KULANU (Let’s All Vote United!) | Official Music Video – Avi Schnall for 30th Assembly

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  1. Yesterday, EVERY Democrat in Congress (the party that Avi Schnall has chosen to become a part of) voted in SUPPORT of pro-Hamas, rabid antisemite Rashida Tlaib. Why don’t you sing about that? Oh! “Tuition relief” trumps concerns about joining the party that is pro-abortion, anti-second amendment, a defender of antisemites, because this is da’as Torah? Got it!

  2. This has nothing to do with supporting the Woke Democrat agenda & everything to do with the good of Lakewood. We need more representation on the state level & Avi is the right man for the job. I trust the senior Roshei Yeshiva & Rabbonim over political hockers who are knocking Avi’s campaign. I’m a registered Republican who will Bez”H Vote for Avi this coming Tuesday Knowing that I’m doing Rotzon Hashem. Shame on those who are so pro Trump & the Republican party, they would hurt & split the Lakewood vote at such a critical time.

    • If you believe for one minute that the NJ Democrat Committee endorsed Avi Schnall as THEIR candidate without his agreement to support the party platform (pro-abortion, pro-climate change, pro-LGBTQ, pro-gun control, pro-transgenderism, and all of their other anti-Torah shmutz), then your naivete is astonishing.

      But I’ll tell you what: we both believe in “ein od milvado”, that the Aibishter determines everything that happens in this world, from large to small. If Avi Schnall wins his election, then I’ll perforce have to admit that Yidden voting for him was the “Ratzon Hashem”, and my opposing his candidacy was in error (and I’ll have to do teshuva for it). But if he loses, you must admit that his candidacy and support were not da’as Torah at all, and that he and his supporters were gravely in error. Deal?

      • I’d be interested in knowing who you accept is “daas torah” seeing as you so easily dismiss the verified pictures of virtually every Lakewood rov endorsing him… commitments have already been made to ensure he doesn’t have to vote to endorse anything anti – Torah.

        • Huh? Pictures of virtually every Lakewood rov? Given how aggressive the Schnall campaign is being run and how few signatures he managed to get, he clearly does not have the support of most rabbonim in Lakewood. Most askonim who run around collecting signatures mange to get a lot more It is very wrong of he Schnall campaign support to be claiming unanimous support of gedolim. It’s another one of the reasons that I don’t trust it

          • I’ll assume your comment is just from ignorance, but actually he didn’t run around begging for endorsements, but to the contrary all the rabbanim had to beg him to run. He only was maskim to run if he had unanimous support from daas Torah and the moetzes. Maybe watch the video of R Yitzchak Sorotzkin, as he was responding to claims like yours.

      • I thought that one of the Mitzvos in the Torah, was to judge a fellow Yid in a favorable manner and to give him the benefit of the doubt.
        You have no proof to what you are claiming, you are simply assuming.
        Hashem gave us 613 Mitzvos. He does not want that we should play a game of “pick and choose”. All the 613 Mitzvos are very important. You can’t push some of them aside.

  3. I drank the unity Kool Aid for over 40 years. I voted for whomever the Vaad recommended. Although obviously the Vaad had nothing to do with the tremendous growth KA”H in Lakewood, they are responsible leading us on a path of irresponsible urban planning for that growth. I do not see that the leadership they recommended benefitted Lakewood so I do not vote for their “achdus” recommendations anymore, which I had always blindly followed in the past.

    • This isn’t from the vaad, it’s completely unrelated, from an organization that’s sole purpose is to save yidden such as yourself and all your friends and family millions of dollars for tuition. Don’t be in the wrong side of history.

