‘Kesher’ Reception Held For Shadchanim & Askonim

PHOTOS: Shadchanim and Askonim attended a reception this morning to benefit ‘Kesher’. The event, held at the home of R’ Noach Gordon, was intended to help promote Shidduchim by sponsoringShadchanim.

The event was addressed by Reb Matisyahu Solomon.

Photos by Crystal Photography.

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  1. I would like to offer the following comment, based on my experience as a shadchan. At a certain point, a young lady should be open to a young man who is working as long as he is strongly kovei itim and sincerely frum in other ways. I know too many young ladies who are holding out for a learning boy at an age where it will be very difficult to find a young man still single at that age. Is it not better for these young ladies to marry working boys at a younger age and, BE”H, have many children than to remain single for many many years? And I would like to add there are many frum young ladies who are in fact looking for young men who do have concrete parnasa plans (whether going to college at night/on line or planning to do so shortly after marriage) or are already working if they have learned for a number of years. We need more young men in these categories. Parents who have married off their older daughters to learners cannot always afford to – or may not want to – do the same with their other daughters.

  2. Thank you kesher for all your amazing avodas Hakodesh work 24-6 May Hashem reward all of you & give all of you the same simcha that you bring to hundreds of girls, boys & they’re families

  3. Can the author or someone knowledgible in this topic please explain the function of the Askonim at this meeting. Thanks.

  4. To number 1. If only your words will be taken to heart. Nowadays a working boy is ‘second class’ even though he is kovei itim. I have tried redding shidduchim for working boys and some parents are appalled that i would suggest a ‘second class citizin’ for their daughter. I happen to know some of these boys very well and they are bal midos and daven with a minyan every day. Not only that, they have a fine eggs nest to support a family. Let us all stop judging people and accept people for the way they are.

  5. I was in college and working when I was 20. And now I have my own firm. Wake up people. Thats the only way to make a living. Go to college and work,

  6. Kesher & their shadchanim should be praised all day every day. I was a shadchan for 11 yrs – till it took too much of a toll on my family. Now I look @ a shadchan & think – “wow – this man/women will work hundreds of hours a year – for free – just for her friends/relatives & total strangers. Just for a 1-in-a-thousand chance of doing a chessed & a 1-in-10 chance of making an enemy. Amazing. Tizku-L’mitzvos !!! Noach, you Rock, baby. Dudi B.

  7. This is in response to number 8 (Lawyer Says)

    Boruch Hashem he is making a good living, but how many people who’m we all know and I am sure he knows who went to college graduated with honors and are today are struglgling to make ends meet. Also, on the opposite side, people who learnt for many years after their wedding and are today very successfull in business and let me add ‘that they made it on their own not with help from parents or in-laws’ just with the help of one person ‘THE ONE ABOVE”. Parnosoh is MON Min Hadshomayim, I would suggest that number 8 wake up and realize that everything is from above, This does not mean that a person should not make hishtadlus, but his approach is wrong, not the wasy a person who claims to have been in yeshiva (otherwise why is he in Lakewood) should speak.

  8. to goldy and sima,
    coming from a girl who is looking for that exact person you described,someone who is a serious true ben torah but not nessascarily learing full time. IT DOES NOT EXIST. there is no way to compare the quality of a “learning boy” to a “working boy”. Yes there are exceptions to every rule, however your comments are unrealistic about most boys. nice idea anyway.

  9. To DAN
    , no I am not being sarcastic at all. I am saying that a boy who is working and kovei itim l’Torah can be as first class as a boy who is learning full time. there are some boys who are learning full time who do not have the fine middos and “ehrlichkeit” of some working boys, and there are some working boys who do not have the fine middos and ehrlichkiet of some learning boys. it depends on the individual.

    To HINDSIGHT is 20/20 – yes, there are exceptions to the rule, and in some communities other than lakewood, there are more than “just exceptions. ” please remember that according to the kesuva, which is a halachic Torah document, it is the husband’s job to support the wife, not vice versa. so any boy who decides to go that route should be given credit and “judged” as an individual, not as a definite second class citizen. feel free to email me through the site if you want to connect with me privately. may you be zocheh to find your true bashert very very soon!!

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