Kava Restaurant Flooded with 2nd Amendment Supporters From Around the Country after TLS Photo Goes Viral

Earlier this week, TLS first published a photo of the CCW sign hung up on the door to Kava Coffeehouse in Howell.

The picture went viral, receiving hundreds of comments on social media, and shared across dozens of gun rights pages around the Country.

While some took issue with people being allowed to carry concealed guns at a shop, most readers were in support of the bold move.

Some of our non-Jewish readers from out of state even commented they’ve never heard of the place until now, but said they’d make the drive to Howell to show they’re support.

“It went absolutely crazy!” Sheya, Kava’s proprietor told TLS. “I didn’t expect this to go that viral – I also didn’t realize how many thousands of people from around the country read the Scoop.”

Since the posting, Sheya says dozens of new customers – many non-Jewish – visited the restaurant in a show of support.

Sheya says he received a couple phone calls from people stating they would no longer come to his shop because they were afraid of people carrying guns.

“You will always have those people who don’t like things, but for the most part, the feedback has been overwhelmingly supportive,” Sheya said. “Interestingly,” Sheya added, “people don’t realize there are many CCW holders around them daily, they just don’t know it, because they are concealed.”

The sign came as New Jersey seeks to prevent CCW holders from carrying on private property unless expressly allowed by the owner.


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  1. I don’t eat there because the only time I went to eat there I found the price to be exorbitant. But, it was a nice ambience. Siz oichet felt in eidelkeit tzu nemen a bix in tash. Teire eidele Yidden zol dos nit ton.

    • Pocket carry is usually considered unsafe unless in a proper holster. So if I’m eidel, does that mean that I need to be a victim? I’m a nice guy who never hurt anyone, what does one thing have to do with another? Enough with this victim mentality!

      • Jerry Miculek, Ich zet as du bist nit kein edele mentsch. Ich vet davenin far eich, tzu zen di krumkeit fun yidden vos meinin as kochi v’oitzem yodi is a sheine zach. Di Gedolim zoggen as Eisav is di vos gait mit Al Charbecha Tichye. Mir gain mit Hakol Kol Yakov.

        • Did you learn the parsha? yakov aviinu prepared with three things…. As if all Gedolim hold your view! Some do…not all. This is the way your argument is lost, castigating people who hold opposing viewpoints. Notice that you are the one namecalling here. Kind of ironic for you to speak of eidelkeit. I doubt that you can’t see the difference between offense which is wrong, and defense which is not wrong. No, instead you name call. Work on your on middos before giving mussar!

          • FYI the same gedolim you cite say that the internet is assur. Hypocracy strikes again. Its not uncommon these days to see people nitpicking a chazal to prop up their unrelated opinon. SAD

          • So you knock those who do what they see as Hishtadlus? Nearly everyone that I have seen do that cannot give a single example in their life of an instance where they have given up on Hishtadlus and relied on hashgachah alone. Although that would be the right thing to do, most don’t. And those who use it to knock those who do their hishtadlus in whatever it may be, use it instead of arguing for the merits or demerits of said thing. Look at your own life. You do hishtadlus all day, yet now its wrong. Some would say that you wouldn’t be able to make a coherent argument without this principle that you don’t really adhere to… unless it is to prop up your otherwise weak arguments.

  2. “Big deal!” said the owner of another food establishment, called ‘The Extra, Extra Spicy Cafe’, “Kava’s sign is very welcoming indeed, but at OUR cafe, we don’t just extend a warm welcome to concealed carry weapon holders, we actually sell carry-out food that in and of itself is a concealed carry weapon!”

  3. “כלי חמס מכרותיהם” – אמר להם: הכלים הללו שבידכן גזולים הם בידכם. למי הם ראויים? “למכרותיהם” – לעשו שמכר את הבכורה (בראשית רבה פרשה צח סימן ה)

  4. The frum world has been so caught up in the right wing agenda that they don’t know how to think straight anymore. Why are Yidden so pro carrying guns, of all things? Scary to me to know that there might be people around me with guns in their possession.

    • Because many of us will never again be in a situation where we are rendered timid, defenseless, and at the mercy of vicious anti-semites, as was the case throughout our sojourn in Europe. Our role models are the armed legions of Moshe Rabbeinu, Yehoshua, Dovid HaMelech, Matisyahu, and the Jews of Shushan. If you choose to, once again in history, be reduced to a helpless, frightened, cowering wimp if/when the wolves come howling into our neighborhoods…well then, good luck to you.

    • Because of several issues:
      1. Maase avos siman l’banim. Combine that with chamushim alu yisrael and you have a lesson to do likewise.
      2. Because we read on pesach every year “b’chol dor vador omdim aleinu.” We KNOW they coming to get us, and shmartem l’nafshosechem is a mitzvah d’oraisah.
      3. Because my rav hasn’t, as of yet, paskined that I am patur from hishtadlus.
      4. Because to not own one is to be somech al ha’nes, and that’s assur, too.

  5. TLS needs an editor to do spell and grammar checks. Otherwise it looks like they went to school in Lakewood.

    That being said it’s a great idea. Glad they posted that on their door. I’ll be more than happy to go there!

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