21. Fyi everyone on the Lac is employed BH
    2.Why cant everyone finally get together and help lower the taxes ,thats all the LAC wants.
    3.It seems the people writing against the lac are people who do not like because its against there personal interests.
    4.for those writing who is the LAC please post your name do not be a hypocrite.

  22. Let’s see…12 years on the committee. As a Democrat. How many of those years were the Democrats the majority? Majority meaning 3 of 5. Why are you placing all the blame on one man when there were 2 others in that majority? Why doesn’t someone drum up voting records?

    Please explain how Cunliffe’s views are corrupted compared to the others? Because he didn’t vote the way he was told? In a different post’s comments section I asked someone to explain his special interest connections that someone complained about, but no one replied there either. I’d like to see if TLS accepts that comment from you since they wouldn’t accept mine about Lichtenstein’s questionable actions.

    And to ARE YOU DONE YET…there are plenty who are contemplating voting for the Independents. You just haven’t talked to enough people yet.

  23. I would like to know how many comments questioning the LAC’s motives you deleted.. I think that’s a fair question. Can you post the answer? or do you still feel the need to protect them from honest questions??

  24. The LAC first started with the Yoni S. episode. Then they progressed with the public bashmutzing of MI.. Do they really expect honest people to even consider their silly opinions???

  25. i am going to let all you guys fight this one thumbs are in traction,and i need to prepare a speech for the township meeting
    Topics will include:
    1. CEDARBRIDGE DEVELOPMENTS, and what the definition of TRUE SMART GROWTH is.
    2.REPAIRING INFRASTRUCTURE of our town as opposed to expanding upon a FLAWED FOUNDATION.
    5.Directing development TOWARDS EXISTING COMMUNITIES.

    The LAC while bringing up accountability issues,focuses solely on the end game,which is taxes.While taxes are always a problem,they are a result of the many delinquencies our town has allowed itself to accept.The tax issue is only a smokescreen for the real issues at hand,which need to be addressed.

    Thank you again TLS for making this forum.While I don’t believe it will change the outcome of this election.And no candidate has a previous track record of impartiality in any way.I do believe it will open the eyes of our officials, and our residents, to focus on the issues that truly effect the well being of our townspeople.

  26. The original secret objective of the LAC was for a certain individual to get his way for “educational funding”.. That’s why he isn’t as involved anymore and will slowly fade away on these matters — unless ofcourse he smells an opportunity to hoard some more money for his personal institution.. Pay atterntion and you’ll see exactly what I’m saying…

  27. from what i can tell the only people who are posting this morning, are the VAAD MEMBERS , lets not pretend we dont know who writes all this posts questioning the LAC its the vaad members, WHERE ARE THE LAC MEMBERS , WELL THEY ARE WORKING.

  28. gee things are getting fun here in tls. just wondering who is lac? never heard of them before . so mysterious? wait………… let’s all vote for avi soloman , wouldn’t it be fun if he actually won?

  29. In response to whether or not Cunnlife is a serious threat, I refer the commentator to see the posts by R Yudel Shain a few days ago. Thank you.

  30. hey oldtimer,
    You are so out of touch… The tzibbur has been asking these questions over and over again for months now.. more time than even the LAC members can ask for (even with asking for advice on how and what they should respond)..

    Since the Lac are STILL highly anonymous — it’s impossible to really know if they do or don’t have jobs.. Atleast with the vaad they’re not scared to list all their names when communicating with the tzibbur..

    You also are off the wall if you think they would communicate in the comments section of this blog.. Regardless if they’re right/wrong they’re all way more professional than the LAC gang.. and in fact have “verifiable” jobs..

    So don’t be so chicken, and stop consistently sidestepping the real issue and tell us who the players are at the LAC.. We the public demand full transparency!!

  31. When *is* the right time to arguw about the LAC, Chesky? Aside from you, the rest of the LAc hide behind a veil of anonymity. You also refuse to disclose your rabbinic guidance, all the while assuring us that you consult with “daas torah” on the issues.