  4. Murphy met with the VAAD and other power people in Lakewood and told them that he won’t sign the Tuition bill. There goes the whole reason for his campaign. If you think that he’s not going to vote for their LGBTQIA+/%& agenda, guess again. If he doesn’t go along, they will shut him out

    • Fake news! He actually said he would vote for it assuming the teacher unions stay neutral which they pretty much agreed to already. Why do so many ppl think they can invent facts with confidence when in reality they have no idea what’s going on

  5. Can someone please explain what לנו הברכה מובטחת means in this video? I don’t mind voting for the Vaad’s candidate or whomever, but isn’t suggesting that by voting someone into Trenton we are suddenly “guaranteed to be showered with blessings” mildly delusional?

  6. Not sure if this is a similar situation, but my family in NY was told by their rav to switch from being registered as republican to register as democrat so that they can vote in the democratic primaries.

  7. FACT #1 – Gov. Murphy actually met with UENJ numerous times and agreed to back the tuition relief bill
    FACT #2 – Avi has made it very clear to the democratic leadership that he will know vote on issues that go against our jewish values, the reason they agreed with this is, because they will do anything to flip and maintain this seat.
    FACT #3 – This election has nothing to do with the VAAD, this was a unamious decision made by ALL the gedolei hatorah and rabbanim of our town.
    FACT #4 – UENJ is a group of local regular people who have never been involved in ANY lakewood politics, they undertook this to help lighten the burden of our local lakewood families. They have ZERO personal interest and nothing personally to gain (other then zchusim).
    FACT #5 – Our town has been ignored for the longest time in the state corridors, and for the simple only reason because we don’t have somebody to represent us.
    FACT #6 – Ask any person who knows R’ Avi personally and you won’t hear a bad word about him, R’ Avi is a ehreliche ben torah, who truly understands the needs of our community.

    A Local Jew who happens to know some of the true hock

    • We’ll start with “fact 1” The UENJ itself does not claim to have met numerous times with Murphy who agreed to support the tuition relief bill. Murphy would
      not have agreed to meet numerous times with some small time PAC that almost no one out of Lakewood heard of, and has very questionable ability to deliver votes.

      I have similar thoughts on most of your ocher “facts”

      • @shmerel
        UENJ did meet with the governor. And the reason he agreed to even meet with them is because they are NOT a “small time PAC” as you claim, UENJ has already spent close to 3 million dollars on lobbyists etc. and have teamed up with other groups in the state as well that represent private schools to make a joined strong effort.

  8. What do you mean “sign the tuition bill?” No tuition bill will ever come out of the legislature. What he can get is maybe a $5 million program like STEM. But $500 million when our own public school district is $200 million in debt, our own schools are criticized for their secular studies, 90% of NJ went to public schools, NJ having the second best public schools in the nation, and the whole thing perceived as a handout for Lakewood when the whole world thinks were are already too privileged, you must be on a different planet.

    There are only 150,000 nonpublic kids in the state and 1/3 of them are in Lakewood. Of course this will be seen as Lakewood pork, if there is such a thing.

    • @BOSS
      If you would actually be interested in reading up the facts on the bill they are trying to push through, it is a tax credit program, and there already similar programs in NJ (for example the film industry GOOGLE IT).
      This program has already been done in numerous democratic states and is not a dream.
      Is it a done done deal?
      NO, but there is a fair chance that with having our own representative in the state assembly.
      THIS is our chance to make a real difference in our community.

  9. I just don’t understand why people think that the state is just going to increase its school budget by half a billion to pay for 50,000 kids that it never paid for before, when you have to fight tooth and nail just to get a couple million for the public schools which the NJ Constitution requires the state to pay. Lakewood askonim have no conception of the reality, the rough and tumble, of NJ politics and history.

  10. Hgaon Reb Yitzchok Sortskin shlita has given clear directive. Anyone who feels that their opinion at this point is worth airing, is not a true בן תורה

  11. Cute song!
    I trust the Vaad, and I know Avi Schnall has worked for the klal for years, and I’m thankfully not so cynical as to assume that haskamos aren’t accurate. So I’m happy to vote for Schnall and the other Vaad candidates, and may they accomplish much good in their positions.

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