JUST IN: Multiple Patients Extricated After Violent Accident on Rt. 88 in Lakewood [CAUGHT ON DASHCAM VIDEO]

Multiple people have been injured in a serious accident in Lakewood this afternoon.

The accident happened shortly before 5:00 PM on Rt. 88 at Holly Street.

Videos obtained by TLS (see below) shows a vehicle driving through a stop sign and crashing into a vehicle traveling westbound on Rt. 88, causing it to crash into a utility pole.

Multiple people were trapped and needed to be extricated.

One patient was airlifted to the hospital, and the others were transported by ground.

Police have shut down the area around the accident for the Traffic Safety investigation.



First video shows a vehicle driving straight through the stop sign (provided to TLS exclusively by World Class Collision)

Dashcam video shows the actual violent impact:



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  1. And it will probably happen again tomorrow. This is absolutely ridiculous. When you see a report of an accident the reaction should be “That’s terrible I hope everyone is ok” but when I see a post about one in Lakewood the reaction is “oh another? What number is that today?” Something has to change!!!

  2. You guys are pretty clueless – the driver was from out of town (NOT LAKEWOOD) and didn’t realize there was a so sign there. Maybe the driver was from your area….

  3. Why all the heat on the people involved? True someone was wrong, but maybe their a Lakewood resident who is totally fed up with the overpopulation and zero infrastructure change to accommodate the growth. Maybe it’s a parent who spent the better half of their day in the car shuttling their kids around town, doing errands, and other normal routines, that has become a nightmare for everyone.

    Everyone knows whos to blame for the driving habits and daily accidents that cause endless frustration, time, and money.

    • Please tell us that you are being sarcastic and you don’t really think that people should be excused for blowing a stop sign on purpose and causing tremendous damage and bodily harm?

  4. Right. It’s not the one who did it. It’s someone else’s fault. Probably the fault of Toyota. Can we get a lawsuit going on? Blame to one who built your house! Sue the gun manufacturers. You liberals make me sick

  5. I am from out of town and happened to be near the accident. As stated above, the driver was from out of town (from my neighborhood). After speaking with some local paramedics, there has been an uptick for the accidents recently in Lakewood as many people from out of town are coming to visit or shop during the summer. If you are from out of Lakewood, please please speak to your Rav / Rabbi and suggest that you speak about this by his next drasha / sermon – if you are going to visit Lakewood please drive slowly as you are not aware of many stop signs etc. May Hashem watch over us all.

    • I know you mean well, but are you actually saying that coming from another town means you don’t have the ordinary powers of observation to see bright red octagon shaped signs that say STOP in big white letters, a sign that is in standardized use throughout the United States and many other countries?

      People need a special lesson on this? If so, they shouldn’t be driving at all.

    • This happened to me 9 years ago. I was visiting from Brooklyn and didn’t see the stop sign until it was too late. BAM!! (trust me, I would never want to skip a stop sign, honest mistake.)

    • What does “not being aware of stop signs” have to do with anything?!?

      If you drive ANYWHERE you need to be 100% alert. ESPECIALLY if you’re not used to the roads. You can’t just blame “I’m from out of town so there for I can space out”.

      Stop signs exist EVERYWHERE (yes, Lakewood has an abundance but that point is moot. Actually, for Lakewooders it’s harder cuz they are constantly popping up stop signs on routes we are used to taking & THOSE take us by surprise. But for “out of Towners” all of them are “new” so focus!)

      Mind you the driver was going pretty fast crossing over rt 88 to a quiet block on the other side (the block he was driving on/to is not a fast street!) And if he was planning on turning then he had better slowed down.

      Wishing everyone a speedy recovery & a safe summer

  6. Though this is probably not the cause of the accident, I have noticed that many drivers insist on making left turns in places with signs of “NO LEFT TURN”. There was such a sign by the exit to Kennedy of the old Shoprite Plaza, until it was knocked down in an illegal left turn. In the least dangerous of scenarios, it cause an unfair backup as people wait a long time to make their illegal turn. But the real danger is that they cause accidents! Obeying traffic signs is the absolute prerequisite for safety on the roads. And its inexcusable not to. Please don’t flex your “dan lchaf zechus” muscle on being understanding to those who are patently irresponsible. It’s not the infrastructure, or the carpools, or the over-development. Adult drivers who are childish and prone to reckless tantrums should have their licenses revoked and their cars confiscated.

    • Your bringing up a very important issue. I think your comment should be a letter to “Ask the Mayor”.
      It’s a great point and we all thank you for it but for now… it has nothing to do with the Presidency in China.

  7. If you’re not familiar with the stop signs in town, simply turn on Google Maps and it will show you all the upcoming stop signs on your route.
    Actually, I was one of the people who suggested this feature to Google after a young girl was tragically Nifteres this past December in a similar accident in Toms River.
    May we only hear good news.

  8. If you aren’t 100% certain that you can notice EVERY stop sign and stop in time, you don’t belong behind the wheel in ANY city. This driver’s license should be revoked. Being from another city should not excuse blowing a stop sign. When unfamiliar with a residential road, never drive at the speed of this driver.

  9. If stop signs were never put at any corners, the only way to enter that intersection would still be by carefully looking both ways. That driver never gave themselves a chance to look. They just drove ahead at full speed. They may have been distracted and didn’t realize there was an intersection but not being from the area and not knowing that so sign doesn’t contribute to flying into any intersection, let alone a busy one.

    • Not sure which town you come from… If you don’t have a stop sign, generally that means that the cars going on the cross street have a stop sign or red light.
      Please explain your first sentence for the simple layman.

  10. absolute garbage, perhaps this case was an out of towner, but to say a ridiculous statement that out of town rabbonim need to warn people before visiting lakewood, as if they bring the hefker driving here. Out of towners aren’t the kollel wives holding flip phones while driving the rest of the year during non summer months and the list goes on its a cop out excuse for not addressing our problems by blaming it on out of towners. we both have issues that need to be addressed

    • I hear what you’re saying loud and clear about you having issues that need to be addressed… Although it has nothing to do with driving!

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