K’hal Ateres Yeshaya Honors July 4th

ateres yeshaya flag on july 4th 2011PHOTOS: This morning, Mispallelim coming to Daven at K’hal Ateres Yeshaya, were greeted with the beautiful display of an American Flag proudly hung above the main entrance to the the Shul. The Shul, under the leadership of Rav Simcha Bunim Cohen Shlita, follows in the footsteps of ateres yeshaya flag on july 4th 2011 2Rav Cohen’s grandfather, Rav Avigdor Miller Zatzal, who also displayed a flag at his Shul on July 4th.

The Shul is located on County Line Road.

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  1. It is refreshing to see a Rov and a shul that does the right thing without caring what other people might say.

    We all need to show our appreciation for being able to live in the best Country in the world.

  2. I’ve been trying to figure out for awhile why it takes “guts” to put up an American flag. What is there that others “may say that he doesn’t care about”. Yes, I know the answer-these days we think we’re more frum than our grandparents. We’re like totally immersed in Torah……we don’t even know what American independence is all about. Guess what, our grandparents were WAY frummer than us. They had the basics down solid while we’re busy with the chumros and all the things society dictates. If someone puts on a pair of sunglasses in Lakewood,they get the looks all around. If one plays sports you gotta rip that t-shirt off the minute the game is over(and that’s if you’re from the “with-it” guys who will wear a t-shirt). And if you ride a bike! I have a relative who told me he’d make believe he didn’t see me if he met me on my bike.

    Yes we’re frummer(not) but our Emunah doesn’t even come close to what our grandparents had.

  3. Saw the following today in the http://www.halachafortoday.com daily email:


    Displaying the American flag, is that considered a gentile ideal?

    Answer by HaRav Avigdor Miller Zatzal:

    Let me tell you something, Fifty years ago I wouldn’t have spoken about that. I have been speaking more than fifty years in public; I didn’t speak about American flags. We don’t need it. Who needs American flags? It wasn’t necessary.

    Today I say, if you want to do it, I say Yasher Koach. Do you know why? Because all the Reshaim are trampling on the flag, and they’re trying to desecrate America. You know why? Not because they’re good goyim, because they are Reshaim Gemurim; the liberals are trying to ruin everything.

    And when that wicked Supreme Court permitted burning an American flag, and saying you cannot make a law against it, it was a desecration of America.

    After all, America is a good country. We came from countries where we were persecuted, and this country gave us all the rights. I say we should kiss the ground of America. I was in Europe for some time; I went to study in the Yeshiva. I came back and I saw this was a blessed country; it’s a gift from Hashem to us. Shouldn’t we appreciate it? And therefore I say a Jew should hang out the flag. Yes; today yes. I won’t say you’re a sinner if you don’t, but I think it’s a good thing to hang out the flag today. It’s not a contradiction, not a contradiction by any means.

    We hang out the flag from this Shul on the Fourth of July.

  4. You know what would really honor July 4th, not sending your children to school so me and my fellow drivers could have the day off to spend time and celebrate with our family and friends.

  5. Rabbi Cohen is merely continuing in the paths of our parents and grandparents.

    History tells us that Jews were instrumental in financing, providing supplies and fighting in the War of Independence.

    Quote: “They (the Jews of St. Eustatius, Caribbean Antilles) cannot too soon be taken care of – they are notorious in the cause of America and France.”
    Admiral Sir George Rodney commander of the British Fleet, February, 1781.

    In the Revolutionary period only some 1000-2000 Jews were in America. Yet they played an instrumental role in the fight for independence. You had Aaron Solomon who fought alongside his Christian comrades. During the terrible dark cold winter at Valley Forge, Abraham Levy and Phillip Russell stood their watch. Joseph Simon from his frontier forge at Lancaster, Pa. supplied the Army with the famous Henry Rifles. Jewish trading merchants, peaceful before the war, outfitted their ships to become privateers and ravage the British at sea.

    Many lost their lives and fortunes such as the Jews of Newport, RI. Aaron Lopez were bankrupted supporting the Revolution when his ships were lost to the British. Hayim Solomon was to die bankrupted by his total support of the American cause. When the Declaration of Independence.

    Happy 4th of July

  6. my compliments to the school and the Rav. You have class. I wish all of lakewood would feel the same way as you and your family

  7. School for us is a living education of our religion. Everyday is practiced. In school and at home.

    WE praise this special country and especialy the soldiers who defend our freedom of religion and peace for all residents.

    I apologize for you need to work today, But my kids school did NOT have bussing today. We car pooled.

  8. Proud to be part of a shul that is makir tov to a Country that allows us to freely practice our religion.

    We are blessed.

    To number 6, really sorry you need to work on a Holiday. But we do appreciate your invaluable service!

  9. To”This morning, Mispallelim coming to Daven at K’hal Ateres Yeshaya, were greeted with the beautiful display of an American Flag proudly hung above the main entrance to the the Shul”
    Two thumbs up for show off with pride the Flag of this great nation

  10. It’s true that it’s a holiday and a vacation is a good way to spend it, but the truth is that religion, for us, doesn’t take a vacation. The yeshivas remain open, and at the same time we appreciate the freedoms afforded to us by America, both to relax and to practice our religion the way we want. Take advantage over the Jewish holiday season…

  11. Along the same lines, Rav Miller is quoted in the new book “Thursday Nights With Rabbi Avigdor Miller” book as relating how Rav Yisroel Salanter was insistent on personally saying the prayer for the government. Rabbi Miller said “the least we can do is show we appreciate the great gift of America.”

  12. To – #7 Crackberry says:
    You wrote “Joseph Simon from his frontier forge at Lancaster, Pa. supplied the Army with the famous Henry Rifles.”

    To quote from Wikipedia – The original Henry rifle was a .44 caliber rimfire, lever-action, breech-loading rifle designed by Benjamin Tyler Henry in the late 1850s.

    Where did you learn your AMERICAN HISTORY? The Henry Rifle wasn’t invented until 24 years AFTER the Revolutionary War.

  13. check the rules for hanging flags vertically. not what you would have thought. blue area with stars must be in upper left hand corner at all times. ( i also thought the same like you)

  14. Rav Zakheims ZT’L Shul in Flatbush on Bedford and J has had the flag up 24/7 365 since 9/11.

    I’m sorry I only saw this post today and didn’t think to put one on my house yesterday.

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