    The LAC should stop hiding or stop fronting as a community organization.

  32. WOW I’m shocked at all those negitive coments.
    I’m not going to post my name becouse all those coments are coming from people that never looked in to what the lac does, and for those who do know what the LAC does don’t have to see a name.
    Let it be knowen that ALL LAC members have jobs I myself just got a minute to go on to tls and I see so many coments already, must be from people that DON’T have jobs

  33. To LAC members – whoever you are,

    It’s so sad that anytime someone asks a legitimate question about your group, you automatically go on the attack mode by ridiculing them with some label – either calling them a vaad member or a guy without a job.. Don’t be so paranoid.. Not everyone that has valid concerns is out to get you..

    Remaining as non-transparent as you have been will never get you to where you’re hoping. All you accomplish with this tactic of diverting from actually providing real answers is raising more suspicion as to where your true motives lie.. You need to allow us the privilege of knowing who you are, and come clean with the whole truth.

    Additionally one of your “unnamed” members which apparently is too busy to address the public’s inquiries gave this bizarre excuse; “ I’m not going to post my name because all those comments are coming from people that never looked in to what the lac does.” He sure doesn’t come across as too intelligent. And if that’s a reflection of the rest of the lac, then please do us all a favor and stop wasting our time with your childish announcements. Thank You.

  34. Why doesn’t every angry ,misrepresented voter.just show their anger and vote for hesrchel herskowitz or avi solomon to at least send amessage that we won’t stand for any more shtick and next time maybe hersh will run and might just win.

  35. I would like to know which brand of Cream Cheese the LAC endorses as far as the taste. It’s totally fine if don’t know their names for that..

  36. “LAC Member”:

    So, nu, what has the LAC accomplished? I’m familiar with the failures and familure with the bluster and posturing, but not with so much as a single success. Now’s your chance – enlighten us.

  37. Talking about corruption. I lost my contract with STEPS/TOWNSHIP becuae I kept informing them of Jeffrey and other violations in the Inspection Dept. My family was abused by an orthodox community when I was tryig to buy a house in Lakewood. I was not there so I didn’t comment but my wife told the press the facts and I ended without a Fair Housing contract. Who is representing the Hispanic Community?

  38. Carlos,

    The hispanic community is represented by several people. You can find them throughout the day on the corner of second & clifton

  39. no name,

    you bring up an interesting point.

    As it currently stands the LAC’s opinion on which cream cheese is tastier can indeed be considered. However, realize that you could never trust them concerning the Kashrus of the product.. And that’s because we simply don’t know who they are. Have you ever heard of a Kashrus organization that endorses food products but hides their leadership? Guess what, you never will.. because noone will ever trust them. This goes the same for voting and other important matters as well. Why should we entertain listening to them if they can’t even do the simple task of putting their names behind their own “endorsement”?

    Sounds pretty ridiculous, doesn’t it??

  40. Years ago in Lakewood there used to be townhall meetings for the people. I remember when Charlie was running and Weisberg had a townhall meeting set up to meet the candidates. Why isn’t it done anymore? Are the candidates afarid of “facing the music?” I think a lot of “Brownie points” to the organization who arranges it. Instead of just telling the “sheep” who to vote for.

  41. I asked a very choshuve Daas Torah in Lakewood about the LAC, he turned, looked at me, and said the following words:

    “In ten years, Chezky Zeitler will be the mayor of Lakewood.”

  42. Lakewooder’s “very choshuve daas torah” refers to the guy sipping the coffee in Satmar’s hallway downstairs opposite the bathrooms and right outside the mikva.

  43. To LAC member

    How right you are, as somone who looked in to the lac I agree with you 100% your actions are more important then your name. KEEP IT UP

  44. LAC I understand that you really haven’t interviewed all of the candidates. Did you just interview the 2 male running? What about their female running mates?

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